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Training Center Basket

I was given an extended lunch break today and decided to take a walk on the .8 mile walk track behind the training center. There is an area with golf flags for guys to shot at and I noticed a basket out there. Between discs in my bag and on the floor I came up with 4 putters and spent about 20 minutes putting in a very stiff wind. I should be able to putt there daily while I'm here. That was a pleasant development.

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Griffin Park in the Wind

I got out of class early today so I headed out for a round of disc golf. I ran by Lions park here in Norman but they were lined up waiting to tee off. Griffin Park is only a few blocks away so I decided to try that. I hooked up with a guy named David that is also at NCED for a class and we played a round together. He is a longer and better player than me (aren't they all?) but I had a good time with him. David is here from Pensacola and is taking a canceler class. I played okay for a while but… Continue

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Iron Man

I played in the Iron Man single disc tournament for the reopening of Century Park in Greer today. I played seniors with John Wright and Bill and finished 2nd of the three of us. They are both better than me, but Bill was off his game today. I play with him quite often and only seldom beat him. I was +10 and +6 in two rounds to finish +16. I was surprised to receive a commemorative disc for working on the course. They gave them to Bill and Carla, Nathan and Danielle, and a guy Kennen that I had… Continue

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Back to Greer

What a change in weather! Last weekend we had 4.5" of rain ending in 4" of snow Sunday night. It was cold Monday ( for South Carolina) through Wednesday, but today it was pushing 80 degrees. I met Bill and Carla at 10 this morning to play in Greer. Bill and Carla have done a ton of work on the course there. I have helped a time or two, but those two are out there nearly every day working on this and that. They've put two walk bridges across the creeks, built three sets of steps, and cleared out… Continue

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Holmes - Good and Whacked

I played a quick round at Holmes and finished -1 with birdies on 5 and 6 and a bogey on 4. I threw my longest tee shot on #1 that I have ever thrown. Then I started whacking trees off the tee. I hit trees on 2, 3, 4, and 5! I recovered as well as I could on each of them. I also had terrible tee shots on 7 and 8 but recovered to save par. I finished with another long tee shot on with a long look at a birdie. The birdies on 5 and 6, I had whacked a tree on 5 and had to thread the trees from about… Continue

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Holmes After a Rough Night

I played a quick 9 holes at Holmes Park today. I threw no birdies, and bogey on #4, and a double bogey on #5. I woke up in the middle of the night and barfed my guts out. I'm not sure what brought that on (or up) but once it started it went on for a while. I didn't feel bad, but I woke up with a little catch in my throat. The next thing I knew, I was worshiping at the porcelain altar. I wretched so hard that I pulled a muscle in my back. I wondered if I would get in any kind of round today. I… Continue

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Gower and Holmes

I went to Gower this morning and it was a real struggle. The wooded holes look pretty good, as if they've been trampled down over the winter. I ended up at +4 which is sad even for me. I finished with a birdie on a 40 foot putt, so I went away feeling better. I found a disc near the 6th basket and saw another one in left field of the softball field. I would have picked it up but the field is locked up and I didn't feel like climbing the fence for someone else's disc.

I went to Holmes… Continue

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Greer - No Work Today

Cis and i went to Greer this afternoon. I intended to do some clean up and play a round when I finished. I took a wheelbarrow and garden rake to clean up debris and smooth out messes. But once I got there the course has been pretty much cleaned up. The huge mulch pile on the first fairway has been moved to around the 7th basket to give it a banked landing area. They also poured concrete tee pads. The front nine was pretty much covered up so I started on the 9th tee. I caught up with Nathan… Continue

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Holmes Park - Even Par the Hard Way

I played 9 holes at Holmes today and it was an odd round. I threw an even par, but I had three birdies, three pars, and three bogeys. I birdied 2,3, and 5, parred 1, 7, and 9, while I bogeyed 4, 6, and 8. My putting is still pretty good while my tee shots are on and off.

There was a group of 5 guys playing around me. It looked like they were playing some Safari golf. I heard them coming in to #1 when I teed off at 2. Then I saw them teeing off from the 2nd basket to the 7th while I… Continue

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Timmons - Front Nine

I tootled over to Timmons after work tonight and threw 9 quick holes by myself. I have noticed that when I am alone that everything on the course aggravates me. I took a warm up throw from the first tee and threw a sidearm just under the basket. Then it stood up rolled about 120 feet down the hill, down a fight of stone type stairs and into the creek. With that image fresh in my mind I floated my sidearm and came up far short of the basket. I laid my approach right under the basket, but instead… Continue

