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I guess that the first part of the story should come from me.

This was taken from the Obituary for my father.

Victor Eugene Smith, Sr.

Victor Eugene Smith Sr., 10 Oct 1948 to 07 Jul 2010, of Deltona, FL passed away at Florida Hospital - East Orlando.  

Victor E. Smith Sr. was born in Portsmouth, OH to Charles and Martha Smith. He passed from this life surrounded by his wife, two sons and daughter in-law on the 7th of July 2010. He was carried off to heaven by his parents, and siblings of Charlie and John. He proudly served in the United States Air Force and was discharged at the rank of SSGT. He retired and chose to live in Deltona Florida where he raised his children. He spent most of time with his immediate family and fishing the many waters of Florida.

Victor is survived by his wife, Juanita; Sons Victor Jr, Edward, and Robert; Grandchildren Tiffany, Victor III, Kenneth, Rebekkah, and Abigail; Siblings Charlene, Judy, Eva, Rex, Glena, and Jimmy.

The Viewing (11:00 AM) and Memorial Services (12:00 PM) will be held at the Faith Baptist Church, 1200 Providence Blvd, Deltona on the 19th of July 2010. He will then be cremated and have his ashes interred at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, 6502 SW 102nd Ave, 33512 on the 21st of July 2010 at 1 PM with full Military Honors.

This Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran and Friend is Loved and will not be forgotten.

You may visit the Obituary by going to  



Story will continue.

Yes, the above is the legal aspect of my father's end, But I have other memories that I will express as time goes by.

This ends the end.

Like Star Wars, I will release the prequals later.

But thanks to the Brotherhood, the story lives on after death.

The Brotherhood will tell their stories, post their pics, and meld everything together into something special.

That something special will be the many states, courses and people of this great land joining together as one.

Players showing unity, fellowship, and kindness through the sport of...................

Disc Golf.

The fog lifts from my dim memories.  As it clears, I am but a very young lad.  My Father, Mother and I were at what I believe was a damn up north some where.  We were fishing.  The water was rushing down the river.  My Dad slips on the rocks and falls in.  My mother screams and chases him as he bobs up and down along with the current of the river.  It was a funny sight.  Later he and my mother walk up, he looked like a drowned rat.  I then was told, that my dad could not swim.  It was no longer funny.  The fog rises and the memory fades.

Later on as a young teen, my family again was fishing. This time it was here in Florida.  I was with my friend at the time, and we were playing right below the pier (it was low tide).  I being young, stupid and bored wanted to show off to my friend.  I said watch this.  I started waving my hands in the air and screaming "Help, I can't swim".  Out of everyone there, my father was the only one to run to my rescue.  Of course, he found out that I was not drowning, and the look on his face hurt me more then a beating would ever have.  It was no longer funny.  The fog returns.

At my Father's viewing, I tried to tell this story as his family, friends and what nots sat listening.  Tears well up from inside me and comes out like a broken damn.  My moral to my story........

My Father was far from perfect.  But he did his best.  And looking back at my story.  When I as in need or in danger of drowning (even though it was a piss poor prank), he was the only one to run to my rescue, and looking back today, I realized that he was the only one who did not know how to swim.  He was willing to risk his life to save mine.  He was willing to face his fears for me.

So no matter how many faults, or problems my Dad may have had, He was my savior, he was my Father.  

While growing up, I came to realize that my Father was like the black sheep of the Family.

The other "Smith"s were from Ohio and Kentucky (if memory serves me right), and we moved to Florida.

My father was different then the rest of the "Smith" children (Nine Total).

My father suffered from a mental illness that was brought on while he served his time in the Air Force.

With this illness, life was interesting to say the least.


The Fog lifts from my memories..................

Once again, I was a very young lad.  My grandfather had died, and my father was extremely angery because he wanted the best doctors for his dad and he felt that the rest of the family gave up and let him die.  The death hit my father deeply. At the Viewing, my father was dressed in his "Dress Uniform" from the Air Force.  Most thought that it was strange cause my father was no longer serving in the Military.  I could remember the whispers of my father's other siblings. 

Later on at the grave yard, everyone gathered around my grandfather's grave as they gave their last words.  The service ended and it started to rain.  Everyone ran for their cars to protect themselves from the weather.  Looking through a foggy rain covered car window, I saw my father standing in the rain.  He refused to leave like everyone else did.  In his Dress Uniform drenched with rain (Anybody who knows the AirForce, they have some heavy thick ass dress uniforms), he stood at his father's feet as they lowered him down.  My dad bends down, grabs a hand full of dirt and tosses it upon his father's feet, wipes the remaining dirt from his hand, and salutes one last time. 

At my father's service, I did not wear my Naval Uniform.  I had rid them a year or so after my Discharge.  Besides, I couldn't wear them anymore (gain some inches around the waist).  But I told the people who gathered to pay their respects to my father, that I saw my father salute his and it was a great honor to do the same for him.  I stepped down, faced my father and saluted him.  With or without a uniform, I was the third generation to serve.  I, just like my father, and his father before him will pass away.  And when that time comes, I hope that someone will care enough for me to salute my passage from this life. 

forty three pictures of dad in hawaii , will add stories later .

may day is lei day in hawaii , thats when they drape king kamehameha statue with leis .

and i don't know how RC and fatty got their pictures into this file ( fatty is the black dog ).

My story will be a few short chapters . But let me begin by thanking Daddy Dragon for creating this event , this is something special that will grow our beloved sport , and I was very blessed to represent our 50th state .

Dads time on the big island started with him showing up at my shop . I didn't expect him to show up at work . He came to the right address , i just thought that i gave Victor my PO box and was expecting dad to show up there . So dad came in carried by our happy local postal carrier . when i saw Donny's address on the envelope I told everyone at work "he's Here !" I showed him off to the other workers at my work , and explained to them the story of the brotherhood of the traveling disc .

