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Where can we focus our attention in this community to enhance Disc in our region? Our player support is growing rapidly and I am optimistic of our potential. Our one asset we still have is Westmoreland. However, with the growing DG community it could be completely over run. Are we to resort to traveling out of town to play DG in a peaceful environment? We need to constructively focus our attention to make this sport survive!

please comment back and show your support.

Kevin and Jory

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There are a few paradigms that never change... let us explore these... While many people have good intentions, and good will, and good thoughts about world peace and unity throughout the land, these are fleeting and unrealistic in a fallen world. The motivators of sinful man remain. power and MONEY. And in this world, MONEY is power. While these seem fundamentally carnal and materialistic, they are in fact reality. To change the local face of disc golf, we will have to embrace it as all other succesfully marketed sports.

How are other sports successful?

Is downill snow skiiing a succesful popular and fun sport because people wanted it to be free and accessible for all ages and income levels? NO.
yet it has many of the same attributes of disc golf. You need space.. (alot of it), you need equiptment, publicly shared equiptment... maintenance... etc. What would it be like if it was free for anyone and their dog (without a leash) to hit the slopes, and mob with your friends whenever you wanted? Can you imagine the negative ramifications to the sport if this were the case?
It is successful and fun for all because someone learned how to make money at it. $$ PROFIT $$
because of this we have chair lifts, groomed slopes, vendors, pro shops, security, first aid... etc..

If you want to ski for free... go hike up the other side of mt. bachelor with a board on your back.. don't forget your rescue beacon...

I just talked to Solomon at westy the other day. He was smiling from ear to ear... and not because he had a scar from a sidewinder on his face... it was because he just got done telling us what an absolutely stellar time he had playing disc golf up at "hornings hideout." he paid his 7 bucks or whatever miniscule amount of money it was for a day on the course.. and basically said in solomon verbage it was the best time he ever had playing golf hands down. WOA... and he paid money?? Can this be true? Someone made a profit?? ... and ... then... then.... wait for it.... used it to make his course better?..??? this can't be true? but... wait.... it costs money... and this isn't right.... we all need disc golf to be free... so we can come with a group of 13 people and golf at the same time.... and abuse the course... and not worry about drinking and smoking herb.. and throwing cans carelessly and pissing 10 feet from the tee pad.... and getting caught cause nobody cares... theres noone to tell you no... nobody has anything to lose or gain from it...

I love this sport..

It will flounder like wounded fish till someone makes money from it.

very cynical...and sadly so...
The major problem is communication and general respect. On the course it is important to continually communicate to the disc golf community we come in contact with that the course is a privilege. I spent a good part of the last 2 days doing that. I hope to see a few dozen people show up at the next meeting ready to talk about work parties and getting the ACoE to put dexter back in fast...
I have played Horing's and had the same experiences at Dexter, late in the day or really early... less yahoos and a course that will teach you everything about disc golf you need to know.
In a community that is close to the home of 3- 1000+ rated players, we should and can mobilize on a level that will expand the availability of courses (another 18 hole course would sooth the dexter woes real nice) and increase the communities awareness of the need to respect the course, without loosing it to the actions of the very few.
In order to do that we need to combine forces across all disc golf backgrounds, the ol' dogs, the new kids and everyone who is related to someone that has tossed a well shaped chunk of plastic at a metal
fixture and hoped to hit it. Especially those that own wheel barrows and shovels...or know someone looking to offload a bunch of gravel on the cheap!....

Cheers, I'd love to see a pay course near Eugene. Charge me a couple of bucks to come on your land and do what I do, no problem. We need to remember the beauty of dexter is its availability to the common schmoe...even those a bit shmooeeyer than the rest....

Spread the word...like the man says "peace through disc golf"

Yeah, money is truly and honestly the root of all evil. Paying money to play disc golf sounds terrible, but if you all remember the winter before last, Laurelwood Golf Course set up a temporary frisbee golf layout on the greens. It ran for a couple months as a temporary thing to see how it goes. Each round of 18 holes you were charged five dollars. I had no problem what's so ever paying that five dollars, it was truly just a fun and joyous time up on the golf course.

I don't have to tell a lot of you that because you remember how awesome it was. The golf course made plenty of money from various enthused golfers daily. However, us frolfers and golfers is too many people on a course. We got our short stint at Laurelwood and that was it. No more!

