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I didn't realize just how long it has been since I made a trip to Tulsa until I received my ballot for the 2008 elections. I read the list of names and could not put faces to most of them.

I figured that I'd have to jump on here and see what the election thread had going only to see that there was no election thread. Well, I think it is time to start one. Who wants to be elected, and why should I cast my vote for them?

BTW, I'd like to thank all of the Advanced Grandmasters at the OO for letting my old doubles partner win as part of his recovery. I know it was a sacrifice, but it should help speed his recovery. :-)

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Hey Gary, how the hell is Tejas going for you? You do need to come back up here once in a while.
Texas is OK, but the job market isn't. I can't afford to travel anywhere until I get a job.

As soon as I have an income and catch up on the bills, I'll be back up to play.
Hope you find one soon. You had asked for candidates comments, here is a copy from another thread from Scott Schumacher Aka FurDog. Funny stuff.

That’s right little bucko’s….

Vote for ME!!!!

As your Admin I promise that I will fight for the “short arms” and bring a DG voice back to the little people and I will tax the money grabbing Pro’s like Coda and stop the greedy pro lobbyist like Wise who’s only interest is to stuff their divisions with your hard earned TDSA money and donations.

Face it. You newbie’s and Am’s are the middle class and backbone of this sport and it's about time for you all to get a “bailout” too.

And that’s where I come in my friends. As a current TDSA tournament director and lifetime member I have been to some of these meetings and I have seen some of the “pork barrel” resolutions passed. Most are legit but some stink of the classic good’ol boy politics that has run our economy into the ground!!!!

For example…..

$100 for a padded heated toilet seat for Dave Wise because he complained that he couldn’t perform his “Treasurer” duties prior to the Am Worlds because Mitchell was kicking his butt at all the local minis back in the day. Now for the most part, everybody in his division is kicking his butt.

$5000 for a hot tub for Dave Wise because he complained that his back hurt and he couldn’t promote the TDSA at a media event if he was slouching all the time.

$2000 down the drain to E-Harmony for Andrew because he said his Admin abilities were not up to par because he couldn’t find anyone willing to mate with him.
(On a side note to that: $1000 of that $2000 was donated by Michael Treat in an effort to help get Andrew off the couch and out of the house.)

My friends, is this what you want from your DG club? Always rewarding Pro-street while Am-street has to sell plastic so it can scrape up $5 for a weeknight mini?

VOTE FOR ME!!!!.....A true Legend and the only true Maverick in this campaign!!!!

I have met with DG leaders in Arkansas and Oklahoma City therefore I have true foreign policy experience. On clear days,.....I can see Sapulpa from my mountain.

I have proven my leadership by running the evil Twoputt from this board and I will end the discussion wars within my first year in office.

And I will not be alone because I have chosen Lil’Moose to be my vice-advisor. Together we will get “Mavericky” with the TDSA and reach across the aisle and work for true policy change.

The purpose of a true grass roots organization is not to dump the roots on the Ams while the Pro’s smoke the grass.

The true purpose is to roll it all in one big stogie and pass it around so we all may partake!!!!

That is why I say vote for me. A great American Dog!!!!

My name is Furdog and I approve this message!!!!!

Paid for by the "Furry-Moose in 08" campaign committee
I would like to have your vote... The fact that you are inquiring for information concerning the elected individuals of the TDSA is expression in the concern for the club. The TDSA is a premier club that is constantly expanding, therefore the need for more administrators exists. I want to be more involved in the direction of the club as well as assist in decisions that the club takes to keep it going in a positive one. The lack of involvement needs to stop. come on people vote for DUFF
another tdsa member asking for the vote
i like it
I said my peace on the pdga website. If you want to read it just go to the picnic section. Thanks for your time.
Thanks, I am watching both sites when they are up and saw your comments. I am interested in the health of the club, Tulsa was a second disc golf home for a while, then I was laid off and had a severe funding problem for disc golf related trips. Hopefully I can start attending more events in the area soon.

As a club member, it is my responsibility to cast a vote. I could use the dart board method, but I'd rather make a partially informed decision.
I voted for Q four times...dude has the vision to bring the TDSA to the next level.
MC said:
I voted for Q four times...dude has the vision to bring the TDSA to the next level.

You guys quit pickin on Q. I know he brings it on himself. However way way down inside the guy has a truly goood heart and he means well. I know I probably am in the minority on this but hey give a guy a 7th or 8th chance. Just try to look for the good in everyone.

Remeber, He and BHOI put some of us golfers to work when people needed extra money or a job.
Q is a friend of mine....I bust his chops all the time.
His teeth look like it:)))))))))))))))))))


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