Most of my friends where pretty stoked for me when they heard the story . you see in hawaii , we are pretty much cut off from going to events , but when one like this event shows up on your door step , lets just say you feel pretty special . Kind of like going on tour with Daddy Disc !

Dads timeing was perfect , he showed up on a friday so he was able to get a rest day before going to work on sunday . that is the day we play MacKenzie here in puna .

MacKenzie is a state park cared for by the DLNR . ( department of land and natural resource ) As you can see in the pictures it is a beautiful coastal park on about 15 acres .

For the story of that round and more you will have to tune in to the next chapter . because i am a slow type writer , and a slower speller , and it is time for me to get my butt to work . so until next time .......ALOHA !

The first sunday at MacKenzie

MacKenzie is about 22 miles from my house , and i usually show up a couple hours early to set up my clank targets . the puna disc golfers here really love to clank my targets . After all they have been hitting trees for 20 years here .

So i walked most of the course that morning with my hamer , golf cart full of shafts , and a bag of clank tops . Settin up 1 thru 15 , and 18 . We usually move 14 pin to 17 , and 16 we still play the tree . ( I'm not walking down that valley unless i am throwing plastic . ) So with the course set up I sit down to breakfast , and have some small talk with some local campers that i have known for some time now , telling them about dad's travels , and the brotherhood . telling them how he got to hawaii and where he was going next .

the players start showing up at 9:00 , and we have our morning meeting . i tell them that we have an extra discer today and pull dad out of my bag . then I have to tell them the hole story over again . ( even though i have been telling them for weeks that dad was coming to the big island .)

So we start playing around 9:30 , I parked my first drive and bird the first hole . I drive # 2 and set it down about 20 feet from the pin and think O K daddy-o get me another bird . nice and smooth up hill putt on line.....to...just miss , two inches higher and dad would of had his first bird on the big island .

# 3 is a dog leg left , i park my drive about a foot from where the old pin used to be placed . But now it is 75 feet higher up the hill with one window . I pull dad out again , thinking ( just get me to the green dad.) I fire dad up into the window....and...dad... rolls over...ouch !

As i boogey # 3 i think dad must be afraid of the water or maybe he just wants to caddy for me today , after all it is his first time flying in hawaii . So for the rest of the day dad and I just walked and talked for the rest of the round .

That is the way it was dads first round in hawaii , i played three more times with dad while he was here . So tune in next chapter to find out what happens , until then ......ALOHA !

Dads day at Wailoa , Hilo bay has a wonderful community park , it once was a big part of old hilo town until a tsunami took out half of the town . Instead of rebuilding that part of hilo they made the park , it has community centers , the tsunami museum and memorial , and the hawaii county vietnam memorial . ( dad liked hanging out there .) And it has a giant king Kamehameha statue .

Wailoa park sits on about 40 acres with the wailoa river running thru it . We use about 20 acres for the disc golf course . Wailoa could be a world class disc golf course if it only had T-pads and baskets .( Being so spread out I don't put up my clanks for fear of theft . )  it has water hazards on 1-4 , 9-11, and 17,18 and boosts an island hole on #2 . We play there on tuesdays at 4:00 pm

So i showed up early to show dad around , and get some pictures of him with king Kamehameha , the vietnam memorial , and in that giant banyan tree . We use the arched bridges to cross over the river while playing DG.

Because of previously mentioned water hazards dad did not get a lot of flying time , ( I thought it would be just awful if dads journey was cut short because he got lost in some river in hawaii. ) But he helped me par 5 , came up short on 7 , and he flipped over 8 ( I knew he was going to do that . )

All in all it wasn't a bad round , i shaved 5 strokes from the round I had at MacKenzie , for a 4 over . So dad has play the two oldest courses on the big island , MacKenzie , the tight and technical course . And Wailoa , the wide open fairways with the river hazard running thru the middle of it . next dads off the play at the hilo coffee mill . Hawaii's newest but only basketed course . so stay tuned there is more of this story to go ! Until then ...ALOHA !

We all have Mason Thomson to thank for the hilo coffee mil course , he was the one that worked on it ,pulled the resources together , and birthed the first basketed course on the big island .

After a 3 hour putting practice the day before i found out dad was not such a bad putter after all . He was hitting my tone pole 3 out of every 4  putts .

Saturday at the mill i showed up early again with my riding mower in tow , because i told Mason the week before that i would mow the # 5 fairway andd the # 6 green . so that is just what i did . Mason had his weed wacker , and he was working on the # 4 green .

In a couple of hours we were finished . Steve who had an unction to function , was complaining that Mason and I took to long because he really wanted to get some practice drives in before the round .

i did not use dad at the mill other then showing him around to other people talking about the brotherhood and his travels . Besides the mills course is higher elevation then the two previous course , it has wide open spaces and lots of OB . so i needed something i little more stable then dad . I didn't do to bad after two early double bog's I got a bird on 7  to finish +3

In the end I knew dad would be leaving the big island to continue his travels .The day he was leaving I took and early lunch to take dad up to see rainbow falls and boiling pots .because of the rain the boiling pots just looked like a river that day . ( plus I almost ran out of gas , almost .)got back to work and sent dad off the same way he had arrived here. But now dad travels with a lei.

I wasn't planing to finish this story so soon when i first started writing it but with the 4th coming up next week , and i know i will be killing some brain cells that day , its better I write it down now .

And for the rest of the brotherhood of the traveling disc enjoy dad while you have him , and don't sandbag with your stories , if you enjoyed reading this just think how much others will enjoy reading yours .


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