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February 2008 Blog Posts (165)

Duck Golf

It happened again this weekend, DUCK GOLF - this time in Campbell River BC. It's our provincial winter series. We had about 45 out, on a cold snowy day. The thing about it was I'm a grandmanster 58+ and we played the super long long tees that the Open guys play. I hadn't played the longs before and boy do you ever have to hit the holes to make it to the fairways, otherwise it's a long day for sure. Them TD's gotta keep us old guys in mind when they send us out. The others scored better than I… Continue

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Timmons Park

I was ugly tonight at Timmons. I played with Bill and Steve and ended up +4. I also saw Ken and Lynn leaving the park as I was coming in. I was +5 on the front nine. I birdied #2, then on #5 I teed off and the wind took it across the creek for an OB. I ended up with a triple bogey 6 there. On #6 I went for a long putt and missed the basket completely which left me with an even longer come backer that I missed. As I threw my tee shot on #8 a lady's dog ran out in front of me and I threw wildly… Continue

Added by Kraig on February 5, 2008 at 7:57pm — 2 Comments

Ice Bowl JC 2008

Well Saturday was the Ice Bowl in JC and Karalyn, Tony Drennan and Myself ventured to Binder for the one round event. Also showing for the CDGC was Tim Hinkle who won the Pro Division, Mark Ehlert, Ryan Kanavich, and Ray Ray MacNevin. Karalyn won her division hands down as the ladies bracket was small, 1 to be exact but a win is a win right. I played in the advanced division with Kevin Stinger Meyers and Geoff Jez I think it was, all I know is he is one hell of a Yo-Yo Champ from back… Continue

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Goals and how they aren't gonna happen this summer...

So I made my goals... they are listed on my profile. Now... things are changing. I don't know what I'm doing this summer or even next fall (possibly going back to Indiana). Right now, the possibility of me playing in AM Worlds is slim to none. Why? I don't know if I will be able to play more than one or two tournaments.That means my player rating MAY be hard to obtain too. I will possibly be who knows where in the states this summer. I applied to work on YouthWorks (youthworks.com) summer staff… Continue

Added by Jayne on February 5, 2008 at 1:24pm — 2 Comments

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The defination of NOVICE is: Being Inconsistant, Arrrrrrugh!!

LOL, ya know it's amazing to me how different a game of DG can be from week to week! My avg. at Widefield Park is 77.1 over many games, but the week before I shot an "80", then last Sunday I shot at "74". The days were identical, weather wise but Sunday last week, I couldn't BUY a basket! ;)

It's not like I don't play, I usually play "every other day" at least 1 round, sometimes 2, I think hard about throwing level and keeping the nose of the disc down just a little, Due to having…


Added by Bogeyman on February 5, 2008 at 10:37am — 7 Comments

DD Lewisville

Had a great time in Texas. The event went off without a hitch.

I played like poop the first round. I could never get myself on the right side of the basket to score. Every putt that I had seemed like it was 35 feet out looking at the downhill slope to the OB. I did get bit by OB twice, and couldn't hit a putt to save my life.

Second round went much better. Had more tree love then I have had in over a year. Only bad break I had was a spit on the second to last hole.… Continue

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Goals for 2008

New goals for 2008 in the world of Disc Golf.

1. Reach a 1000 Rating by the end of the year (994 as of 11/24/08)

2. Play at least 5 A-tiers (YES)

3. Win over $2000 by summer (YES) ($4129 as of 11/20/08)

4. Qualify for USDGC (YES)

5. Attend 2 Majors (USDGC, Worlds, or Players Cup) (YES) (Worlds and USDGC)

6. Cash in at least 80% of events (17 outta 22 as of 11/20/08)

7. Finish Top 5… Continue

Added by Blazek on February 4, 2008 at 9:30pm — 5 Comments

My first blog!

Hey everyone. My name is Anthony Furniss from Burlington Iowa. This is my first blog so I don't have much to say yet. I Love the concept here. Its a cool place for disc golfers to meet. I will accept all friend requests from fellow disc golfers. I'm ready for the winter season to get over so I can get back out there.

