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December 2007 Blog Posts (63)

The Holiday Tradition

I've never really been a true traditionalist when it comes do disc. I just play, hopefully try to get better, and try to play courses when the weather and the time permits.

The last two years has been quite different. There are a lot of folks in the amateur wrestling world that throw disc. One of which is two-time NCAA champion Ben Askren -- me and a buddy played a round in Virginia Beach (Pungo course) last year and now this year -- it was another All-American that joined the…


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Moondog: Week 8, 12/25/07

Merry Christmas!

Disregard anything I said about not having league on Christmas Day (don't worry, nobody hit the ace). Nutty called me at about 5 o'clock and said that there were a few people who wanted to play. Those that know me well can attest to the fact that I am [almost] always prepared. As I stepped out of my garage I knew that the conditions would be perfect for night golf. It was snowing very lightly, there was no wind, and gloves weren't even necessary (temps were in the mid… Continue

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Merry Christmas To Me

Played at MCC today. Shot a -7, 67 (-4, 33 on the front 9 and -3, 34 on the back)

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The life of the wife of a Professional Disc Golfer

I am the wife of JohnE McCray and I enjoy walking around with my husband at tournaments as his caddy. I get to watch some of the best disc golf the world has ever seen up until October 18th to present date.

October 18th ( a day I will never forget) I had to put my husband in the hospital and leave him in the hospital for two weeks. He was a very sick person. Watching such an active person lay in a bed for two weeks in such pain will try every emotion you have in your body! Without the…


Added by Jen McCray on December 25, 2007 at 8:43am — 3 Comments

Money Crunch

One thing about shifting up to the Open Division is that it seems to have changed my outlook on things a tad. In October I remember I went to a few unsanctioned and D-Tier level tournaments when I was still in Advanced. I looked at them like any other tournament, just hoping to play as hot as I can and win as many discs as I could to swing back around and sell. Now I'm looking at an unsanctioned tournament on January 1st. All I can think about is how few top pros are likely to be there. I'm… Continue

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what is in the bag

CFR archangel(long and straight, every time)

esp avenger ss(straight, startting to use as roller too)

flx xl(straight/turnover driver)

z xl(roller)

star destroyer(sidearms, forehand rollers)

flx avenger(stable driver)

star max(forehand roller, tomahawks, skip shots)

flx buzzz (straight mid, duh)

MD-1( stableish mid)

z- glide( rollers, turnovers, flatfooted short drives, floaty tomahawks, iluv this disc)

drone(stable, no glide, like a gator on… Continue

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my first blog

I don't know what to say in my first blog of any sort ever, so this is what you get. Merry x-mas and a happy new year.

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What's in the Bag

Gateway all the way

Midrange - Element/Element X

Drivers - Inferno/Diablo DT(+Hi-Flex)/Raging Inferno/Illusion

Putters - Wizard (stiff/eraser/supersoft) Is there any other?

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For those of you that don't know (but I think you all do), I'm getting married to Marsha Fisher on pi-day '08. For those of you that don't get it... that's 3.14, or March 14th, 2008 at 1:59pm (3.14159...) Yes, we're both big nerds but we're cool with it. It'll be taking place on Bald Head Island just off the coast of NC where her parents live. We're both pretty excited but have also been engaged since August 2005. We're ready.

We also just bought a phat house in Erie, CO in July which…


Added by Mitch "Cheeto" Sonderfan on December 24, 2007 at 12:36pm — 1 Comment

Karma: Killer of Cash Hopes

So, I made a post a day ago on here stating that I was easily better than all but eight or nine guys in our local community. I named three guys that I thought were better than myself. So what happened today? I went out for doubles and got paired up with one of the three guys I mentioned. I got paired up with Chris Hoyle, actually. If someone asked me who the best player in the area was I would say it was him. Naturally, I catch him on the day one of his cars is in the shop and his other car is… Continue

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Crap Golf


Played the local clubs sunday doubles league at Vienna Park today, 35+MPH winds gusts are not my favorite type of weather to golf in, my wife was in a car that was overheating & my thoughts were consumed with that. I putted crappy, drove crappy & wasn't even paying attention when my partner went OB & I followed him as he's screaming at me to not make the same mistake, we ended up -4 & leaders were at -5 (my bad woj) To give you an…


Added by Chris "Smokey" Hoyle on December 23, 2007 at 7:39pm — 3 Comments


this weekend was filled with battles. ignce and i battled a 12 of magic hat then we battled in dubs at hudson where my partner and i came out victorious over ignce and his partner. we also never let them have the tee pad. then we battled the winds today at kensington......weak shotting overall....

Added by Rooster on December 23, 2007 at 7:08pm — 1 Comment

9,999 To Go...

I've noticed something as my game has continued to improve. Suddenly, I'm not one of the guys just hanging on in my local community. As recently as this spring I was one of the guys really hoping to pair up with a top player at Sunday Doubles. Suddenly, it isn't that way anymore. I'm still hoping to pair up with one of the other top guys, because that'd be a sure-thing win... but now there are people that actually want me as a partner, that are excited and hopeful when they get paired up with… Continue

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Wow I bloged

Whatever that is

Added by Keith Aten on December 22, 2007 at 6:29pm — 1 Comment

Thanks for having me!

Thanks for inviting me to the site! It looks like fun!

I moved to my current residence in late November, 2001 with the intention of putting in a private disc golf course (as well as raise a family and so on). The house is on 20 acres on the north side of a drumlin (glacial feature) on the edge of the Kettle Morraine about 50 miles north of Milwaukee. The 'Ashford Pines' as been an evolving process, with two baskets being purchased in 2002, another 2 in 2003, 3 in 2004 and the final 2…


Added by Tim Kieffer on December 21, 2007 at 2:56pm — 4 Comments

Lonely Looking Basket

The hardest part about winter practice is all mental. It is hard enough to get out and spend an hour working on your putting during the summer when it is 95 degrees out with high humidity, but when you have the urge to get out and thrown you can slip on some shoes, grab your putters, and just do it. It is a completely different story when winter comes along.

It is coming up on midnight and I haven't been out to putt today. I went to the gym and played basketball for two hours instead.… Continue

Added by Chris Wojciechowski on December 20, 2007 at 11:26pm — 1 Comment

A little about me

My Name is Chris "Smokey" Hoyle (Nickname relates to the Big Lebowski)

I was Born December 29th 1977 in Blythville, AR

I started playing disc golf at the age of 14 with my uncle vernon in Lebanon, T.N (cedars of lebanon state park) I wasn't immediately hooked, I played on occasion for fun & owned a Gazelle, a Shark & an avair. I didn't really get hooked on the game until 1996 when I moved back to TN and started playing My Home Course Henry Horton State Park near…


Added by Chris "Smokey" Hoyle on December 20, 2007 at 9:23pm — 4 Comments

First post.

There will be more to come here. Mostly stories on how I destroyed IGnce and any other comers...

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Electronic Ladder

so I'm trying to establish an electronic ladder for my local course at Bluemont, and hashing through a bunch of rule revisions as the different playing experiences fly at it. Here are the rules to date: If you have any feedback it's more than welcome.

Bluemont Ladder RULES

  • You can only challenge players within 10 ranking steps.
  • If you defeat a higher ranked player (including all their strokes), then you…

Added by Tom "IRONMAN" Coffin on December 20, 2007 at 2:09pm — 4 Comments

Hopefully I'll figure this out.

I've never been good with websites like these so let's hope I can succeed at making at least a mediocre looking page.

Added by JD on December 20, 2007 at 1:19pm — No Comments

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