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What disc do you throw on Top of the World? I always wondered what people throw on that hole. I throw a DX or Super Roc depending on the wind. -Ruben

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I used to throw something overstable, but that would always get me into the parking lot. Last few times I threw it's been a wraith (they start understable for my throwing style). The warith has been going over the the first tee-pad and hitting 6's fairway, or those tree's behind 1's tee box. Next time I think I'll just try a T-bird with a little neg out of the gate, and see if that can get me in a position for a birdie.
I either throw a roc straight at it or go big to the right around the trees on 1 with a wraith or tee-rex.
I hit dead center (popped back out) with a nice broken in Leopard, but I have more consistent results with a broken in (straight) Roc.
I've hit the numbers twice with a FLX Surge! stable, down, and strait at it.
I usually throw a Squall over the Oaks below by #25? tee. It anheisers and swings back at the basket. I Picked up a star cro and now throw a strait shot down the hill at it.
Well my drives still need work so alot of times I switch
up what Disc I throw off Hole#27.
Though just on 4/27/08 in Sunday Morning doubles I threw a Hyzer with a
"Star Wraith" around the right side near basket #1 and it made it
through/around the trees and finally came to a rest under the big tree near hole
#27 basket. Frank was pretty stoked on that throw of mine which was
very good for me. So were the other people in my group I played with on Sunday morning
Doubles round.
I either throw a 170g. Destroyer or a 175 Wraith with a crazy anaheizer on it. I usually pass it (over the pin) or end up on 25 safe with a decent approach look. I usually par it, but I've never aced it, so don't take MY word for it... I WISH I could throw a mid-range at it...
aviars all day kid! specifically big beads
maybe a low, outside line w a roc if the winds a bit unruly

well i just played the course once in june ............ when we teed off on 1 i was suprised at how many bombs were coming in off the hill up above to the left ....... guys yelling fore and roaring down to find their discs which were scattered every which way ........ when we finally arrived at 27 it had been a long hot humbling day of where's the basket and is it really that far? ......... so i decided i was going to have a super throw and actually threw my best drive ever ....... I fired my Elite XS on the anhyzer out a bit around the center tree on a downward trajectory and let her rip .... it felt beautiful out of the hand and roared long and true ...... my buddy came up and threw a forehand wraith very fast and doing a long hard s to the basket ........ i think he thot he had out thrown me ....... he got down and started looking around and was very nicely right in the middle of the fairway nice and deep ........ i couldn't see mine but asked him and he thot i was behind him and i had a pretty good look for it but to no avail it wasn't anywhere on the fairway ......... i thot i might of rolled left but not there either . i was making plans to throw a provisional and he was walking closer to the basket and here i was 40' past him 60' from the hole ............ not bad for an old man, and i think it was my best drive tee off ever ........ have a look at my profile i have a nice photo of #13 at de la la ......... i may never get there again but we sure had a good day ..... thanks de la la
Hmmm... I like throwing a Destroyer or a Wraith side-arm over 25's tee. Either that or Maxxy Candy Cobra straight at it!
I like to throw a 170 crow. i start it over the edge of the trees on the left, throw it hard, and viola - flies slightly under stable (but not enough dive it at #1 tee) and floats right to the basket
I use a star Wraith. Throw it down and get it to turn over some, it'll end up at the pole!


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