Oakway allowed us to play frolf there , we had tournaments there as well but once again on a golf course sharing with golfers. It wont work with all these people. We need our own course and while that may seem like an impossible thing we must be positive and have faith. When Westmoreland gets more over flowed with people than it is now will that be enough of reason for a course? Maybe not, but we as clubs (Eugene Disc Golf and Westmoreland Disc Golf) need to ultimately come together and stress the concerns. Don't let our passion, love, and bonding through disc golf die with Dexter! Like David said, we need to spread the word and come together for this sport and hobbie. I know we all want the same thing here, so lets stand together as one and not give up!
how is communication and general respect the main issue? The main issue has nothing to do with that. People will always be people. Its kind of like having employees... of which I have had alot of experience. They never work as hard as the one who owns the company. The majority doesn't care whether the business is profitable or not... nor do they repect the assets of the business like the one who writes the check. All they care about is when pay day is, and if they can have a smoke break or not. The point is.. you can't change the people in the world by hoping they will change.

I learned in college that 95% of the time, it is the employer and the system's fault and rarely the employee.
The employer knew about general human behavior and human nature going into his venture. Ignoring these and hoping for the best is ignorance. or in our case... hoping for communication and general respect?... sorry... good luck changing the world.

Make disc golf marketable, profitable, and it will be goverened with etiquette, and more enjoyable as a sport.
I think your speaking mostly from an employers standpoint. Communication goes both ways. If the employee doesn't communicate their wants and desires no one can point the finger at just the employer.

Maybe I'm not understanding your point Tom but what I got out of it is that the Sport should change to meet the needs of the players. We should then move courses out of town to avoid the issues with Drugs/Alcohol on the courses? We should go to a pay to play system so that we can grow the sport as a whole?

In my opinion the sport should be driven by the players. In that I mean that we need more people like John Stone out there inspiring and motivating people to do more. If you love the sport and you play at the course doesn't it make sense that you should have a stake in the course you play? That's one reason why disc golf "clubs" work so well. Those people have sweat equity in the course and are more likely to pass on that deep seeded love of the game that some one whom isn't involved. It is up to each and every player to nurture the sport and put our best face forward.
I am speaking from a employers standpoint, and an employees standpoint, and a Business Marketing degree, and an Anthropological degree - standpoint. (You might want to look up the latter to figure out what I studied) Firstly, The employee can communicate the wants and desires all day long, where will that get you? If a fresh face communicated his wants and desires on one of my job interviews I would send him packing. I am interviewing because I want to know how he can be an asset to MY company. Not how I can be an asset to HIS wants and desires.

Ok... How do other sports evolve? What you guys are implying is that human nature is inherently good, and that by everyone coming together and motivating everyone else that the sport will evolve. and that by this we will comehow come upon some unique individual that will cradle a local course like an infant, and donate his already depleated 401K to course development and maintenance? I am saying that without a profitable base (somebody making a GOOD profit) it will never happen. A profitable base begins by making money off the individual, and then reaping the benefits of economies of scale. In the end... no money... no play...

And people are NOT enherently good. If the course was left to the masses, sure, it might stay the way it is.... overcrowded, overused, abused, (I would never take my kids there for fear of them getting a contact high.).. but it will never progress like every other refined successful sport in history. And yes, I think you have missed my point 100%. Disc golf clubs work well when they are funded. When they are not, its like a million jobless people just come together ... some like to complain, and some like to help, but the fact is, you can't build a proper drainage system on a damaged fairway without money. So lets all just up our communication level, and be more like John Stone... cause, I am sure he probably just left a john deere backhoe and 15 yards of 2" round rock in one of his pants pockets that we could use to fix up hole 9 at westy with...

So, Mr Maloney... aren't you glad you started this blog..

I'll tell you whats next... unless someone marrys into the state parks dept, comes onto a large piece of private land all the sudden, or figures out how to generate cash flow from the sport and turn it into a working business... NOTHING...

without these, we can expect, more environmental restrictions on our courses, more bad feedback about the disc golf community from the parks and city depts. and less good local disc golf. YAY
One more thing... I love John Stone, and appreciate his commitment to Westmoreland more than you know. He is the kinda fella who will work all day on the course by himself when no-one else shows up... and then still unconditionally love the people who no showed!! because he has a heart the size of texas. Imagine what he could do if he had resources at his disposal, to use on the course! and not just a huge heart with limited jurisdiction and no money or resources to back it.


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