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U of O Disc Golfers - You need to get involved with the effort to keep the Alton Baker Disc Golf proposal alive.  Please see below for the basic information and what you can do.


Specifically what we need is for one or two or all of you to write a letter to the editor of the Register Guard, let people know that there is a U of O club, that by the way won the friggin national Championship - AND THAT YOU DONT HAVE A GODDAMN HOME COURSE!


Also- we need U of O faculty or staff or whoever you have on your side to chime in to the people below, U of O letterhead would be great.  This is your chance for a home course, if you won't speak up now please don't ever mention it again.


Here's the message - the names and addresses are below:


For those who haven't been following the situation, here it is in a nutshell: The City of Eugene has had one 9-hole disc golf course since 1988. About three years ago we started to see some movement with the City and eventually they chose Alton Baker Park as the site for a proposed 18 hole course. Multiple public input meetings, two public surveys, several one and two day tournaments on different layouts, and recently three "trial days" that were overwhelmingly successful.

The Oregon Track Club which maintains "Pre's Trail" in Alton Baker waited over 18 months and until the last possible moment for public input to raise objections to the proposed course, initially citing "safety concerns". More delay, more public input. The OTC asked for a walk-through of the course. Then they asked for the "trial days" so they could see what it would look like. The trial days were beyond expectation, with over 1000 rounds played and zero reported safety incidents or concerns.

The Oregon Track Club is now launching an all out attack against the proposal, but they've dropped any mention of safety concerns and now cite possible affects on the "ambiance" of the running trail. Essentially, they don't want to SEE anyone in the park! They have had meetings with the Mayor, published an opinion piece, and they followed that up by somehow convincing a reporter to write a story that repeated every single thing that was in the opinion piece.

The City of Eugene is again interested in public input and will be making their final decision on moving forward with the proposal in the next few weeks. We need to stand up for disc golf in Eugene now or we will never be taken seriously.

They WANT you to contact them. If you live in Eugene this is especially crucial, but everyone who wants a disc golf course in Alton Baker should contact them. Tell them how much you travel to play disc golf and how many courses you have where you are.


Some points to consider:
  • Pre's Trail is four miles long. The disc golf course is only visible along 800 feet of the trail! The disc golf course design has been proven beyond any doubt to be safe. The Oregon Track Club isn't even concerned about safety - they simply don't want to see anyone using that part of the park.
  • The citizens of Eugene own Alton Baker Park, not the Oregon Track Club. One organization should not be allowed to deny anyone access to recreation in a public park simply because they think they own the place and don't want to have anyone else visibly enjoying it.
  • You would travel X number of miles to play this course.
  • Disc golf is a game for people of all ages and walks of life, not just elite runners.
  • We'd like to see the City follow through with their plans and honor the will of the people, not bow down to the unreasonable demands of a small minority of well connected Oregon Track Club board members.


Emails are easy, phone calls are great, and letters are even better. Please include your full name and the City you live in however you contact these folks.

The people to contact, and please contact them all:

Kitty Piercy
(541) 682-5010
The Honorable Kitty Piercy
777 Pearl Street, Room 105
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Neil Bjorklund
Parks and Open Space Planning Manager
City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space Division
1820 Roosevelt Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402

Philip Richardson
Landscape Architect
City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space Division
1820 Roosevelt Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402

Dave Battaglia
Eugene Athletics Program
2700 Hilyard Street
Eugene, OR 97405-3686

Johnny Medlin
City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space Division
1820 Roosevelt Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402
541 -682-4930

For Eugeneans:

Your City Council Representative
777 Pearl St. Room 105
Eugene, OR 97401

Eugene Weekly letters to the editor can be sent to:

Register Guard letters to the editor (250 words or less, full name, address and telephone number) can be sent to:


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Very well said Matt, the UofO club should have home course for sure. I wish everyone else had your passion for this. What's really funny is the OTC worrying about the ambiance around the trails. Before we went in and volunteered to remove dumptruck loads of blackberries and garbage left from homeless camps, that area didn't look nice at all. We really helped a lot of those tress breath again. But at this point I feel like I might as well talk to the wall about this subject. That city council is always behind the times. I went through the same thing with skate parks. By the time they were built, it was a good 10 years to late. It looks like disc golf is heading the same way. Damn those elitists running that town. Down with them I say. Arggggggg


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