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I will admit that I play with found discs, but only discs that I have made every effort to return first. During the first three years that I played I found over a hundred and twenty discs. I returned at least 70 of them to their owners, but that eft me with 50 unreturnable discs. I have played with some of those discs, given some to other players, and given many of them to prospective players. I am continually surprised by the number of discs that I find with no phone number, email address, name, or PDGA number. Some have only a first name but most of those I never have found the Mark that lost a Champion T-Bird.

During 7 years of playing I have only had one disc returned to me by another player. But that poor disc looked like it had been hit by a lawn mower. One day I left a disc in the basket. I realized it as soon as I went to putt on the next basket. I ran back and found a group of guys putting in and asked them if they had seen my yellow putter. Of course they said no, so I walked up to the one that had it in his bag and pulled it out. They appeared disgusted by my actions, but weren't willing escalate the confrontation. There are times that size does matter!

A couple of years ago I was playing with some buddies on my B-day. I accidentally threw my (home) tie-dyed Beast off of the cliff at Hole2 (Chico Long Course). As nobody else was out there at the time I figured that I would just go back for it after the round, but soon saw some losers going down there first. Sooooo, I waited until I saw them throwing it a little later on and asked for it back. I politely explained that it was my b-day, it was my disc and thanks for getting it right back to me! They had nothing that they could say about that...

f-ing TOOLS!
Picked it up and put it in my bag.
He was confused... said he bought from so,
I said so what.
Oh, this is my biggest pet peeve! And yes I have cought people doing it. One instance that stands out, was on the course here that my friend and I had a large part in helping build, and doing a lot of maintenance on. We played one day and it started getting dark so trying to hurry, we played best shot doubles. In a hurry he just walked up to my disc (that we were playing) and threw his next shot, I then threw and we carried on. I thought he had picked up his disc but he didn't. The next day we went out and looked right where we knew we left it. Gone! Usually lost discs are returned out there by other league players or the guy that built the course has a lost and found. Nobody had it.

About a week later one of my friends called to see if I wanted to disc with him and a few of his buddies, so I did. On hole 5, I heard this kid say to another "I'll sell you that disc I found for like $10". On the next tee I looked at his stack of discs closer, as he didn't have a bag. Instantly I saw my friends "custom" tyedye Z Wildcat. So I asked the kid if he called BVD to tell him he found his disc. The kid says "who?" So I proceeded to tell him who's disc it was and what hole it was left on. Then this punk had the nerve to tell me, my friend should have looked for it if he wanted it so bad because it was in plain sight. I told him the circumstances and he still didn't get it. I said that's WHY we put our name and number on our discs, they do get lost and left at times, it happens. Then the kid told me maybe it was another one that looks just like his, YEAH RIGHT! After you just told me where you found it, and it is a custom dye, dumbass. Next I look at the bottom of the disc for the name,#. All of it was scribbled out with red and black sharpie, with that kids name wrote on the flight plate in the same sharpie. He then says, well it was scribbled out when I found it. Now the kid asked for it back and said my friend could call him to get it. NOPE! I told the kid if he wanted it back he could try and take it from me. He didn't. Then he started telling me that I went overboard, and he was going to give it back. I could have punched him in the face, I was so pissed.
I had a drive over water and as i was waiting for a group of people to finish, a guy from there group goes over and picks my disc up and puts it into his bag. I walk over and he starts to walk away. i caught them on the next tee and ask him about it. He say he didn't pick it up, even though I was standing right there when he did it. A few holes later a couple of guys who were playing through found out about it and told me that they were a shady group of people, not paying to play and stuff. Oh well, Karma will get him, hopefully upside the back of the head.
I had a buddy who was playing in leagues with me one week and mid-round some guy throws his disc with name and number on it ....talk about being caught red handed...in a weird way it was kinda funny
Soon after the 2001 pro worlds, MaceMan came to our local city park and did a clinic. From Brian I bought a Z - XS with a beautiful J-Bird dye. It was the most expensive disc I had ever bought at the time.
A few weeks later, at the end of a noon round, I left the disc on hole 9 at that same park. It was gone when I returned after work. This disc did indeed have my name and telephone # clearly written on the bottom of the rim.
Almost a year later, my friend Tony saw my name above the waistband of a kid who had the disc stuffed in the back of his pants, on the same course. He said "Thanks for finding Tick's disc, I'll get it back to him." The tool threw the disc at him and stalked off! I have the disc.
i myself haven't come across anyone that i knew was playing a lost disc but a couple months back i was playing in freeland mi with my dad and he lost one of my discs wasn't really a big deal it was one that a friend gave me to get started in the sport so i let people that come out and play with me use if they don't have any. well i let a few people know that i shot with all the time know that this disc was out there if they found just let me know. one of my buddies went out about a week later with his daughter and when they came up to the hole where it was lost at he told his daughter that the disc was bright yellow and it would have his name on it "steve howell" which isn't his name but the two guys at the pad playing didn't know that. right after he said my name the one guy at the tee pad turned and said dude i think i might have just thrown your disc let me go check, he runs up grabs it and sure enough it was it my disc found and returned.
Once, I found a guy carrying my triple ace Boss. I had finished my round and went home only to discover that I had left it behind. Upon returning to the course it was not where I knew I left it. Along came a guy that was trying to throw it and not doing a very good job of it. It was a dead give away. As I walked up to him he could see the demeanor on my face and how I was also staring at the disc. He gave it to me right away. That's the only disc I've left out on the course that I actually saw again.


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