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Tell us about your mini disc golf club or any mini disc golf experience you may have had for an article that Linc Morgan and I want to write and send to the PDGA MAgazine. Do you play regularly? Have you created a Mini Disc Golf Basket? Do you have a Mini Disc Golf Club? Do you have a Mini Disc Golf Course. Let us know what Mini means to you. Thanks, Donnie Brooks, MDGF#.00001 PDGA#15252

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Thanks Donnie,
Since you are a DGRUS wannabe, I knew I could count on you to start this little blog. I was hoping we could collectively gather cool and unique stories or history from all the awesome mini disc golf players around the world! Like let me give everybody an example of what I envision.....
Mushroom Manor Mini Disc Golf Course
Lancaster PA Established 9/1999
First off, the course got it's name from a Silver Maple in the back yard cut down by Merrill Detweiler and I at my newly aquired home in May of 1999. I knew I wanted a mini disc golf course in my yard so I put the five foot tall tree stump to good use carving and chopping a mini basket into it. To me, the most favorite part of an installation and design of a golf course is giving it a name. I wanted my mini course to have some sort of theme or mascot of some sort, just like Donnie's course has the beaver, I too wanted something special. There are all sorts of animal life sharing my yard. We have Red tale hawks, Blue Herrins ( there is no spell check here!), Beavers, Muscrats, Mink, Moles, spiders, squirells, skunks, deer, you name it, it walks, waddles, swims or flies through my yard. And I have MUSHROOMS popping up all the time, come to think of it my basket looks like a mushroom! Hey, what do you know, I have a name and theme for my very own mini disc golf course, Mushroom Manor Mini Disc Golf Course. I like to type that every time. I am very proud of my creation. There are times, however, I wish I would have thought of a course name that wouldn't lead people to think that it is all about the Magic Mushrooms. I did not think something as silly as that should be a reason to change the name, so it stuck. So now I encourage patrons to help decorate the course with mushroom stuff. I once had a contest at a party of mine. The person that came closest to the correct number of decrative mushrooms in my yard won a hand made and signed mushroom shirt. Brian Stableford of Virginia won. The actual count at the time was 127 mushrooms!
Mushroom Manor Mini Disc Golf Course ( I love typing that!) Has nine targets, The Mushroom serves as the 9th hole and the 18th hole. The Mushroom hole tends to be a very dramatic hole with a sloped green and of course The Mushroom adds a little thrill all by itself. We have developed little sayings at The Manor ( that's short for Mushroom Manor Mini Disc Golf Course) over the years. At night time we have short chant for becomming one with The Mushroom. It goes like this.... "Over the fence into the darkness of the shroom. Over the fence into the darkness of the shroom. " until the putt leaves your hand. Hey, sometimes it works! Don't knock it til you tried it. A lay up to the wild flower gaurded Mushrrom is "Flower Up." We play for "Bonus Bucks". A one dollar Bonus buck is paid by everyone in the group for metal off the tee, an eagle, 18 holes without a bogey, 18 holes without going O.B., "Cap Cash" ( a tee landing on a 6 foot diameter mushroom cap at hole 5 and 14). Let me tell you, bogey and O.B. free is tough to do.
Mushroom Manor is hooked up with underground low voltage lighting. The Stainless steel baskets are illuminated from the top of the basket to eliminate blindness and shadows. That reminds me of another saying around here... "It's farther in the dark." and "Short shrifted!" If somebody yells "Chips!" to you, you probably just lost a Bonus Buck because you're O.B. on hole 3. You don't want to hear "Get the net! " either. Now you're racing to rescue your mini from the Conestoga river on hole 2. With that said "Anything can happen at the Mushrrom Manor."
I can go on about the chronicals of Mushroom Manor, but I want to save it for the article in the new PDGA publication.
Look forward to hearing about how the others play their mini and the stories or history that comes with it.
Linc Morgan MDGF #.00002
I own and operate Beaver Creek Farm Cabins Mini Disc Golf Course. This permanent course covers about 17 acres of my 38 acre property. I Love mini in every aspect. Lancaster county is the Mini Disc Golf Capital of the World. The first Permanent Mini Disc Golf Course was planted here in the mid 1980s. Now there are 6 permanent Mini Disc Golf courses in Lancaster County, 1 in York county, and 1 in Erie, Pa. We have the distinction of having more mini players per capita than anywhere else on the planet. We have been playing this sport for more than 20 years and have the best players in the world. We will take on any challengers.
The Mini Disc Golf Federation and it's members have donated an 18 hole Mini Disc Golf Course to the International Disc Golf Center in Augusta Ga. Mini Disc Golf Rocks and we are the leaders in the sport. Bragging, maybe. Mini Trash Talk, Maybe. Fun, for sure. "ROCK THE CHAINS" Donnie Brooks MDGF#.00001 PDGA#15252


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