Please check out my websites:

Another Great Social Network!…


Added by pdgamember on February 4, 2008 at 9:17pm — 1 Comment

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NP Acepot

Went out to North Park at around 9:30 this morning for the monthly acepot. Gordy and I ran a 27 hole event so that we could finish in time to get home and watch the superbowl. We played 18 holes and then seeded everyone before playing 9 more (odd # tees). I think there were around 27 players present, which is better than it's been for a while. With around $500 sitting in the acepot I figured there would be some folks out to play. Kind of cloudy and cool all day but no rain to speak of. I ended… Continue

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a couple of seasons before Worlds

Worlds are a half a year away. I plan to be there. I can close my eyes and see the basket in a Michigan forest. I can feel the sweat dripping from my brow but I have enough concentration to focus on my shot and not on the droplets of sweat...That will be in a couple of seasons. Now its winter. My wife and I drove 300 miles to northern Michigan to go cross country skiing this past week. From the time we crossed the state line I could see nothing…


Added by David Barish on February 3, 2008 at 4:32pm — 1 Comment

Ice Blowls

I have played in both Ice bowls so far with Discraft only. So far the transition hasn't been difficult. The biggest transition was midranges because how intimately I knew my rocs, but now that I have a few rounds in I am loving the ESP Wasp. Very stable and predictable and as a bonus it and my ESP Buzz are faster than my rocs were. The one thing lacking with my rocs was the extra 30-40 feet that I could never get, but the Buzz especially is much faster and glides great and is predictably… Continue

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Van Du Mar Park - Boiling Springs, SC

I played the entire 18 last Tuesday and I loved it. The woods, elevation, creek and teepads are fantastic. If you are anywhere near Spartanburg or I-85 it is worth the trip. If you have children, it is also nice due to the playground with slides and such. Great job by the local club and town on the course.

Added by Craig with a C on February 3, 2008 at 9:59am — 3 Comments

Lakewood today

After a few hours in the studio I decided I needed to get out for a bit of golf so I headed down to Lakewood for a round. Lots of cars in the parking lot when I arrived, good to see. I ended up playing a solo round straight up, no "extra" shots. After eighteen holes I found myself with one bogey (13) and one bird (3). A really flat, even round. Actually kind of nice compared to the rollercoaster rounds I've been having lately. I pulled out my box of assorted discs for sale after the round and… Continue

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Holmes Park

I played 9 holes at Holmes today and finished at +1. I should have finished -1, but ran into trouble on the last hole. I bogeyed #2. I teed off with my Stratus throwing an anhyzer to the left of the trees. It went about a third of the way down then suddenly popped up high and flattened out and floated OB into the street. On 4 I had a very good tee shot for me and tried to skip a low thumber to the hole, But it hit a root and hopped up into a leafed branch and fell about 40 feet short of the… Continue

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My course reviews

This is how I rate the 22 Disc Golf Courses I've played.

De La Veaga (Santa Cruz): A+

World class course. Layout is so well balenced and challenging. The setting and locals are great. If you have not thrown the "Top of the World" you're missing out. This is the only course in Nor-Cal on the PDGA National Tour.

Bijou (South Lake Tahoe):…


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BRATS Course in the Snow

I spent much of the morning counting who had referred whom in the January "Get A Member" contest, and cooking a great mess of hash browns, bacon, and fresh eggs from a farm neighbor about a mile away. I figured I'd spent the day indoors, but Ben said: "Hey, let's play a quick nine holes."

Well, we did, and took both dogs. We played the back nine and ended up tied at 26. Couldn't leave it at that, of course, so we put the dogs away - Ozzy was being a pain, moving our drives around - and… Continue

Added by Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun on February 2, 2008 at 2:23pm — 1 Comment

Mossy Roc DGC

For any Northwest golfer who hasn't heard of Mossy Roc Disc Golf Course in Sudden Valley (Bellingham), WA, you are missing out. It is an amazing, young course that should be reaching maturity here in the next year or so. Built on an abandoned campground near the secluded community of Sudden Valley, this course is all disc golf with incredible elevation gains, massive changes in terrain and, you guessed it, a huge mossy rock.

For anyone who is looking to head up north towards Canada and… Continue

Added by Z Man on February 2, 2008 at 12:59am — 1 Comment

Lakeview Park

I first visited Lakeview about three years ago, and was very intimidated by it. In fact, I wouldn't even throw hole #7, as the pro pad aims straight across a sizeable pond and I wasn't about to lose a disc to it. There was a lot of shule, and I wasn't even aware that there was an alternate tee for 7 until recently. Most of my disc golf enthusiast friends and relatives don't like Lakeview, for one reason: WATER HAZARDS! Yep, Lakeview has a…


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