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I asked this on the PDGA MB, but haven't got much of a response. The new tech std doc calls for discs to be marked to indicate what mold they are, and it lists hotstamps, indelible markers and mold engraving as examples.

I haven't bought discs in awhile, but if a new disc comes out with a custom hotstamp, and you can't tell by any indelible marking or disc engraving, does writiing a code/abbreviation on the bottom of the disc with a ball point pen suffice?

I don't think it does. What do you all think?

Also, do the changes to the Tech Stds that went into effect 1/1/08 apply to any disc made on or after 1/1/08, or just discs made with molds that were approved on or after that date?

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Come on guys, I can't make comments on the PDGA MB any more, so let's get some chatter going here.
You can't post on the PDGA DISCussion board anymore? What happened, did you refuse to kow-tow to the MB moderators' whims and get suspended, or have you given up on supporting the only National organization we have?

Even an embittered ex-DefenderOfTheCause such as myself is still keeping his membership current, although I did protest some with my wallet by not renewing as an Ace or Birdie member, and I didn't renew my son for the first time in many years of non-tourney playing for him. :)

No, I didn't get suspended, although I suspect I would eventually if I posted enough.

I still support the PDGA, I just can't justify to my family the expense ($65 at the very minimum) of a current membership, whether or not I am playing in any tournaments. I have been an Ace and Birdie member in the past, but I am living basically paycheck to paycheck now, and I have a child with special needs who we have in a private school, where there is very little financial aid available (we didn't get any). Right now, I am limiting my spending to essential expenses, and other than those, would consider only optional spending to "once-in-a-lifetime" events, such as going to see Darrell Lynn before he passes on, or playing in a USDGC (I would have to be current with my membership to participate in that event, I think).

My wife recently went back to work in order to help us reduce and eventually eliminate our debt, so hopefully, when things turn around, I will be current again.

There are other ways to support the PDGA, and the Sport of Disc Golf, other than monetarily, and I try and do those when I can.

Now, how about commenting on the subject of my original post? Even as embittered as you are, I don't think anyone would take offense to how you interpret the new section of the tech stds.
I don't think any new rules or standards will do a damn thing until the disc community shows some kind of desire to play by the current rules.
In the 1982 World Frisbee Championships, every group in the semifinals had an "official" with them, who was solely responsible for calling infractions, and there was no seconding or any input from the players in the group. What would you think about starting that at the WDGC for a start?
Let's see....1000 golfers in 4 somes means 250 volunteer marshalls.

No, that's not right. There is some overlap. Courses have up to 3 rounds per day.

Let's see again....10 courses times 18 holes means 180 volunteer full time marshalls for the week of Worlds.

It doesn't sound do-able to me. We are what we are, Bill. A non-level field of play where you put yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage if you strive to play by all the rules. The only slam-dunk penalties you should ever accept if you want to be competitive with your peers are OB strokes and missed-mandy strokes, and if either are close you should argue them, just in case your group is weak. Everyone else is doing it.

I was thinking more along the lines of the top groups in the Pro Open and the top Amateur divisions after the first cut was made. That would be more manageable, and would focus on only those who have the most to gain.

After this, it could possibly trickle down.

I don't know what you are seeing in SoCal, but it has been my experience that the "better" a player is, the likelihood is less that that player will not abide by the Rules of Play..

But it is difficult at best to point our to others when they are committing an infraction of the Rules of Play, intentional or not. Ron Pittman is a master, and my role model, as to how to phrase in a non-threatening way to another player that that player has committed a rule infraction.

But I know what you are saying. I still will try my best to hit my plant foot where it should be when throwing a fairway drive, even if there is no one else there to call a foot fault, but I can't bring myself to purposefully not take a valid stance, say in the woods or trying to stretch to throw around an obstacle, even though I know that no one can see where my support points are in relation to the mark - I just can't do it, even if "everyone else is doing it". Others' lack of respect for the Rules just reveals their true character, and even if you knowing that you are taking the high road is not enough (as it is not for me sometimes as well),

I would be honored to throw a round with you anytime! Any change of your work bringing you to DFW in the near (or not so near) future?
I play by the rules, and I am "disadvantaged" for it. :)

There will prolly be some Fort Worth trips coming a few months.


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