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SNAP BAND__The only and BEST disc golf training tool in the WORLD! ACE is in your future!


SNAP BAND__The only and BEST disc golf training tool in the WORLD!  ACE is in your future!

The most AWESOME disc golf training device EVER! Use it to WARM UP,Super strengthen your wrist,arm,shoulder,and fingers! THEN DRIVE 500 + feet ! no bullsh!t

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prov-patent SNAP BAND ready for sale 3-25-09--THE ORIGINAL ....first ever SNAPBAND

AVAILABLE NOW AT____ DISC NATION__http://www.discnation.com/

I have been prototyping for a while ,and i finally have some in stock for order.

This is the most usefull tool in my bag ,I have been trying to figure out WHY and HOW skilled players can effortlessly BOMB discs and make it look easy .Over years and years of throwing you build speed muscles in your hand,wrist,arm,shoulder, this sort of muscle memory and speed strength until now couldnt be dulpicated unless you went out for years and years and simply throw discs like a touring pro.

Isometric Exercises using the Resistance Band - The little known 'secret formula' for speeding past your competition.

In order to help you fully appreciate the value of isometrics training to increase your speed, agility and power, let's take a quick look at some basic principles of muscular contraction.

To start with, all skeletal muscles consist of three main fiber types. These fiber types are:

1) Slow twitch fibers- Responsible for the strength and endurance of a muscle.

2) Intermediate twitch fibers- Possess qualities of both slow and fast twitch fibers.

3) Fast twitch fibers- Responsible for the speed of muscular contraction.

The fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for giving the athlete his speed, agility, quickness, and power. Fast twitch fibers are 10 times faster than slow fibers.

Isometric training, the way we teach it, will isolate and condition your fast twitch muscle fibers and therefore increase your speed and quickness.

Isometrics using resistance bands is the ideal strategy for speed training. This is partly due to fact that the energy stored in a stretched band is much greater than gravitational energy used by weights. Therefore the faster acceleration of a stretched band is 'transferred' to the muscles when used with an isometric exercise.

The biggest advantage to isometric training is two fold.

First, by forcing your muscle(s) to hold a position for a certain length of time, your body will begin to recruit and activate more and more motor units to help maintain this contraction. Motor units that are rarely exercised within a particular muscle are now brought into use, perhaps for the first time.

Second, the motor units that are recruited are forced to contract continuously, time after time, with no appreciable decrease in force output. This allows your muscles to achieve a state of maximum force very safely and effectively.

The end result is that the entire muscle matures very quickly.

So how does this condition the fast twitch muscle fibers?

The fast twitch muscle fibers are often overlooked because they are mostly ignored for purposes of contraction speed in exercise routines where the muscle length is constantly changing, when doing multiple repetitions with weights, for example. As far as your muscles are concerned this is endurance training, the job of slow twitch muscle fibers.

The Athletic Quickness Speed Training Programs use the resistance band to help isolate, condition and quicken various muscle groups in the body. The resistance band is ideal because its resistance will change depending on how far the band is stretched.

By utilizing the unique properties of the resistance band, and maintaining the muscle at a specific length by using an isometric exercise, the muscles will develop a fast twitch response.

This means, first, that the nerves and muscles develop the memory to accelerate instantly to the contraction point of the isometric exercise, and secondly, the fast twitch muscle fibers are conditioned to maximize the speed of the muscle contraction.

By strengthening the fast twitch muscle fibers, you have increased the speed at which the muscles contract or move.

When this application is applied to your thigh flexor and extensor muscles, for example, the result is an explosive increase in your running speed and power!

The same principle holds true for increasing the speed and power of any muscles that are critical to quickness and power in any sport specific activity.

In baseball for example that would be the muscles used in hitting and pitching. In basketball quickness and power are required by the leg muscles used in jumping and making quick reactions.

