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I am pretty much your average disc golfer. I am 45, 6'2", 238lbs, and I played baseball growing up on into college as a pitcher. I stayed active into my mid 30's, but my job put me at a desk and having kids stopped my athletic activities. I also tore my left ACL and have yet to have it fixed. 


I picked up disc golf about 18 months ago and it just clicked with me. I have played close to 500 rounds in that time and I've lost 52 pounds. I feel great, my left knee is pain free, and I have reached the MA1 (Advanced) level in tourney play. My local player rating is listed at 942, and I have had a handful of 1000+ rated rounds lately. I have yet to join the PDGA, I haven't had the time for travel to tourneys for myself, as my daughter plays in FJ4's and I have been caddying for her. 


I love reviewing discs and trying to help others gain knowledge in this sport we love so much. As I get new equipment and or find new uses for my existing stuff, I will post it for whoever cares to see and discuss.

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Comment by Dookville on June 19, 2012 at 7:45pm

INNOVA TEEBIRD- Fairway Driver


I know, why is he reviewing this disc, its been out forever. Well, there has been some crazy goings on with this mold at the Innova factory lately that I wanted to share.


There has been a run of flat 11x type birds released that are labelled 12x. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but I'm glad that they did. The deal is, they are flat flat and they have changed something about the firming agent in the plastic as well and they are freakin gummy. They feel great, they are a little faster, not quite as stable in the lower weights, and they're tough as nails. They last run like these was many years ago and they had that pearly colored weighting agent in them. I have a few of those old ones as well, and if these new ones are anything like those, overtime they won't lose stability hardly at all.


I have two of the new ones at 150g's and they're gummy and flat. (No pretty pearl) They are less stable than the old pearlys by a tick, and quite a bit les stable than the new domey 12x's. They grab the grass well, and they don't skip on normal shots unless you really have them on burning hyzer lines.


Next time you're at the disc shop, have them bring out their champ teebirds and see if you find any of these in there. Definately worth adding to the bag.

Comment by Dookville on June 19, 2012 at 7:13pm

I really love the Villan, it looks like it will be the disc that replaces my Destroyers. The trick with them is to find a mid 160's flatter Godline. Even at that they are going to need to break in a bit before they flex at all. They really do take a lot of power to be effective.


I have thrown quite a few of the Vibram discs. I like them to be a little on the stiffer side or the feel floppy when I throw them. My favorite is the Sole, that thing just sits down and grabs the ground right where you throw it. The plastic is tough as nails. I haven't tried the track though, my buddy likes his, says its kind of like a Teebird.


Santa Cruz is a fantastic area for disc golf. Well, for bike riding, surfing, camping, and just about any other cool outdoors stuff you's ever want to do. I'm about 5 hours south of there near Disneyland. We have some great courses and the original course (Oak Grove) is in Pasadena. Even if you can't get all the way down, let me know we can meet part wat to play.

Comment by mr ed on June 19, 2012 at 6:12pm

Wife's sister/B-I-L live in/around santa Cruz area,He's a SC native,loves biking.Hope to get out that way again someday.You're south correct.

What's your review/take on Lat 64 Villian.Fades way left on me,then again it's possible my throwing style.ha'

Thrown any Vibram??Recent tourney package included a Vibram Trak,work in progress.flys straight,but again fades left.Lands great,no roll away.rubber material ses to that problem.

Comment by Dookville on June 19, 2012 at 12:46pm

That would be cool Ed, when I travel to play Its always fun to hook up and play with others from the board.

Comment by mr ed on June 18, 2012 at 11:28pm

Hey Dooks,thanks for your reviews here/prior posts.Perhaps someday we'll meet up in the fairway.hit chains.

Comment by Dookville on June 18, 2012 at 6:44pm



I have been working with this putter on my lunch hours. I have been putting it alongside my DX Aviar P&A, and a Lat64 TM Pure. It compares most closely to the Aviar in that it has a similar glide, but a little bit more. It also is a tick less stable and holds the line better on longer putts. I would compare it to an air hockey puck, it just glides along effortlessly. I am surprise at how little it is affected by putting into the wind, by all accounts it should just get blown right, but it doesn't.