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Greer - Work Day

This morning Nathan and Danielle, Bill and Carla, and I went to Greer to work on the course. We took the bridge that crossed the creek at old #11 and moved it to the gulch on the new #5. We dug out the bench that was mounted at the old 5th teebox and laid it behind the new 12th teebox to be installed later. Carla and Danielle continued cleaning greenbriars and debris from several areas. Bill cleaned the putting area around #1 basket and plans to clean around one basket a week until the whole… Continue

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Greer - Christmas Morning Fog

I had decided to play Greer on Christmas morning if the weather held out. Christmas Eve was pretty wet but it was supposed to clear off for Christmas. It was still damp out on Christmas morning and slightly foggy, so I decided to give it a shot. As I approached Greer from Greenville the fog grew thicker and thicker. Even though it was hazardous to drive my truck, I figured that since I am such a short thrower that I would have no trouble following my throws to their conclusions. I stepped up to… Continue

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Wet Doubles in Easley

Gary called many from our old group to play an "out of shape / sore arm doubles" in Easley. But by mid-morning it was sprinkling and misting, so very few showed up. We ended up with 6 players and Carla. Gary and his son Doug were there. Nathan and a fellow Wayne that I hadn't met before and Bill and Carla were there. We drew for partners. It was Bill and Nathan, Gary and Wayne, and Doug and me. I didn't play especially well, but I had a couple of good throws. The three groups were very evenly… Continue

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Holmes Park

I played the nine at Holmes after work today. I really wrenched my non-throwing shoulder while taking some practice throws. I guess that's what happens when you seldom play. My game was pretty ugly with a few good throws. I ended up with a +3. I parred all three gimme birdies, so that was disappointing. I also missed the mando on #3 and had to re-tee with a lie of 2. Then I had a good tee shot and putt to save a bogey. I seldom birdie that hole, but made it in two throws after missing the… Continue

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Easley - Short Nine

After Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Short Bobby and his family I drove over to the Easley course to play a few holes before sunset. I arrived after 4:30 and the course was covered up with large groups of newbies playing. They all seemed to be having a good time with a new game. I hope to see many of them back as regular players in the future.

I played holes 1 - 5 and 15 - 18 or what I call the Short Nine. I ended up +5 but really didn't play that poorly. I did putt that poorly… Continue

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Greer - Trial Run

I took today and tomorrow off work to burn my annual leave down to the maximum carry over for the year. I thought that I would call Bill and go to Greer to try the new layout, but it was raining this morning. I called Bill late in the morning and we checked the radar and decided to give it a try in the early afternoon. We arrived and started playing when another car pulled up and a guy started playing. It was Steve O. and he quickly caught us and joined us for the round. Steve is much better… Continue

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Timmons Front Nine

I played alone today and was +4 again. I started off with a nice little birdie on #1 but things went downhill from there. On #2 I put a thumber right on the basket, but it bounced into the creek. Pat Husted was down in the creek looking for a lost putter. I putted from down in the creek bed and hit the chains but fell out. #3 my tee shot hit a tree on its way up the hill. I left my approach about 30 feet short but putted right into the chains. Unfortunately it fell out. #5 was a disaster. Then… Continue

Added by Kraig on November 6, 2008 at 8:01pm — 1 Comment

Timmons Front Nine

I played the front nine at Timmons alone today. It was pretty windy but playable. I teed into the creek on #2 and fought the windy to take a circle 5 on it. I also bogeyed #4 while fighting the wind and took a double on #5. I birdied #6 with a 40 foot putt and parred my way out. I found a disc on #6 and found its owner while leaving the park. I tried throwing back handed a couple of times and felt better, but my arm still goes dead after each backhanded throw.

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Timmons Back Nine - Back to Par

I went to Timmons to play the front nine but a guy was teeing off on #2 with five or six discs, so I teed off on #10. I bogeyed #10 and #11 to started off up two strokes. But then I birdied #14 and #17 and parred my way out. That's not a particularly good round but it sure beats what I have been throwing since I started playing again. As I was about to tee off on #11 a fellow from Galveston, TX came over and introduced himself and his girlfriend. They are vacationing in the area and have played… Continue

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Timmons Back Nine with Ken and Lynn

I got a voice mail from Cooper as I pulled into Timmons today. He left a message saying that my phone had been disconnected. So I called home and the answering machine picked up. Then I called Copper to see what he was talking about. He had called using my home phone prefix and my cell number. He said that way he would catch me where ever I was! I have been off work for a couple of weeks, so he told me that nothing special was going on there. Ken and Lynn were coming off the front nine as I… Continue

Added by Kraig on October 30, 2008 at 5:26pm — 1 Comment

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