If this sounded a bit confusing, just remember these two things:

1. Fast twitch muscle fibers are the key to explosive speed and quickness.

2. Isometrics using the resistance band is the secret weapon for isolating and conditioning the fast twitch muscle fibers.

Isometric training has been around for a long time and so it is nothing new. Many extraordinary results in muscle size and strength have been achieved in a very short period of time with this type of training.

However, because of the number of new training products and techniques out on the market today, its use by athletes is often overlooked.

Training techniques that use repetitions or that last more than several seconds will not isolate the fast twitch muscle fibers and will therefore train for strength and incredible snap speed
______________SNAPBAND WORKS IN SO MANY WAYS !!!!!!
Due to the force of the band pulling back on your hand it forces you to use the strongest grip ,you feel a great amount of strength building in your hand ,FELDBERG,CLIMO,DOSS all use the POWER GRIP and for me it was hard to understand then actually do,for ttwelve years I have always used a strange one finger on the rim grip ,BUT NOW I use a power grip for every throw due to the SNAP BAND
I putt better ,my drives have the OMG factor ,its crazy every person I play with has seen the change and put their order in .

DRY firing your arm by grabbing discs and just practice throwing is NOT good for your arm,shoulder ,rotater cuff,anything all your doing is hurting your arm!!! with this snapband you can warm up and stay warmed up between baskets. Rubber bands have long been used for physical therapy because of its low impact usefull strength building anyone can use the snap band !

The handle can be adjusted for tight or looser use.
The rear strap can be looped around a tree ,fence,pole,or left off till needed!
The snapband can be used for BACK HAND ,left or right -SIDEARM left or right, flicks,tomohawks and any other disc golf or non disc golf related excersises!

100% life time warranty if you break it send it back and ill fix it !!!!!!
Don't wait any longer. contact sunkingdiscs.com or snapbandtim@gmail.com

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Is this still available? If so, where? 3 Replies

Started by Kevin M. Last reply by Kevin M Oct 13, 2009.

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Comment by ChainLightning on April 11, 2011 at 10:43pm
I haven't heard anything yet. Jeff, any luck speaking directly with Sunking or Discnation?
Comment by Jeff Nichols on April 11, 2011 at 9:31pm
Ooooohhhhhh. Thank you for the Response Ed! I saw another product that looked VERY similar and thought it must be the same thing. Oops. Thanks again Ed.
Comment by mr ed on April 9, 2011 at 12:17pm

Jeff,there is another fellow dg on this site of dgrus.I'll have to find him.The original fellow/group fell apart.Stock of item was limited.Get yourself one of these bands for exercise/warm up until you find the snap-band.

Marshell Street disc golf is another option for this product.

Comment by Jeff Nichols on April 6, 2011 at 2:59am
Hey ChainLightning, no I didn't call. I followed a link or two from this page that went to sunking and discnation with the words Snap band in the search bars on both sites, but they pages said "no items match your search". I can call if thats what I need to do. Didn't think about that. :)
Comment by ChainLightning on April 5, 2011 at 8:43pm

Jeff, Did you call sunking, or discnation?

I will make some inquiries and get back to you.

Comment by Jeff Nichols on April 2, 2011 at 5:28pm
Anyone know if the Snap Band is still available anywhere? I just checked sunkingdiscs.com and discnation.com to no avail. Would Love to get a hold of one!
Comment by ChainLightning on May 19, 2009 at 9:35pm
Update on my progress:

Comment by Rick Beery on May 19, 2009 at 2:37pm
I just got my Snap Band today. I'm an old fart. My drive is about 300 feet at best. I let you know in a few weeks how much my drive improves. I'll be happy with any improvement. It looks like a great device.
Comment by Sun King Disc Sports on May 1, 2009 at 3:51pm
Buy the Snap Band!
Comment by Sun King Disc Sports on April 30, 2009 at 11:46pm
Give us a call or e-mail, we can get them out ASAP...352.397.3257...sales@sunkingdiscs.com

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