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Now that the days are getting longer and westy is getting drier........... (LOL, just kidding), we are going to start running doubles tourneys on a weekly basis. I have volunteered to run them midweek in the afternoon. I would like to kick this off in early April (just a couple weeks away) so I want to hear from everyone interested and people that already play doubles at westy for fun what day/time to run it and what the cost to enter should be. My proposal is something like: 6 p.m., Wednesday nights, 18 holes, random flip, and i think it would be fun and mix up the format certain weeks ie, worst lie, midrange and/or putter only, gorrilla holes (course permitting) etc........

So let me hear your ideas guys,

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Sounds fun homie gimme a jingle when it's on........GETCHAGOLFON!
Nice going Travis,

For most touring players I think that Tuesdays and Thursdays are good days for Doubles. Mondays can detour players who have just played an event that past weekend. Fridays will definitely detour players traveling to weekend events.

4:00 sign up with a tee time somewhere 20 minutes afterward is a common time to convene...... Depends on when the majority of people get off work.

I feel as a new club we need to raise as much money possible for future events . A $2 a head fee will go much further than $1. I was proposing (For Laurelwood Renegade Doubles) that we institute a $5/PER TEAM fee. That means that with a $10 a person entry fee there is $20 total per team. $15 of this would then go directly to payout and the other $5 to the Club. This way after a month or so there could be enough money to have plastic to give to AMs possibly. Just think, not only general Westmoreland Club merchandise, but Doubles, Monthly Club tournaments, Clinics, Glow Golf etc. They all could have their own hotstamp and fundraising plastic.

To put everything on the table....This would allow us to run mini Pro/AM tournaments each week. Giving AMs a cash payout doesn't benefit the club. Paying out with a "script" voucher could bring in a lot more cash. It's just up to us to get the merchandise together and make the AMs happy with the payout. It also depends on if we are going to do segregated divisional doubles or full on Pro/AM teams.

We are also going to be running Fundraising events for the NW Series. They are mostly going to be held at local parks depts fields (Skinner Butte, Alton Baker etc). This will help us get our foot in the door and make Disc Golf more present in the community. As Dave Feldberg said, we must 'take over' these areas and show people we are out there a lot. Then when it comes time to put in a bid for a permanent layout in these areas the community already associates Disc Golf there.

Let me know if you would like any help setting up some fun layouts. I have been playing Westy for almost 14 years and have scouted out over 100 championship style holes.

I hope to close the course down again soon and run one of these backward layouts. Let some people really cut loose out there and actually throw their Drivers. Peace

Andrew Rich
NW Disc Golf Alliance
Wed 8pm rocks face as far as I'm concerned. Let me know when you're thinking of starting and I'm on board!

Besides picking a time and day, the first thing we need to do as a club is decide on an entry/payout structure for doubles. I don't want it to be too expensive, especially since this will be a once a week thing because we want people to be able to play every week. I think 25% to the club would be good. As far as a voucher payout for winners...... Is this something we could look at doing across the board for ALL club events (including weeknight doubles) or is this something we would do only for big weekend events with a full field?
I'm trying to start no later than 6 p.m. , that should allow people to get to the park after work and for us to get a good 18 holes in before we run out of daylight.

Roc Star said:
Wed 8pm rocks face as far as I'm concerned. Let me know when you're thinking of starting and I'm on board!
I think Wednesdays are awesome. 6pm would be a great slot also. Gives us time even if there are others using the course.

Good Job Travis for getting this rolling. I like the spirit of Drew's ideas. Slowly but surely we will get to a level where we have vast amounts of structure and support to be able to run multiple events and etc. But for now keeping it simple and local is more valuable to our youthfulness. Like Dept's in a Business. You start with a base and as you grow you can develop different Dept's to manage separate but collective agendas for the over all good of the Organization.

I like the script idea also. That could be easy transparency for the $ in, and the $ out. Lots of ideas!!!!

Lets Hear More!!!

Jonny Roc
this is random draw doubles right?
and tuesday/thursdays at 6pm are the best, but it sounds like you all have decided on wed..
So then we would have to change the day of our weekly UO dgc weekly meetings since those r wed at 8.
Yes, it will be random flip. We don't have the day and time set in stone yet. I'm still trying to get input from as many people as possible on which day would work best, we are trying to get as many people as possible involved. I definitely would like for the UO club members to be able to participate. So..........................I will ask right now. Is anyone here opposed to Tuesday's or Thursday's? Which one is better Tuesday or Thursday? I realize that what works for most might not work for EVERYONE but I would like to hear from the majority. Let me know, guys.

BTW. I like Tuesday

What about another night of the week like Thursdays. For those of us who are involved in midweek church, that leaves us out. Club meetings are also on Wed. nights and would conflict with those as well.
I am currently finalizing the details for Weeknight Doubles and will have an outline on the website later on this week. As I mentioned on my previous post "what works for most, might not work for everyone", so i apologize to anyone that will not be able to attend this particular function due to other obligations. Having said that, there will be plenty of other opportunities to play organized golf during the week as we (Westy Club) are currently working on events that will be happening all through the summer months. Thanks for being patient with me and I look forward to seeing you guys on the links.



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