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Rocky Mount NC

There were 4 courses there not just the 2 listed in my 2008 guide, so I made it a day-trip and played all 4 by 1:00pm in cold rain. Soaked to my knees by the end and with no pictures, but dry feet.

I now intend to be home by December 15th, whatever the count.

Rocky Mount, NC- Rocky Mount Sports Complex:Well designed and laid out, about 2/3 short and tight but fair and varied, 1/3 longer and open. Several significant water hazards- #2 on an 'island' surrounded by 2… Continue

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Albemarle, NC- Fox Chase:Close to being great and with a few key changes it could be. Well maintained, clean, signs, tees. Signs sometimes wrong- by length and showing a long tee that just IS NOT THERE. I wonder if they are planned but never got made. Massive hilly wooded terrain, several very steep climbs. Begins with 2 must have dueces, then a tricky 420' hyzer along woods to a basket on a hill, followed by a 500' straight shot lined with rough. The last 2/3 are all in old forest on… Continue

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Going to Raleigh

This is what is wrong with this country: Wal-Mart employee killed by stampede of shoppers. Not only are they shopping at Wal-Mart, but most probably can't afford and shouldn't be stocking up on crap they don't need (to give away) in this terrible economy. What kind of person breaks down doors to get to a sale and then proceeds to kill someone? Sickening.

Ran into Stan again last round towards the end of the round, got some cool local stickers!

Tomorrow: Fox Chase in… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 28, 2008 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

Charlotte's Web

I had this all written out then had a computer crash, so this is brief.

Today I ran into Billy Crump at Mint Hill and played with Mike Johansen from the Renny movie and Wit at Charlotte's Web.

63 F, sunny, light breeze.

Charlotte (Matthews), NC- Squirrel Lake: New, well marked, map, cement tees. Carved out of old woods. A few driver holes, mostly medium and short. Sometimes too tight- narrow fairways with tree(s) in the middle leaving for no… Continue

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Renny Gold

It's the toughest course I've ever played. Met Stan McDaniel around noon to play, also with Sam. By the end of the round, there were at least 7 of us, including Alan Beaver.

Today was my first round in North Carolina.

Charlotte, NC- 521 District (Elon): I just learned it's been named Elon now, and those guys and many more are playing a bag tag challenge out there right now, so I definitely picked the wrong course to start the day off with, and after Renny didn't… Continue

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There's definitely a huge difference between what I played and what they get to play at the USDGC every year. No ropes, slightly different layout, no signs. Tomorrow will be my first NC courses, playing Renny Gold around noon with course designer/constructor Stan McDaniel.

Rock Hill, SC- Boyd Hill:Begins nice enough with 5 semi-open hillside holes with one short downhill shot toward a creek and then one longer uphill shot over. Clean and well maintained. Well marked- tee signs… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 25, 2008 at 5:26pm — 1 Comment

2 states left

to visit, Alaska and Hawaii. Today my route to Rock Hill SC took me into NC briefly, so now I've been to all 48 lower states.

Greenville (Simpsonville), SC- Simpsonville City:Short city park, stays well enough away from other park goers for the most part. Tiny plot of land. Very open- some tight holes and a few trees, but so easy to just throw a hyzer around and obstacle and park every hole. Dual dirt tee boxes, marked by #'ed yellow posts. I'd have played flawless if not for… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 24, 2008 at 5:36pm — 3 Comments

Is it over?

I dunno, it may be. Today my ring-finger on my throwing hand began to split open now on top of the middle finger already in a long slow healing process and many large calluses. It was actually bleeding for a bit and I put liquid band-aid on it. My hand looks gross. If it gets worse I may just end it early, finishing up the best courses around (Charlotts, Raleigh) and calling it quite thereafter, not going all over the state and up to Virginia and Tennessee. Who knows, I'll see in a couple days.… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 23, 2008 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

Road to recovery

Who knew it actually gets cold in the south? Today was in the low teens this morning, with some ICED over creeks.

Newberry, SC- Hunter:Short 12 holes in a city park, I can drive from one side to the other in one direction of the park. Small creek runs straight down the middle, flanked by hills. Large pines and other, wider small trees. One blind sharp dog leg left, one 350' turnover through lots of pines. Easy but good variety… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 22, 2008 at 4:32pm — 1 Comment

Wind whipped

It was so windy most of the day that playing serious was out of the question. Several times my sentinel and firebird flipped over in the wind. And it was 'cold'. My skin is winterizing fast.

I ran into a current dgrus member at Crooked Creek, so one more contestant to win the basket. He proceeded to hit the cage solidly on #1 as I was pulling away!

