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A. A disc shall be declared lost if the player cannot locate it within three minutes after arriving at the spot where it was last seen by the group or an official. Two players or an official must note when the timing of three minutes begins. All players of the group must, upon request, assist in searching for
the disc for the full three minutes before the disc is declared lost. The disc is considered lost immediately upon the expiration of the three minute time limit

B. A player whose disc is declared lost shall receive one penalty throw. If the throw was made from the tee, the player will re-tee for the next shot. If not made from the tee, the group will determine the approximate lie from which the throw was made, and the player will throw again from that lie. In all cases the original throw plus one penalty throw shall be counted in the player's score.

C. If it is discovered, prior to the completion of the tournament, that a player's disc that
was declared lost had been removed or taken, then the player shall have two throws removed from his or her score.

D. A marker disc that is lost shall be replaced in its approximate lie as agreed to by a
majority of the group or an official with no penalty.

Talk about brutality in rule changes....I remember, and not too long ago either, when the spot was agreed upon by the players in the group based on where it was last seen....sort of a gentlemen's agreement.

Although it's been a couple of years since this one changed, I'm trying to wrap my head around it, but still having a hard time...and I know there is a reason for the change...likely eliminates controversy in the spot (lie) given....but in all my years playing...I can't remember or even remember hearing of an issue with the 'spot' given in the case of a lost disc....not OB...Lost!!

Now, I agree with the penality stroke...simply because in most cases the disc becomes lost, because one threw it into a place they shouldn't have....a bad shot. I also agree with the current time allotment...just not "the go back and re-throw" deal, the way it's written now. Isn't it bad enough to take a penality stroke and lose a disc? Now, if it's on the drive.....your huffing it all the way back to the pad to try again.

Also, in most cases, the disc becomes lost because it went really far and pinpointing the exact spot it landed is virtually impossible. It may have turned a corner, flew into the shule....but down there....and of course we can't forget about the Gremlin/Black Hole theory....lost in plain sight!!! In the event it's a longer hole....that 4 just became a 5...so in a sense, now your being penalized 2 strokes more often then not....plus the lost disc.

In the event of a busy tournament...whereas 'Flow of Play' is an issue....how is going back to re-throw conducive to that?

Now, in some cases it may be an advantage to re-tee...but in most cases..I'd say no it's not.

That's why I think the rule for 'Lost Disc' should be similiar to 'Out of Bounds' (803.9)

'Re-Throw' as a players option or take the spot agreed upon by the group.

What do you think?

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JC, Do you have any idea exactly how big a billion is? LMAO!!!!

The point is not that the rule is bad...is that it's not consistent with the OB options and that in MOST cases it does impose a deeper penality then if one just threw OB in the first place.

In my second scenerio...I'm simply showing an end result that benefited the player who threw a really bad shot and landed in a crappy place in the first place. He basiclly was rewarded with a Mulligan in a sense, because he didn't have to play it where it ended up...or as close as possible as agreed upon by the group....he got to try again.

As far as the "unplayable lie" is concerned..that's BS too...again were forgetting one of the fundemental points to this game.....PLAY IT WHERE IT LIES!!!! or as close as possible!!!

This rule use to allow up to 5 meters with 1 stroke...beyond that, 2 strokes.
BTW, if we were still under the old lost disc rule, I'd declare it unplayable and go back to the tee anyway. Better a penalty-4 that way than a 6 or 7 fighting out of those woods. And regardless of which rule was used, Fred would still get two strokes back if the disc were discovered to be removed. He'd just likely be going from a 6 to a 4 instead of a 4 to a 2 in your scenario.

Why would the rule (C) give back 2 strokes...if it's only a 1 stroke penality?


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