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Left my red Star Leopard - a money disc - under a basket. My fault. Two holes later back-tracked and ran into a group of 5 teens who had just left the hole where my disc was. I asked them if they found anything, some of them just smirked and walked down the fairway. The last one stayed behind and acted funny, and I saw in his opposite hand he had a stack of discs. Again asked him if he found anything and he said no, at which point I noticed one disc in his stack was red. I said "What's the red one in your opposite hand, behind the others?" Then he says "What, this?" and tossed me back my red leopard. Moral of the story: sucks, but don't assume people are telling you the truth when it comes to this. Some people really will lie about finding your disc (or wallet, or keys, or cell phone...) Doing the right thing is its own reward, and vice-versa.

Another time, I played a round with a friend of a friend when I noticed him showing the mutual friend two (2) discs that he had found on the course, one of which belonged to me and one to a friend who had lost it while we played together. I asked for my friends disc and let him keep mine, as he coughed up the one very willingly so I thought he should have something for doing the right thing.

I will say this: it's really hard to return discs that don't have a name and number. 90% of the ones I've returned have had this info and I've easily reunited the disc with the owner that way.
My son does caddying for players and after the tournys, he dives in the lake and does retrieval (he's grounded) so he cant play but he is earning money by caddying and returning discs. If he pulls a disc out of the water, he doesn't ask for a reward but he does accept them if offered. We then go home and call all the ones with numbers on them. I believe in Kharma and feel we are doing a good thing. HOWEVER, if there is no name or information, you have just donated your disc unless you ask me about them, if I have it, I will gladly return it!
I personally haven't but a friend of mine saw a guy steal his disc and run off. He drove from the tee and nearly parked it under the basket. Some bushwhacker, darted out snagged it and bailed.

The best part is a week later he saw that same guy playing with his disc and my friend did the same thing to him, waited for the guy to tee off then scooped it up. He waited for the guy to come over and complain and the ensuing discussion was a lot of fun!
I got a dyed pro XL for Xmas in 1999, and lost in the next summer. Easily 4 months later I saw someone teeing off at #1 at Brown with it, recognizing it from across the parking lot. I ran over and asked him if I could see it, the flipped it over, pointed to my name and phone # and said thanks for returning it.
My old roommate was a s*&t head who would play with other peoples discs that he found. In fact none of the discs he owned were bought, he found them all and would not call anyone. Personaly I think he needs to be beat upside the head, but thats why I stoped playing with him and then stoped living with him, though there were lots of other reasons for that as well.
I know this doesn't really apply to the topic question, but thought I'd share it. I found my first disc the other day. (still a noob). It was a sweet looking dyed Teebird. I knew there was a group ahead of me and a guy playing by himself. i yelled across the field and asked if anyone lost a disc. The guy by himself yelled out "yeah i did". He said what it was and his name which was marked. A few holes later, on which I made my very first birdie!, he comes out of the woods. He says "Hey man, you smoke?" I said yup! He proceeded to smoke me out while giving me some much needed tips. =)
Great topic....

To start off the disc were talking about was a Taffy Rainbow Stamped White Champion Edition Firebird FX 175G Widye raindow Dye.....MINT... I threw it maybe 5 times....and it's pictured below....

I lost this disc at Carol Marty during the 2004 Worlds in Iowa. It wasn't really lost it was stuck in a tree so since this was during tournament play I had to leave it and go on. Well after the round I went back it was gone. Nobody returned to the lost and found.

I get home sure enough some A-hole has it listed as there own disc for sale on ebay. Sad thing was you could see me name and pdga# on the disc.

I confronted the person and he demanded $50 for the disc. He said he was a spectator and was going around hole to hole finding discs. What a scum.... Oh yeah it fits his ebay ID: xdragthelakex

drag the lake moron more like....

I never got it back and he pulled the listing. I talked to a few local members there with no luck. Oh well...
some buddies and i were out throwing doubles and we were on a hole that throws up and over a hill. blind shot. after all of us had thrown we were walking to get to our discs and my partner couldn't find his disc. there were a small group of punks that jumped on the hole in front of us and we asked them if they found any discs. they said no. so we moved on. a few holes later the same punks were teeing off and the first one hit a tree and the disc flew on our fairway, as we walked by my buddy noticed my partners name on the disc. so we grabbed it up and the punks realized they had thrown the disc that they said they didn't have, so they didn't finish teeing off and bowed their heads and left. its people like that that ruin the sport. its all karma and it will come back on you.
My buddy was talking to some guys the other day and one of them said they had just found a disc and liked throwing it. He asked to check it out to see if he knew whose disc it was. It turned out to be a disc I lost less than a week ago at the top of a gnarly tree. If my friend hadn't been there, I never would have gotten the disc (with my name and number on it) back.
Mitch busted somebody throwing my Star Destroyer at Morley...the tool walked up to the clubhouse and dropped my disc down on the counter, face down, revealing my name and phone number...the tool did not even bother to remove my name or put his own on it...I hate disc thieves with a passion...
A few of us were at Mt. Airy in Cincinnati one day and these guys threw on the hole eventhough we were just barely holed out...My friend Chad looks down and he was almost hit by a disc he lost a few days earlier...it had his name and PDGA number on it...he just picks it up...yells up to the guys, "Thanks for returning my disc!" and walks off.

Another time I was at Woodland Mound and my buddy Donovan throws a midrange on a short hole and this kid just walks up and steals his disc....dude was maybe 8 years old...so Donovan runs up...catches the kid..and has him walk to the spot he picked it up so he can mark his lie....I hear the mom on her cellphone say, "Honey..I gotta go...Little Mikey is walking off to the woods with some strange man"....I fell down laughing in the middle of the fairway.
A few years back, I was finishing up lunch at Delaveage, and getting ready to start round two. when some frat boys started walking by the bench and lo and behold, I spot my 2 month lost Valerye in one of the frat boys hands. I grab a disc out of my bag. as the frat boy walks by I grab my disc out of his hand, flip them both upside down. so my name and pdga# are showing, and I look up at him and say" thinks for finding my disc." He looked down at my discs, turned around and walked away. didn't say word.


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