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Let's hear some opinions and/or thoughts on why you throw overhand. Is it for distance, that very tough out through the thicket or that nice technical up shot to weave around some trees?

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I throw a huge variety of overhand shots. It is my primary way of throwing. i can throw a tomahawk that doesnt go over 20' for max distance of 300, a wide open tomahawk with a 150z flick for an average of 400', thrown it farther, but not consistently, i throw little thumbers for 20'-100' up shots, i throw them through bushes and cut through thick chunks of trees, i utilize my tomahawk like otheres utilize theyre backhand or sidearm. its important to have a calvary of shots, i throw my sidearm efficiently as well as the backhand is coming around.
I go to alot of wooded courses so the thumber is my main shot aside from a nice light backhand. even at open areas i throw thumbers to get up to the baskett if there are tree's in the way
I throw overhand if there is an option for it on whatever hole I am on. I like the accuracy I have with the overhand, but will only throw overhand if it is there and I feel it will ultimately benefit me.
yea... on holes that are 400 or under i throw a figner tomahawk. i rarely throw thumbers unless the hole calls for it. i can throw a tommy with holding it like a sidearm around 400' wide open and a thumber around 340. it sux cuz im designing my own course here in flint, mi and i dont want people thinking im just making holes geared towards tomahawks. its tough. i love the consistency and efficiency of the tomahawk. when theres a low tree ceiling ill throw a low tommy and that can get around 320 330. collegiate baseball helped me with the power haha
I throw thumbers as a way to get out of trouble, as a way of precision, and sometimes, it's just easier to reach the hole by going over every thing in the way.

I throw a 171g CE EXP-1, my max thumber distance with the CE EXP-1 is 350' so far. I honestly think this is the max the CE EXP-1 can be tossed overhand.
whuzzup Snapp....I throw overhand cuz I live in NC, you know how it is. No really, I started using thumbers and tommys cuz I was inconsistent with easy turnovers and straight shots. I have a baseball background so it came natural to me and gave me a fallback shot to throw if the backhand was off. It's a grat weapon in these NC woods.
I throw the Thumber as a primary overhand that I use although I do sometimes on that rare occasion throw a tommy/hammer. I use it mainly for drives that need to go over trees, through trees that are small, and a variety of upshots after I have gotten myself in trouble. I also will throw it if I am throwing a long shot that turns to the right and I don't think I can accurately throw a sidearm or anny. current max is around 300' but for courses around here that is enough to get you in for 2 on most holes.
I throw overhand because I think its easier for me. I used to be a hockey player and can't seem to get the motion for good forehand/backhand drives hence the overhand. I usually thumb, but am working on the tomahawk. That way no matter which way the fairway goes I can hit that curve =]
I throw over hand when it is obvious that it favors the hole. You almost always know where it is going to land and it is good for when you know there are a lot of trees to throw thru. If you have that window and can throw for good placement then it is an easy three....otherwise, weave one thru the trees 10 times and see what your average score is on that hole at the end.
I use both styles within 200 feet. However I use mine more as a skip shot or slider more then a drop shot. The first and only tourny I won I used the overhand on 15 of 18 holes on the final round. I like to use a champion roadrunner at about a 45 degree release. Best one ever was just last weekend where I won some skins from some pro's making birdie with a slider that skip up in to the chains at the last sec.


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