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I've used a few different masks based on the desired outcome but haven't decided on my favorite. I've used self adheisive laminating film, white glue, blue painter's tape, clear packing tape and duct tape. What have you used and what do you like?

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I've only done a handful of pretty crude dye jobs.

What have I used for masks? I have used electrical tape, masking tape, and re-usable vinyl stickers.

I have used Rit and also have used an industrial type dye that I bought on Ebay. Never used acetone in my dye. How does that help the dying process. I usually mix the dye with a clear no fragrance detergent to make it thicker and so it hangs on the disc better. I'll also put the disc in the frig, my extra one in the garage, so it stays wetter longer. If it is a tough plastic to dye I'll spray it down lightly with water when it dries out.

I have found that rinsing the disc with cold water lessens the chance that they dye will stain the un-dyed part of the disc.

I'll put up some of my pictures later.

Good Luck!
Well the best, and ONLY thing i have used for making dyed discs is actual sign shop vinyl. I use Oracal 651 series vinyl.
I run my own sign business and have lots of vinyl laying around. I can cut patterns, and make stencils if anyone needs any. Or i can ship out some square chunks of vinyl so you can cut your own pattern.

Acetone dying is very dangerous, unless you are using it in an airbrush, or paintbrush. Acetone will attack most adhesives and that is why if you acetone too much if will ruin the stencil, and ruin the dye job.

I have been looking for industrial dyes, but i don't know what im looking for. AAron what kind of dye did you use, if you don't mind sharing some knowledge.

Let me know if anyone wants any patterns, or just chunks of that vinyl.

THanks guys!
I wish I could tell you. I bought the dye on Ebay about 6 years ago. I assume it is an industrial type dye as its consistency is much different from Rit and it seems to dye the plastic much easier than Rit. I still have it as I have not done much dying. I may hit you up for some stencils.
awesome... anytime. Is there no markings on the dye container... brand? company? I have asked several chemical companies about different stuff... but since I'm just a little guy they just shrug me off. lol
No no markings on the bottles. The bottles are actually pretty generic. You might check with some people who do silk screening. They might be able to point you in the right direction.
I have used vinyl which is used buy most sign companies like Sign-A-Rama they often have scrap that they will give you after making a contact there...Or order on line one roll will last for ever.. I have never tried it, but contact paper for covering cabinet shelves could work too..

I have used a lot of pumpkin patterns, and vinyl sticker art for patterns cutting out with a razer knife...

I bought a .99 frisbee at the Walmart I use it as my dye bowl...Boil water in an old pan, add a little salt or dish soap (helps dye stick.I'm told) mix a tbl of rits dye (dry) stir well pour into bowl and float a prep'd Disc upside down in bowl, longer you leave it the darker the dye job... I have left them over night before...Also have put them in the Microwave for a short period of time...(Becareful you could make your disc change from over stable to under-stable) 20 sec at a time

Colors...becareful of your choice some will make your disc hard to find...

Some patterns will need to be reverse to look good..I have turned a disc up-side down and put the vinyl and dye into the natural bowl to keep from making the disc too much darker.

Cold water rinsing seem to help dark , stick better, if your washing stick'em off disc wait at least 24hrs and use alcohol (earlier will make it fade a little) good effect if your going for that..

Get old stuff and try things, best way...You'll mess a few up, but you'll get better quick..

A vinyl cutter is the way to go, but $$$$ we'll hold most of us back..Good luck!

I have a friend who dye with acetone and dry rit mixture making a paste and brushing or dabbing it on..(No tape or vinyl) elmers glue sometime..But mainly a texture looking dye job..pretty cool stuff

There are some people out-there who are really good at dying, but most don't like to share their secrets..Good Luck!
Yeah i have about 1800-2400 in my plotter, and software setup. Its nice though cause i can make decals, signs, and dye discs too... :D If anyone needs any vinyl for dying discs, i can cut and ship pieces of raw vinyl for cheap.
That's sick man, I definitely could use some Vinyl. Is it self adhesive? How can I get in contact with you?
Yeah the vinyl has a semi-permanent adhesive backing. you can email me with any questions. mediaxtreme@gmail.com
I found a few links which might be of interest to some out there..

A dye which worked pretty well for a few spin art project for me..

Pattern sites:



google pumpkin patterns, vynal decals/stickers, Disc Golf , symbols,etc

Contact Paper......
So, do you use the detergent as the mixing agent or do you ad water or acetone?

How long does it take for the dye to set in using the laundry detergent?


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