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alright i have to Vent because it'll make me feel better.
last night was our wednesday leagues at the local course, i showed up early with a 12pk of beer, which was probably a bad idea. so everything started out great, showed up about an hour early and was bs'n with the locals as they showed up for leagues, drinking and having a good time. by the time the round started i had drank 5 beers so i was feeling pretty loose, it was about 90 degrees with 90% humidity so they were going down really well. well after the cash CTP, the league coordinator announced the we were gonna play with one disc because the local one disc challenge is this weekend. after a good amount of bitching he explained it is a tradition and we all settled down. So the cards are out, and i pull a junior that i know is good but we always shoot bad when together (pulled him like 5 of the ten weeks I've made it this year in a 35+ member league). anyway everything starts out pretty good we par the first hole which we had a decent birdie op on, but we're putting with drivers so there is a small learning curve. then we start to pick it up a little birdieing 5 of the next 7 holes, I'm on fire putting with my driver. we end up cooling off a little and only getting a couple more through the first 14 holes (we play a 24 hole layout). then comes my second shot at the over the water hole, instead of throwing the safe route over land with my one disc like i did the first time, i'm a little buzzed up at this point, so i decide to throw over the water to try and get another deuce. well it comes out of my hand good not to much speed to turn it over but enough to make the distance, but it comes out low and flat, not good! Not good at all! it proceeds to fly over the water nice and flat past the basket and skips off the water about 65 feet past the pin and 55 out in the DEEP water. we take his and get a drop in three after missing our long putts (he skipped past the basket about 40ft, but dry). But while retrieving my arrant putt i roll my ankle on a small hole covered by long grass, the tides have turned on me. so we go to the next hole and i'm flustered! i can't let it go, and my ankle is throbbing!

So we are on the next hole and my partner drives before me and has a good one, its a long hole with a hill towards the end hes right on top. so we get up there and we are blocked by a wall of trees, he shoots and hits a tree, damn. so i step up with throbbing ankle and a head full of bad thoughts. i make my shot its comes down right by the basket but kinda slides a little and goes right off the 10ft drop off into the water, damn it again. at this point i try to compose myself and get back on track. so we decide to take mine from in the water which is a make-able almost straight up 15 footer. so we kick off our shoes and i jump in, ouch that hurt, a sharp pain in my left foot. i ignore it and take my shot, i hit bucket, darn almost in. so he takes his and misses so we have to take our first 4 (and only in the round) so that kinda sucks and i'm flustered again! so i sit on the bank to put on my shoes so i do the right first because of my tender ankle, my other foot was buried in the sand. so i pull my left foot up and i noticed where my foot was in the sand there is a bunch of blood leaching out of the sand! i look at my foot and there is a 1 1/2" cut pretty deep going right up the center of my big toe and a shorter really deep one going across that one, they are both bleeding pretty good. Today is not my day!
so we get a few more birdies and i re-roll my ankle 2 more times in the remaining holes on sticks and pine cones. we finished with -10 and i'm thinking maybe at least we will get last cash to make this night not so horrible, a couple more cards come in and its not looking good. a couple buddies come in with a -18, with 1 disc! which is 2 off the course record. so they win 1st and a good chunk of cash, one of them also hit the cash CTP to start and the other hit the sponsor CTP after for a free pitcher and pizza...so off to the bar we go. them to celebrate a good night, and me to drink away the pain.
so now i sit at work hungover with a sore ankle, a bad infected cut on my foot and a smaller infected cut on my thumb.
this is what happens when a good league goes terribly wrong!

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Comment by Junior on June 28, 2009 at 11:45am
that sucks man but mark has a point restraint only gets you so much me i prefer to slam that 12pk or get a pint of vodka and a couple 32's of Gatorade it seems to do the trick without me hurting myself.
Comment by Tino "SilverBack" Medina on June 26, 2009 at 2:12pm
WOW, she put it on you brother!!!
Comment by ROBEY the one. on June 25, 2009 at 2:29pm
i wasn't invited.
Comment by Tracie DK on June 25, 2009 at 1:14pm
Maybe you should have went with your girlfriend to Appleton, you would feel good today, and she would have been pleasantly surprised to have the company ;)
Comment by mark ellis on June 25, 2009 at 12:33pm
I have carefully reviewed your tale to find out if you were in any way responsible for the chain of unfortunate circumstances and I could only find one small, theoretical, error potentially attributable to you.

After starting with a 12 pack of beer you only consumed 5 before the round started. Now had you slammed the entire 12 pack, even if some bad tidings had come your way, you probably would not have cared. See what restraint gets you!
Comment by Judozuna on June 25, 2009 at 12:29pm
Sorry about you're bad day man. I know how it is. I had a horrible day yesterday too. I lost four discs and got my bag and the five discs that were still in it stolen.

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