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Just curious on how many of you played baseball or another throwing sport growing up or even currently? I know I played baseball for years and believe that is a big reason I have stuck mostly with forehand/sidearm driving.

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Ahhh wriggly field beautiful park ...horrible team....sorry just doing my job as a Brewers fan. any way I love baseball Played as a kid and still play about four to five (hopefully more this summer) pick up games every year with friends and coworkers. I just couldn't get into the rythym of slow pitch softball ,,,velocity in transfers to velocity out. but to answer yr question I think there is a connection to the styles of throwing...but at the same time when I was a kid that is how my dad tought me to throw a "normal" frisbee...I learned sidearm before backhand and it easily transfered into Disc golf it just felt more natural to me. Occasionally when I just messin around Ill even pitch side arm it puts a really fun spin on the ball.
I played baseball up until my freshman year of college. I also played shortstop 99% of the time. So when I started to play disc golf, it seemed only natural to throw sidearm, I'd say 85% of my drives are sidearm. I'd almost throw 100% if I could, but most course setups won't let me. Some of my friends who I play with seem to think my game is limited by counting on my sidearm, but at the end of the round our scores are always quite close, if not the same or better.
Yeah I played ball from 4 years old on. I have a great side arm & over hand shot. Also in case you have not thought about this one, any one who bats right handed can throw leftie and vise versa. I am natural lefty but due to batting left I always threw frisbee right (tihink about motion of swing). So starting out in discgolf I could throw RHRB & LHFH. I then relised the need to throw LHBH and had to learn this skill. Now all my local buds call me a lefty cheater LOL. So all in all I love disc golf and can atribute my ablity in discgolf to baseball.
Happy Chuck'n
Im not sure what yr talkin about ...I bat right handed but I cannot throw with my left hand at all??
i can see what your saying, although I don't think it applies to everyone.

I broke my hand last year and started throwing left, and picked it up quite quickly. Maybe for the reason you stated above.
i do know what you mean. but my lefty throw is so weak. i did bat lefty, but never took the time to perfect the lefty throw.
I can swing a bat lefty and shoot a basketball lefty ...though not as well...I could probably manage to throw a disc left hand back hand.... but left hand sidearm style or throwing a baseball left hand forget it no way ...nothing but awkward elbows and a headache
Having played baseball definitely helps with the sidearm throw.
Had radar gun of baseball throw at 93 mph years ago...
But still prefer backhand, more control.
this ones wild, i learned backhand from playing beach frissbee, and sidearm / forehand from throwing a SPEAR!!!!!!
I played baseball for 10 years.I know from playing 3rd base that it developed my sidearm the way it is today.Every time i throw a drive it feels like im scooping up a line drive and flicking it over to first base.Another thing ive gotten from baseball is my tomahawk and thummer throws its like being in the outfield trying to throw someone out whose heading home.Thanks to being brought up on the diamond it has made me the golfer i am today.
im left handed to and did the same thing when i started playing rhbh and lhfh still putt right handed (have tryied to teach me self to putt left handed and can not to it) but i think leftys learn how do things with both hands becuase of manythings being made for righthanded people (sounds weird to the rightys but if you teach me how to do something my mind is already switching from righty to lefty and when i teach someone how to do something i can teach them how to do it right handed)
I played baseball. all the way through high school. It just feels natural.


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