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Willow Brook Grand Opening

It is this Saturday, April 5! See the previous post for details. Registration is 8-9. BYO partner doubles. Entry fee is $35, but there are a lot of opportunities to spend more than that.

I've been dying up some specials for the players who play this tournament, including a limited number of First Run Darkside Forces. These discs will have my custom Vader dyed on the dark side of the disc! I'm also doing some new Yodas and some Red Wings. The dyed specials will be cash-only until… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on April 1, 2008 at 3:13pm — 2 Comments

Willow Brook Grand Opening Doubles -- Yes. Carts.

Willow Brook Grand Opening Doubles


Saturday April 5, 2008

Bring your own partner best shot with ratings based divisions

Division Combined Rating Average Entry

Open Any Rating $35 per plyr

Advanced Less than 1940 <970 $35 per plyr

Intermediate Less than 1860 <930 $35 per plyr

Recreational Less than 1800 <900 $35 per plyr

Note to Pros: $15 of each entry fee goes to… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on March 24, 2008 at 11:13am — 8 Comments

Current on Projects

I'm current on all the disc dying projects I've committed to doing. My most recent stuff includes the Milwaukee Brewers:

free image hosting

this disc I did for a friend who plays our tournaments:

free image hosting

this ESP Chief Flash that I did for another guy who plays our tournaments:…


Added by Bruce Brakel on March 23, 2008 at 9:57pm — 2 Comments

Day 22

I mailed the SRV discs today.

I really like the way the Chief turned out so I'll put it up again:

free image hosting

Today is Day 22. I had a little solid food yesterday, the parts of Kelsey's lunch she didn't eat: some baby carrots, two slices of bread, and a Davy Crocket bar. It seems as if the diverticulitis symptoms are all gone for now. There's still the 40 pounds, 50 pounds, we'll decide how… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on March 17, 2008 at 4:50pm — 2 Comments

Completed Illini Buzzzes

The other day we were watching Highlander and Kelsey was peeling vinyl off trophy discs. She had no where else to put the sticker bits so she was putting them on the back of her hand. She did a cool feather pattern which i don't know whether it shows well in the picture:

free image hosting

This morning I took Kelsey to a horsemanship instructor training camp near Columbus. The place would make for some… Continue

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Kensington Today

The IOS 4 trophy discs are under dye. Last night I started doing the lettering with white glue. [Cran brand for those taking notes.] This morning I continued gluing the letters when I realized that they all said "2008 IOS 3 AT AURORA." Well, IOS 3 is at Crystal Lake and IOS 4 is at Aurora. So I'm thinking i have to peel all the letters off and start over, and then I realise that all I have to do is take of the 3s and put on 4s. So 4 is done and 3 is not begun.

Kelsey, Kira and I went… Continue

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Lots of projects

I have a lot of projects in the works. I'm starting Chief Illiniwek discs for various people. I'm finishing up the original Stevie Ray collection. I'm going to do a geometric for a guy in chicago. I'm going to do some Cat in the Hat and Tigger stuff just to have some to sell. I'm going to do some Angry Cubs too. I've got IOS 2 trophies done. Maybe Jenny is peeling vinyl off them for me right now. I need to sticker and glue letter the IOS 3s and weed some more 4s.

This is day 20 of… Continue

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Illini Final Artwork

This is the finished version of the artwork I'll use to dye the Chief. It deviates from the official Chief in many ways. One you might be able to see is that there is a thin margin of white between the orange and blue where ever orange blue should be touching. That makes it much easier to dye the orange, mask the orange and then dye the blue. The other major change I made was to remove the curvy lines in the head dress and replace them with straight lines.…


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free image hosting

I'm working up the artwork so that I can do this disc on request. I hand cut this mask the one time I did this disc. I took it to Illinois to sell it and everyone admired it but no one bought it. Back home at Baycourt I sold it for the price I wanted.

Jon says the Big Ten logos sell anywhere because the Big Ten graduates tend to disperse around the midwest and the rest of the country after… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on March 10, 2008 at 10:00pm — No Comments

Road Trip

I've been in Chicago for disc golf and CFR sales. Sold 34 so we're off to a good start. Peeled some trophy discs while hanging out at the Krupickas'. They were making regulation corn bags for some regulation corn hole competition.

To Do List:

[_] IOS sanctioning agreements

[_] Willowbrook tourney hotstamp

[_] Call Pat Burke

[_] Michigan and "Pat Burke" to sticker lady?

