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How in the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks, do you throw a big sidearm / forehand anhyzer?!?!
At my home course there are a few holes that require a long and high dog-leg turn that requires me to throw a sidearm "anny" (sp?). Maybe 2 out of 10 times I throw it ok, the other 8 turn into a bad roller.

Help me Oprah!
Help me Tom Crusie!
Help me!

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Disc selection is big... if you've got the power, throw a hyzer flip with something that will still want to finish right (i.e. orc, starfire or destroyer) also I think that height makes a big difference... just like a backhand you need to get anny shots up in the air 50' maybe so that they have time to take a whole flight. I came to disc golf from ultimate so all of my forehands start out as hyzers but I can sometimes throw them over 350 and can definitely turn them whichever way I want... oh and your other choice is to just throw a backhand... haha
For these shots ...I love the sidewinder...occasionally a roadrunner...however the roadrunner has a tendency to fly straight for about 40 feet and then turn over really hard straight into the ground...the key is lots of practice at finding the right release angle... I usually release the sidewinder at a parallel 0' angle with the ground keep the disc very flat and occasionally an angle up to maybe 5'...always aim at an object that is to the right of the basket , not straight at the basket... at about 50 to 80 feet out the disc will turn over and break left for another 100 feet or so depending on how hard
I throw /how long the hole is...for longer holes 300 feet and up I keep the same angle but I bring my arm up so I am releasing higher off the ground this gives me more air time and that awesome looking s-curve...lately I have been experimenting with the roadrunner by releasing it at a somewhat negative angle to counteract that hard turn into the ground...I've had some success, but I think it is something that I can master with practice...for really hard turns you have to get the disc a little higher and put an angle of about 10' on it the key is to always account for a fade back when the disc starts to slow down
like dexturhawk said use overtstable discs and keep the height up some, elbow in and throw it almost like a tomahawk shot, just not quite as high an angle, keep it at around 2 oclock, you will get a huge anhyzer flight path, i started throwing an excalibar this way and was amazed at how far it goes and with little effort, unfortunately this shot is only usefull on wde open fairways as it has a pretty long sweeping flight path, i am stoked to get my hands on one of those boss dicscs and see what i can do with it, since it is to be the fastest disc out there and a little more stable than the excalibar, you should almost be able to tomahawk it and have it pull back, that would be sweeeeeet !
one thing I found was to not change your form or approach, but change the angle at which you grip the disc. if that makes since. Don't change the grip you use either. Like if you want it to go right, it would kinda look like you had a loose grip.... I'll try and put some pics up to show what I'm talking about because I probably sound like an idiot trying to explain this....
I use an understable disc like a Quest Scream thrown hard with just a slight amount of hyzer (yes, that's right hyzer). The high speed turn flips it over slightly and it anhyzers for a long way before coming back at the very end of its flight.

for me, innova banshee works well, i throw it 40 - 55 degree angle (depending on the hole), and watch it glide to the basket. takes practice though, cause occasionally i still hit the tree ;)
slightly understable disc, release with a small amount of hyzer but bring your finger in tighter, add a lot of snap to generate a lot of spin. that should hold a nice tight anny line without diving into the dirt. beat in wraith or a xl should get the job done.
Forehand anhyzer? No problem. Just throw it perfect. :)

Forehand anhyzers are speed dependent. It is not just the correct angle of release. It is the correct angle of release combined with the right amount of power for the distance you need the shot to go.

It takes a ton of practice to bend a disc just right. You need to find a disc which flies straight or slightly anhyzers when you throw it flat at a particular speed. Then you need to practice with THAT disc in dead air until you learn to control it. Once you understand the right line at the right speed, then you need to learn what to do with it in the various winds (slight variations in the angle of release). Once you do that you have an anhyzer dialed in for a particular distance.

If you want an anny for a shorter or longer distance then you need to go through the same procedure for each distance, probably with a different disc.

I don't have one anhyzer driver in the bag. I have 4, each dialed in for different job. I also throw anny's with putters and Buzzz's at speeds much slower than I throw drivers.

If you find your discs flipping too much and turning into rollers, it sounds like the problem is nose angle ( the nose is the leading edge of the disc as it flies). I throw annny's with a basically flat nose angle (parallel to the ground). If you have the nose up then it won't hold the anhyzer line and it hyzers out as it slows down. If you have the nose down just a hair too much it buries into the ground and rolls, rather than gliding.

So you bend the disc by keeping the nose flat but lifting the wing up (the wing is the outer edge of the disc opposite where your grip it). An in-person lesson is much more effective than reading a description and trying to visualize it. There is a Discraft clinic on anhyzers at Youtube.com which has a few forehand examples.
my "go to " driver is the Boss, can throw it flat and it flies straight or anny for those nice "S" turns. It seems the excalibur handles the wind a little better.


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