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Just a thought, how about we have a "UPDGA Gathering", no not a tournament just a gathering of thrower's, somewhere as close to the geographical CENTER of the USA as we can find a "Disc Golf Course" at. That would be somewhere in Kansas, so we'd want it to be in the Sept. 09 time frame, (fall), Labor Day Weekend maybe??

This could eventually work up into, "Regional Gatherings", don't know if we'd ever get large enough for "State Gatherings". Ok, well the idea is "Open for Discussion and Debate", LOL, let me know what you all think!! :)

Colorado Springs, CO.

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Yea I like the idea of CO that sounds like more fun than Kansas. Kansas is a little too flat for my taste, Colorado has MOUNTAINS and therefore mountain courses, and Fat Tire beer is great.
i've got a private course in southeastern michigan with 10 homemade baskets and room for more. plenty people camp often. i've got a set up in the back of my old dodge to sleep where ever i pass out at. it's all very unprofessional... if you're in the area stop by and miss putts any time.
I am down
Well, folks, let's stay away from "quailifing rounds", etc. I don't know about you all but I'd like to see the UPDGA have a "Recreational Format", not a "Competetion Format". If you keep our UPDGA Gatherings, "very informal" it will be a LOT more FUN, jmho!! I'd still like to see it at a Course as close to the Geographical Center of the USA as possible. I'm sure we could find a nice "in park" course somewhere in KS., that way it's totally fair distanced wise to those either East or West Coast in idea.

I don't think we need a "private" course unless you all are going to get "totally carried away" with the "Partying"?? Find a near by Bar/Club to set up for the heavy partying, let's use the course time to "Throw Plastic" for the FUN of it. :) The other idea is to set up "Regional Gathering's" and not worry about a "National" till we get a bit bigger, just thoughts!

Take care, have FUN, Throw Plastic!

B.J. (bogeyman) Ondo
UPDGA #009
I'm going to agree with bogyman in that we don't want to have qualifying rounds, all UPDGA members should be welcome at the national gathering. Come on we don't want to get too profesional here. I do like the idea of finding a private course so that we can camp and do a little bit of partying on the course, you know like the "blindfolded bonfire putting" and such. Plus I don't know what the laws are going to be like in whatever state we chose to do this in, and I don't want to be relaxing on a public course and have johny law give us all tickets or arrest us, for somthing stupid like having a beer while we play. Somewhere where we could do some night golf would be fun too. And we should try to think up more fun things to do with discs like the "blindfolded bonfire putting".

I also think wherever we go needs to have some chalenge to the course, you know trees, hills, etc...
hay u guys...if u can bringit a little more south[tulsa,ok] weve got a tour for u . we have8great courses in the metro area and more right outside,not to mention 30min. to ourwest is a boyscout camp with campspace,cabins,running water,cafeteriasized kitchens showers....that can be rented for about700bucks a weekend. bring a few temp. baskets, shoot in town all day,and game all night?
p.s.bring fat tire mongo likes it toooooooo
hmmmm boyscout camp and 420 uhhhhhh no thanks
What about Kentucky? I've heard they have some good courses.
Does Missouri have any good private courses?
I know CA isn't in the middle of the country, but we have some great Humboldt courses that would make excelent places to have a UPDGA gathering. I just played one called Ammon Ranch, or Ramin Ranch, becuse of all the Ram holes (holes where out of bounds or FTP have to ram a beer), and the fact that all new players must ram a beer before they can throw their first throw out there. It's in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors so we can be as loud as we want, in fact every time someone is raming you will hear "MANNNN RAMMMMINGGGGGG" or "GODDESS RAMMMINNGGGG", everyone around the course will join in with the holler, and you will hear it ecco from the mountains. It's 27 holes and has a reverse layout that works quite well. There are other courses around here that we could also play to make a whole weekend of it. Maby we will have to have a West Coast gathering to play it. I've put a couple pics from there up on my page so check it out, a good mix of tight wooded holes and wide open fields. Ammon Ranch is listed as Dave Fieldbergs favorite course on his profile on Innova's website.
What about camping there?
mo, ok , or ks, all in the middle will work. KS being the most friendly with laws for those who worry about these things :)


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