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After 15 years of retail management, I find myself out of work. It's partially my fault, but I never expected to be out of work for more than a month.
My most recent job was by far the most stressful and unrewarding venture of my life to date. After less than two years, I was ready to get out! I had a line on another job, so I gave my two weeks notice. 4 Interviews with the same company later, I was informed that I was not needed. They had over 1000 applications for this new store and they were only hiring 200! 4 months, many applications and interviews later, I am still jobless. We've been living of our savings, but that's only good for so long. I have now lowered my expectations to a part time position just so I can have something coming in.

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After 14 years of Disc Golf I find myself doing the same things I was back when I was 10. I do have 2k in bills every month now though....One day I'll buy a house and get out of debt....Not at this rate playing Disc Golf though. Ahh, whatever, it's fun while it lasts. We shouldn't take life too seriously and just continue to do what we love. Peace

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I was a lab manager with the local land grant university for the last 9 years. I've worked for the university since 1986. Last September, I was told that my position was being eliminated. Luckily for me, because I was not being fired for cause, they couldn't actually let me go for 90 days. I wasn't expected to actually work for those 90 days. I was officially "working from home". Not much lab work I could really do at home, so it has turned into a 90 day paid vacation. My 90 days were up earlier this month, so I'm officially unemployed for the first time in 27 years.

It's weird looking for a job after 22 years at the same place. I've got my collection of rejection letters started. I'm learning not to take it personally. One job I have an interview for had 59 applicants, I made the top 7. I'll see if I make the top 5. There are several promising positions out there that I have applied for and I'm honestly hoping to get a job within the next month.

It has been a challenging time personally. Like I said, this is the first time in 27 years that I have not had a job not by my choice. Fortunately, I have a husband with a good job. We CAN live on what he makes so it's not like we are going to lose the house or have to sell the dog and cats. So I'm lucky and I know it.

Some good has come from all of this. My job at the university was extremely stressful for the last few years. I fussed and stewed during the day and didn't sleep well. Now I sleep the sleep of the righteous. ;) I've had the time to do some home repair that should have been done for over a year, but just not done. I've played more disc golf than I've played in years when the weather was nice. I put an AKC title on my dog because I had the time to get her "show ready". I'm cooking and baking like never before. My husband can't complain about the meals around here, that's for sure.

I'm ready to get some structure back in my life, as in A JOB. I'm really hoping that something decent will come along soon. My good wishes to the rest of the unemployed disc golfers out there!
Well, my husband and I both worked together in medical supplies. They sold the store in October and we've been drawing ever since. Not a whole lot options out there right now but maybe something will come along. So needless to say I've really gotten into disc golf. Haven't been playing long at all. Did my first bag tag today. Just gotta keep on truckin'!

I am qualified to be one thing and that is a cashier. I was hired into a pet store because of what I know and because of who i know. I worked their for a little over a year. when the swine flu broke out in about November. One of the girls i workedd with came in hacking up a lung and said i have the swine flu i got it from my mom. I wondered why she was at work then. well soon after that i got sick. it felt like the flu i called in for several days. when i finally went to the doctors he told me i might have it i might not. i am not going to make you spend 200$ for the test because it could be negative and you could still have it. i asked for a doctors note for work, not that it mattered by then. When i had called that morning the manager told me they filled out my paper work and that i was fired. BECAUSE I HAD THE SWINE FLU!!! Of all things to get fired for and it wasnt my fault. well i filled for unemployment for the first time and they put that i was unfriendly for reason of firing and that it "was" a part of the company policy.

I would like to know how i am unfriendly when i dealt with the customers everyone hated like the crazy cat lady. i spent a half an hour talking to a guy that my manager didnt want to talk to on the phone about his cats and how the humane society killed them even though they claim to be a no kill shelter. i was pissed because everyone was told that i was fired for being unfriendly, simply because i was a hard worker and didnt want to stop what i was doing and have a full on conversation with the owner when she came in. its like your not paying me to chit chat your paying me to work. i always said hi to her asked her how her weekend was but that was it. PPL need to learn not to kiss ass so much.

I am still looking for a job. my passion is animals especially dogs. i would love to be a dog walker or a pet sitter.

Hit me up if your in the ann arbor, brighton, ypsilanti area and need a dog walked or pets to be looked after.


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