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Cool, still looking for that ... nevermind, I'm only a half breed, does that qualify me?? But I take pride in that!

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According to geneticists there are NO PURE Natives left in North America. Although I find this hard to believe every one of us has some DNA material from outside sources. For me I am 99.9% White Dude. A funny thing about my DNA is testing shows I am more European than Many Europeans. In FACT I am more Irish than 40% of the Irish living in Ireland but my Ancestors have not lived there since the Ice AGE. They lived in SAXONY since the time of the Pyramids.
It seems the world is a changing evolving place and so are we as humans.
The Funny thing of being mixed is the LARGE NUMBERS of people who have NO IDEA of just who their Ancestors were.
FEW people knew that Elvis Presley or Jimi Hendrix were BOTH Cherokee descendant.
Men such as Abe Lincoln was probably part Lumbee Indian from his Hanks family tree. (Tom Hanks would be as well)

Millions of Americans are with NO IDEA of where in their history they pickup up this great ASSET!
What amazes me is that when the Europeans first started "settling" this country the Red Man was seen as a nuisance, useless idiots, heathens, etc. Yet our current form of government is based on "government" that the Iriquois, Algonquin, were already using. The greeks did not have a monopoly on democracy.

I remember having several discussions with my sophomore history professor in college about how intelligent the "American Indian" was. First off I have no ancestors from India, Pakistan, Isitustan, or any other people native to that area. If you do, great! But this isn't about you. I don't even think that native american is the proper term either. After all even Billy Bob Redneck professes to be a "Native 'merican". Right Billy Bob, I met your cousin White Feather Jones, he goes by Bubba now! The proper term should be aboriginal American, since the word aboriginal essentially refers to the people who were here before immigration started. Such as the Australian Aborigine, in itself the proper term, but when they are just called aborigines that is improper and too broad.

That being said, this same remark is what caused a rather heated discussion with the so-called professor, and my history grade falling from a 3.5 to a 2.0 overnight.

Professor: The Indian is not necessarilly aboriginal. There is a theory (key word, in that theories are unproven) that the American Indian actually migrated from Asia using a land bridge that once connected the two continents.

Me: How do we know this? How do we not know that maybe the Indians didn't migrate to Asia instead? Did some one find some ancient One Way signs? (My rhetoric alone should have brought me a 4.0, but.... I'm a wiseass)

Professor: (Obviously sidestepping the issue) The American Indian was mentally inferior to the European as well. They did not use a wheel. Didn't forge metals, had no religious values, (this one really razzed me), showed no signs of building a civilization, and were composed of warring nomadic tribes (oh yeah unlike the British, French, Spanish and all the other European factions who thought they ruled the world.).

Me: They really didn't have a use for the wheel, yes they were nomadic for the land provided all that they needed, so they moved with the seasons. It was safer and easier to use a litter or drag to move. If a wheel broke, proven by settlers moving west a day would be lost while a new wheel was manufactured from the surrounding resources. If a drag pole broke, it only took a few minutes to cut another. Plus the drag also covered the tracks of a tribe on the move if you were part of a war party you didn't know if the tracks were from 10 people or 10,000 people.

Metals? If I were to run an 11in iron spear through your chest or an 11in razor sharp flint or obsidian lancehead, just how much more dead would you be?

Everything the Indian did was based on his religious belief. His life was a gift from the Great Spirit, The Grandfather, pick your terminology. He used sacred plants such a peyote, jimsun weed, and others just to be able to communicate on a personal level with him. They revered their ancestors, much as christians revere the saints and muslims and jews revere the prophets.

We were a civilation based on those beliefs, we lived off the land, a gift from The Grandfather. Our borders ran from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the Antartic. Historians seem surprised to find South American stones in areas where the Illini. These were traded from tribe to tribe, remember the Rio Grande was established as our southern border in the late 1800s.

As for as the warring blood thirsty heathens we were! Who taught us about scalping? That was a british idea to keep count of how many French soldiers were killed. Lest we forget the first mercenaries in this country, the Hessians, who were privately hired German and Prussian soldiers.

I'm not a radical nor a racist I just like the truth to be told. If I were black or part black you could tell by looking at me for the most part. If I were hispanic you could tell from my last name usually. I would need nothing else to prove I was part of a minority, yet to prove I am of "Native American" descent I need to prove it and carry a card? No thanks, ask the jews about that during the 1930s. I know my ancestory, it's not on paper, its in my heart and my soul. For over 500 years they've been trying to get rid of us, we keep surviving and always remember history repeats itself.
Well GROG you said it~!
My Friend PAT HOLLIE (Half Mohawk part North Carolina Tuscaroras) hated the term ABORIGINAL because he said ABOR-Original means to CHANGE the Original People. He said he was a True Descendant not a changeling!
Your right in pointing out that Native Americans are the ONLY People in the WORLD expected to Prove their Identity with a CARD.
What is worse is the CARDS are Issued by Foreign Governments. (Plural Canada also has a CARD system)
Could Americans ask for a Passport from the British Foreign Office to prove their citizenship?
And what nations in this world are NOT allowed to have Immigration or accept new Citizens?
Certainly the plan is to absorb what is left of Natural MEN and in the end commit Genocide slowly.

I laughed yesterday when the NEWS Item was a disease common in SPANISH Speaking Americans (Diabetes)
Well I have news for them the SPANISH are not at greater risk to Diabetes as any other European People.
The ISSUE is diet and the Mexican Americans are Genetically made up of far more Native blood than Spanish.
Why don't they say that! Why is there no "Identity THEFT" between Mexican Americans and their Native Ancestors?
I cant figure this out.

Anyhow your right on a Lot of Points. The AZTECS and Mayans had stone Wheels and used them for Astronomy with calculations as accurate as today's computers. With a good social system it was not necessary to chase after game when you knew the seasonal migration patterns of Fish Deer Buffalo Geese . Corn would fill in the GAPS between seasons. I have seen Copper Head AXE heads over 500 years old dug up locally from Copper dug up in Northern Lake Superior 500 miles north. There was TRADE, diplomacy and Civilization.

Keep it burning inside of you Brother no matter how small the Part, they didn't place the EAGLE over the FLAG for no reason!
I'm sorry I forgot to mention the papal apology a few years back, 500 years of genocide is all forgiven now?

But then I would probably be called an atheist, I am semi agnostic. I believe more in the spirit of a supreme being or force aka a grandfather or great spirit. Basically you do whats right, because it's the right thing to do. Not because some omnipresent omniessence power is going to send you to eternal damnation otherwise. I got my Lakotah Sioux blood going now. Anyone want to do the Ghost Dance and send the whites back to Europe? :-))

LOL that should get the Nazis, KKK, etc dancing on my lawn!
My grandma is Iriquois.MY Grandpa was from Ireland.I still live on the land and area of most my ancestors.N.W. Pa.
I won't prove to anyone that I'm anything other than a human being, others may use their imagination (limited though it often is). I claim no Nation but instead strive to respect all people.All of the most important spiritual concepts are found in some form in many traditions throughout the world.


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