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Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone, besides me, was interested in trying to move forward in the process of getting a course built at Alton Baker. I know there is talk of having a tournament from the winter series there soon, but it would be nice to have a permanent course there. I've talked to Andrew Rich and he informed me Dave Patagllia, if I spelled that right, was the man to talk to. Also Rebecca from EDGC has a few connections through the Clearwater project. So if anyone wants to get this ball rolling, I would sure like to be involved! Call me at (541) 543-5860 anytime!


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Hi Tab,

My reply is based on many wasted hours of effort aimed at putting a course on popular park land. I would say the chances of getting a course installed at Alton Baker at less than 1%. You will find that there have been many groups fighting over that land for years, and trying to place disc golf will find them united against us. Time and again I have fought through the hoops thinking I was on course, only to find out later that I had just been getting stalled and they had never intended to allow a disc golf course. Instead, look for the land next to the shit plant, or some other place that has gotten no attention, or is new, and there you will not be wasting your efforts. My best estimate, it that even the director of Eug. Parks and REc. could not get a disc golf course in at Alton Baker. You figure out why.
Meanwhile, we have approval at Cottage Grove and we are not getting much turn out at work parties. Tomorrow we will be pouring the first 9 tee pads. Meanwhile we still have lots of weed eating and brush clearing that needs to be done. Get a car loaded with golfers and come on out with rakes, wheel barrows, shovels and weedeaters if you have them. We have all the bark mulch and gravel at the course already. With some new manpower we can have the whole thing completed in a couple of weeks. You can work on almost any day in the afternoon, simply by calling me or Tom at 232-5944 or 221-0880.
Tab I will ask Dave about the possibility of a course there, though Dan is right, we should still give it a try. Eugene parks is a tuff nut to crack; but how well the "TEVO" event went as far as ped interferience, using previously un-useable land, and laying the course on minimal land could be a convincing factor! There is a chance, and the city has 18 baskets.
I realize how much time and effort it involves to get a course approved to build, and the sooner, and more often you talk to people, the better chances you have of developing relationships with the right people. I have been, and will continue to help with any efforts to get new courses built in our area. The CGDG course is the first course, that was even considered to be built in a long time in this area, thanks to Tom C and several others involved in the process, and we thank them very much, it was needed. I will help and support anything needed to build this course, but I also want to keep things going in other avenues, such as Alton Baker, Mount Piscah, and probably the best bet would be Ridgeline Park. The more courses we have in this area the better. I love this game, and have been involved with the growth of the sport for some time now, and always will be. Any ideas are welcome, I would like help in any way I can.
Thanks for the response Kevin. I talked to Andrew and he said the city has 19 baskets just sitting, so if you have any other ideas for the best possibility of getting a course built, let me know. I am trying to help with the construction of CGDG course, but I have experience in designing, and building process, so I really want to help get something started. Get a hold of me sometime. Maybe I'll see you at one of the CG work parties. I think Tom's goal is to have as much of the course completed as possible for the tourney on the 14th, that would be awesome!
The question is do we want the citys baskets at Arley or at Alton Baker? Arley is 200 acres and that is a lot of space to work with, and alton baker would be ridden with constrictions from peds ect. AB would be the huge in growing the sport in the area, because of foot/bike traffic from the U. I am not sure what the pull for, they both have good potential(from what ive heard of arley) but another benefit is that arley is under planning, and DG is already on the table
I love the enthusiasm! I think the planning for the Arlie parcel of Ridgeline is a long way from completion and there is no reason to think disc golf will definitely be included. Not saying it won't, but it's only a possibility and not one for this year. If somehow approval was actually gotten for Alton Baker that'd be great, but realistically I don't think that's going to happen. I think temporary course tournaments can and should continue there, I've talked to City staff who say it keeps dg in the minds of the people who are making the decisions. But when I look at the space there I guess I personally just don't believe the city will ever approve a course there. Permission to set up a temp course and play there is one thing, but it's a separate issue and process from the siting of a permanent course.

Bird in hand is fully in effect here - let's all get out to Cottage Grove and do some work. Discussions with the City of Eugene on Arlie and Alton Baker, and Lane County on Buford Park continue and things are in motion even if progress is slow. In the meantime, we have a new course approved and in process.
I agree Matt, and thanks for the support. Check out the new site, " Cottage Grove Disc Golf Club" and spread the word, We're going to make things happen in this area, so we all can enjoy playing all the great courses in our area. Thanks!
That's a good question Kevin. Let's see if we can get some people together and weigh our options for locations. Maybe can figure out the path of least resistance and get something going. I'm willing to do my part! In the mean time, let's get some people involved in helping to build Cottage Grove, it's a great looking course, and we will need some of same people to help, when we want to build another one. One step at a time. Thanks Kevin!
I heard a rumor today that Dave Feldberg was making the Alton Baker Disc Golf Course a reality. Wondering if anyone knew if this is for real, and if so how can I get involved. The Cottage Grove project has been a great experience and will always support they're growth, along with any other course in this area. I would love to see another one get started, and I could be a big help here in Eugene. Thanks,
Will Larsen and friends put together a temp course for the tourney on Jan. 23 and the layout looks great, but here's my proposal for a layout, which has red and blue tee placements for recreational/amateur, and pro/advanced, in accordance to the guidelines set up by PDGA. If anyone wants to talk about this, look me up.

What I've gathered so far is:

*The course will be in, but not until anywhere from August '10 - December '10. Why not sooner, I do not know... paperwork, rain?

*The price will be $3.00 to play (I don't know the details about how much, re-entering the same day, hand-stamping, etc..)
*There will be a concession bar with all of your favorite snack candies.
*There will be hot chics in bikinis working the bar.

Ok, one of those is all lies, but the others are true!!


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