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The 2M rule is in effect for these scenaria:

1) Throwing off of the tee, your disc went deep in the woods and got caught in a tree above 2M. You elect to throw again from the tee. What are you lying on the tee before you throw again?

2) Another player throws off of the tee, deep into the woods. Said player elects to take an unplayable lie, effectively abandoning their first tee. Depending on your answer to 1), do you, as another player in the group, have the right to look for the disc to see if it above 2M?

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I don't know the rule book at all really, but I've been told by friends who play in big tournaments regularly that any shot may be declared an unplayable lie and re-shot from the original spot. I hope if I'm wrong someone posts the correct ruling, but I'm pretty sure you can declare a tee shot unplayable, regardless of its lie, and re-tee shooting 3.
You are close. Any lie may be declared unplayable, not any shot, so if you can't find your disc, there is no lie for which you can declare it unplayable.
would not the result still be the same, lost disc, re-tee or back to last played lie with 1 stroke penalty, so if you tee off and can not find disc go back to the tee and you are lying 2 throwing 3, unplayable lie from your tee shot and you re-tee you would have the t-shot 1 stroke, the unplayable lie 1 stroke so again you would be at the tee lying 2 throwing 3. Right ??
You are correct about the lost disc, but what if your disc is above 2 meters and you decide to take an unplayable lie? You get a penalty throw for the 2 meter violation, and then another penalty throw for declaring your lie (which is now on the playing surface directly under the disc) unplayable. Then, you would go back to the tee lying 3 throwing 4.
1 penalty stroke at a time...they don't accumulate. In this case you would have some choices...multiple choices but with only 1 stroke added.

A. A player may declare his or her lie to be an unplayable lie. The player is the sole judge as to whether the lie is unplayable. The unplayable lie may be relocated to a new lie that is: (1) No closer to the hole, on the line of play and within five meters of the unplayable lie; or (2) The previous lie as evidenced by the marker disc or, if the marker disc has been moved, from an approximate lie as agreed to by the majority of the group or an official. The original throw plus one penalty throw are counted in the player's score
I think in this case it should be...if there is room under the stuck disc above 2 meters to throw....then thats where it should be played...however the way 803.06
is worded the choice is up to the player. Confusing? isn't it?
Penalties don't accumulate for the same lie, that is true. For example, if a disc is above 2M and OB, the OB takes precedence and there is only one penalty throw.

For the example I gave, there is also only one penalty throw per lie. The first penalty throw is for the disc being 2M or more above the playing surface. That penalty is assessed no matter what. THEN, if you choose to move your lie, by calling the current lie unplayable, the new lie comes at a cost of a penalty throw. Two lies, two penalty throws - one per lie.


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