[_] Raiders Destroyer -- Mike Walsh -- Paid

[_] Jerry Destroyer -- Randy Moore… Continue

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New Dyed Discs

And they smell April-fresh, too:…

free image hosting free image hosting free image hosting free image hosting free image hosting Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on March 6, 2008 at 9:07pm — 6 Comments

Today's Stuff

free image hosting

I weeded six Darth Vaders and six IOS 4 masks today at Kira's dojo. The dojo has a really nice waiting area for parents so the sensei is cool with parents bringing a book or whatever and hanging out. Kiralyn was testing tonight for her next belt. I saw a little of it. She'll get the belt, but she has to participate at Fight Night too.

Motivated by curiosity and boredom, I timed the weeding.… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on March 5, 2008 at 12:30am — 1 Comment

Miscellaneous Updates

The CFR Destroyers allegedly were stamped and shipped today except they were out of the lighter weight ones. Those will ship in a month. The yellow 168 Coyotes will arrive with the first shipment.

The sticker lady reports that the Stevie Ray Vaughan stickers and the Darth Vader stickers are ready to be picked up. I'll swing by there in an hour and maybe weed those tonight.

I'm looking forward to doing the Michigan artwork. Maybe the sticker lady already has it too. I need… Continue

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Ohio State Discs Are Done

free image hostingfree image hosting

2000 words

Added by Bruce Brakel on March 2, 2008 at 6:30pm — 10 Comments

Friday and Saturday

Friday I talked to someone about dying their disc golf related corporate logo on some discs. They have to get their logo done first. I really tried to convince them that colormax would be cooler, but they think dye would be cooler. I also tried to steer them to Josh Widye Hamm, but they had already talked to Josh and some other dye guys.

I also talked to Erich at Discraft on Friday. I'm ordering some stock Z discs to complete the trophy work and I'll be getting the… Continue

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The Ohio Discs

I rinsed the Ohio discs tonight. The black was not black enough and the navy wasn't dark enough so I redyed them and reshelved them. On the OU discs I also greyed the grey and it came out fine. Then I glue masked the grey so it won't go pink when i rinse the red. So the OU discs have supplemental black and thin red on them now. I'm going to layer the red on slowly so that I don't get so much in the glue mask. I'm really happy with the way these are looking so far.

At Mukey's… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on February 29, 2008 at 10:00pm — 2 Comments

More trophy disc work

Yesterday I did the lettering on 15 or 16 IOS 2 trophy discs and weeded four or five IOS 3 trophy disc stickers. I did some more work on the Stevie Ray artwork after realizing that what I was working on was way too small. And I had an idea I'll have to keep secret. Something about trophy discs. Today I'll rinse the black off the Ohio State discs and the navy off the Indians discs. Then I have to do some delicate remasking so I can do the red and not get pink in the grey parts.

The… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on February 29, 2008 at 11:09am — 1 Comment


We played nine at Holly on the lunch time today. So the back tees are not shoveled if you're headed out there. Kelsey and Kira won. They birdied the next to last hole with an ace run fly over to take a one throw lead and made a great recovery to save par on the last hole.

I called Innova and added five yellow 168 gram Champion Coyotes to my order. If you are the guy who wanted them, I should have them Monday.

I have not eaten solid food since Sunday dinner. I was starting… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on February 27, 2008 at 2:42pm — 1 Comment

IOS 3 Trophy Discs, etc

Pushed a lot of things forward but nothing to a conclusion today on the dyed disc front.

I weeded and masked the Ohio discs. I finished weeding the IOS 2 discs. I started weeding stickers for the IOS 3 discs. I did a little clean up on the SRV artwork. If I can get the discs, I have an order for five SRVs.

At work I spent the day keeping bad guys in jail, some for a lot longer than they really ought to be kept there, but at this point only the Governor can do anything… Continue

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Weeding, etc

I've been pushing the IOS 2 discs ahead. Almost all 16 are weeded and ready for lettering. At the same time I've been working on some side jobs. I'm doing some discs for a Cleveland Indians and Ohio State fan. I'll put those up when they are done. Tonight I just weeded the masks. Weeding is when you pick off the sticker bits you don't need before you dye it.

There's this one guy who has been bugging me to work up some Stevie Ray Vaughan artwork. John Belushi was a big Stevie Ray fan,… Continue

Added by Bruce Brakel on February 25, 2008 at 11:45pm — 9 Comments

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