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A member of the group here sent a message asking what is the difference between Omega Driver and Sirius Omega . What colors of OD are available and what is the best place to but Millennium Discs?


There are a few types of Omega Putters;
Omega Super Soft, Omega AP (Approach & Putt), Q-Mega and Sirius Omega.

The Omega Super Soft is soft, sticky, and grippy putter. The softness of this putter and the materials used gives you total control of angle, direction, and pace. It is totally stable in virtually any wind, and its extra softness gives you extra stick when it hits the chains.
Personally this is my go to putter, I love it.

The Omega AP is made from stiffer, supergrip material for when you want to lay up to the basket. It's main purpose is to improve your approach game, it's a straight flyer with a great feel and great durability. If you like firmer putters then this is the putter for you.

The Q-mega is the Champion grade plastic which a lot of people tend to use as the driver putter or approach putter. It's extremely durable and a great driver putter.

This is the putter I use when I want to approach or use as a driver.

The Omega Sirius is the Omega AP in Sirius plastic. It's characteristics are the same as the AP with the durability and feel of the Sirius plastic.
I've heard a lot of players are switching to this as their Driver putter of choice.

I just got one of these and haven't played with it fully to give a true assessment at this time.

I've seen all these discs in White, Clear, Red, Orange, Black, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue.

For me a great online source for discs I go through www.discgolfcenter.com you can't beat their online live inventory and free shipping. Not sure if they ship free to Finland but ya never know.

I hope this answers your questions.

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Thank you for the answer. It is very thorough. However I was quite specific in my question.
I know and use SS which I love and Sirius Omega which I use for short drives, and have expirience in all plastics. But I found that there is something called Omega Driver on sale


and that is what made me wonder if his is just another name for Sirius Omega AP or different disc with different flight caracteristics.

Thank you.
Ahhh, yes. Those do not exist anymore. The Omega driver is the old old AP, it's hard driver plastic. I'm talking really old. Those are going to be extremely hard to find. If you find one, you are going to pay a lot of money for them.
The Omega Driver is out of production and out of stock.
Ok, let's say I will find one. Is it recomended? Why did they take it off the production? How do they fly in compare to SS?
Highly recommended, if you like hard plastic. They are great driver putters, however I would discourage throwing extremely hard to find plastic on the chance you lose it. They'd fly more stable then the SS because the SS are well soft and bend when made into drivers.
If that makes sense.
I never threw the Omega driver, but Dan (www.discndatonline.com) had some for sale not too long ago. Probably found them buried somewhere in his stock room. I got a real good look. They are the hardest of the Omegas (my opinion) and look to be the most stable. The ad says they are made from the same plastic as the Polaris. That might have been true back then, but not today. Today's Polaris is softer than those things. Again, my opinion.

By the way. That ad is fairly old. It mentions a Polaris LF. As I remember, those are out of production as well.
The world is small. I have already bought those discs that you are talking about and they are on the way.
Have you actually touched them? How are they is you will compare them to Omega in Sirius plastic (which is AP model, from what I understand)? Omega driver is actually a different disc and is not just another AP in a deferent plastic, right? Can't wait to lay my hands on them and let them fly.
I really need something for those very tight wholes where you don\t have to drive strong but rather very precise. From what I hear from you it's exactly what Omega Driver is for.
I'll report when I have them.

Thanks a bunch!

My take is the Omega Drivers are stiffer than the current Sirius Omega. As to different molds, that I do not know. I believe the Omega AP is a different mold than the Omega putters. The Omega driver felt taller and stiffer than the putters, but I didn't go and measure the thing.

I would be tempted to call the Omega Drivers CE plastic, but I don't think that would be correct.

You bought them from Disc 'n Dat?
Yes, I bought them from Dan.
Stiffeness does not bother me that much. I would actually prefer them to be stiffer, since I need them for precise drives. I am glad that they are more stable then SS and AP and that it is a different mold.

One more thing. What about rim edges? My biggest problem with Sirius Omegas is a very sharp inner edge. And it does not wear as fast as I want it to.
WOW! Consider yourself lucky :) As for the Plastic, it's not quite CE, I have an old Polaris LF and it's a chalky/ce blend kinda mixture :)
I use a emery board to rub off those sharp edges.
What I remember of the edge (it's been a few months) is that the Sirius Omega had the sharpest edge. The other plastics are more or less the same to me.

I will have to run by the shop Saturday and see Dan. It's been weeks.
Just came back from the post office. Now I am a proud owner of 2 Omega Drivers! Sweet plastic! I don't see much differnce in the shape with SIrius Omega, but It flyes quite differently. Could it be due to the type of plastic?
I begin to see why some people preffer stiffer putters.... they make great short range drivers.
I'll let you know more when I try to put some power on it. Just want to see how does it do when you overdrive it.
Man I'm totally jealous of the plastic you just acquired :) It is due to the plastic type, softer putters will give more when you put power into them, where as stiff putters do not. I also believe there is a tiny beat on the Omega "driver"


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