Columbia, SC- Owens Field:Mix of open and wooded. 3 levels- tight woods with narrows tunnels and some serious… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 21, 2008 at 4:13pm — 2 Comments

Beat me to the punch

Finally, someone has done it. There is a basket IN THE GROUND at Trophy Lakes. I'm so sick of raised pins, been dreaming of putting one in the ground chains high. They did just that here on #13, the basket is buried in the ground, so you can roll right into it or slide a putt in. NICE.

I am probably going to piss someone off with the recap of Tidal Creek, so I apologize I guess in advance. Take it with a grain of salt, for all I… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 20, 2008 at 5:32pm — 14 Comments

Back to normal

15 miles from Charleston, my GPS just shuts off with the 'blue screen of death'. I don't know why, but I also don't have a phone signal or a paper map of the area. It won't go back on but for flickering like the screen is broken.

I can't really afford and don't want to have to get a new one. I find the hotel and check in earlier than planned. Figuring maybe the car-socket fuse blew for the 2nd time (last was about a year ago at work), I pop a new one in (I carry spares) and it fixes the… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 19, 2008 at 5:58pm — 4 Comments

"M" becomes "MI"

Today was the big day. The biggest day of my road trip, the biggest of my disc golf history. It finally came time for the 1,000th course, and I couldn't wait to get it done.

I got to the IDGC around 8:30, and me and my dad went right out to play the back 9 at WR Jackson for warm-up. I was not happy with my shooting in warm-up, which left me nervous on tee #1 for the round later. After hanging out in the IDGC for awhile, doing some quick interviews, 11:00 rolled around and we headed… Continue

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First Freeze

I woke up to find a layer of frost all over my car, the first of the year. Sure beats back home, as it's now about 60 with the sun blazing.

I just finished rounds on WR Jackson and Steady Ed, will be uploading pics of both (Front 9 only on WR Jackson). Soon heading out to walk Jim Warner Memorial and take pictures there too, get a better feel of it for tomorrow.

Watching "Clash at Renny Gold" now.

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 17, 2008 at 12:54pm — 1 Comment

54 familiar holes

Today I played 3 of the 4 Worlds 2006 courses (having already played them). The Hippodrome had a locked gate blocking entry, but I could see baskets back there! I then ran into the guy responsible for that at Riverview, and he may be able to open it for me Wednesday and play it, and also a new course there which would be sweet. It's a whole new, mush easier layout I've heard but still anticipating that.

Just finished up my interview with Steve K at Pdga Radio, don't know when that… Continue

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No course to review

I didn't get to play anything new today, and won't for several more. Tomorrow I'll go re-play the 2006 Worlds courses. Today I spent 3 hours working on the course at IDGC again, then played 9 holes on WR Jackson with some guys. Then, followed a group to see how the new course plays and get an idea how to play it when Tuesday rolls on. I could not throw so it was frustrating, but I got some ideas.

That's it.

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I have finally done it. Still have to call Greg and ask, but I believe he has 1 course to play on the way up before the round on Tuesday.

Today I played #999, putting me above Greg for the most courses played! It didn't really sink in that today would be the day that would happen, which is it's own milestone, until most of the way through the round.

I spent the thunderstorming morning working inside the IDGC, data-entry, cleaning, and most importantly watching the 2000 PAW… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 14, 2008 at 4:55pm — 2 Comments

Jim Warner Memorial course (the 1,000th course) is officially playable!

Everyone check out www.pdga.com for a new article about our round next Tuesday!

The baskets just went in last night, and it's already been played once. I spent most of the daytime working on it (getting paid too), fixing up teeing areas, moving debris, cutting trees etc. In the cold rain dripping wet. I cannot play it myself until the 18th with Hos, but now I can get the idea what I am in for.

After working on that and dodging rain off and on, I went out to play the… Continue

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I've made it. After 3 rounds I made it to the IDGC this afternoon, where Karolyn Garlock, former fellow Michigander and now PDGA staffer offered to put me up for the week. Me and Brian Graham walked a few holes of the 30-minute old Jim Warner Memorial course (the 1000th round course), and everyone went to a Mexican restaurant for a local club meeting. Now I'm watching the new Knight Rider and burping beans.

Winder, GA- For Yargo State Park:TEE PADS: Horrible, maybe the worst… Continue

Added by Ben Calhoun on November 12, 2008 at 9:43pm — 1 Comment

Concrete and steel

The first half of the day was spent making money (50$) by helping mix and pour 34 -80lb bags of concrete for Kevin's dads garage. I decided to help with that rather than play to make the extra cash. It was fun and worthwhile.

Then me and Kevin went to Bishop. Played 2 rounds, second from shorts, me winning both.

Bishop, GA- Herman C. Micheal:Well done for the park it's in and for the purpose it's there to serve, beginners and short technical shots. Has dual tees,… Continue

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