It has a nice stable, to undestable flight when used as a driver out to 250 feet. I don't use my putter for distances much beyond 250', it just doesn't have any advantages for me, especially when the Fuse is ready to go. It is less stable than the Aviar when driving and doesn't come out of anny lines unless I put a lot of air under it. The Aviar will stay in the bag for now to cover putter drives in the straight slot. The Pure is still in the running for the bomber putter dead nuts straight department. More to come on this one, stay tuned.

Comment by mr ed on May 14, 2012 at 11:26pm

.."we're just throwing frisbbees in the park.." Priceless!

Comment by Dookville on May 5, 2012 at 2:17pm



Now that the Warship has been out for a bit and those that have bought them have had time to throw them, lets here some thoughts. Did it make your bag? Why or why not? Which plastic did you get, Tourney or VIP? What weight and color? Domey or not domey?


I found the VIP plastic to be a bit more domey and stable than the Tourney plastic. I currently have a 173g Hot Pink one in my bag.


The glide and distance is insane on this disc for being a mid. The distance potential is long long long. On longer distance pulls its kind of its own animal, but slowing it down it behaves a lot like a Roc. The nice part is due to the reduced armspeed I can be way more accurate with it.


It is definately in my bag.

Comment by Dookville on May 5, 2012 at 2:11pm


Now that the Jackal has been out for a while and those that have bought them have had some time to throw them, I wonder what you think. Do you like the flight? What type of shots? What color and weight? Do you like the stamp? Etc.


I was lucky enough to get part of a day with this disc before it came out. It felt like a really domey leopard and flew like a TL with a bit less HSS and a TON of glide.


I have since purchased a 173g Orange one with a gold stamp. The production model is exactly like the proto, lots of dome and glide. I like it for dead straight 280-325' shots, especially when there is low ceiling. It will get out to 400+, but I have other drives I like better for bigger distances. There is some overlap with my Lat64 Opto River, but the FD has a bit more LSS. A plus for me, even though I'm backhand dominant, the FD has a sweet forehand release.


The artwork on the disc is horrible, it looks like a cat hacking up a furball. JMO


So far its in the bag and I have about 40 rounds with it.

Comment by Dookville on May 5, 2012 at 2:05pm

I'll list the disc I currently use, not that I carry them all the same time. I normally carry about 20 discs, not that I use them all during the round, and some are repeats that I can't do without if lost mid way through a round.


Innova Comp Bag (Grey and Black)


Innova DX Aviar P&A 175g

Innova Champ Rhyno 171g



Lat64 Opto Fuse 176g

Lat64 Opto Core 179g

Lat64 Opto Pain 168g

Lat64 Opto Pain 175g

Innova Star San Marino Roc 174g

Westside Warship VIP Warship 173g


Fairway Drivers:

Innova Champ Teebird 171g (Beat)

Innova Champ Teebird 171g (Newish)

Innova Champ Eagle X 171g

Lat64 Opto River 172g (Beat)

Lat64 Opto River 176g (Beat)

Discmania Star Jackal 172g

Innova Champ Flat top Firebird 159g

Innova Champ Flat top Firebird 175g (Beat Gummy)



Innova Star Beast 175g (Beat)

Lat64 Opto Flow 169g

Innova Star Wraith 171g (Beat)

Innova DX Destroyer 150g

Innova Dx Destroyer 167g

Lat64 Opto Sparkle Riot 169g

Westside Tourney Sword 161g

Lat64 Opto Bolt 169g (Proto Worlds Model OS)

Lat64 GL Halo 172g

Lat64 Opto Havoc 171g (Beat)

Lat64 Opto Havoc 169g

Innova Star Boss 168g

Innova Star Boss 172g

Innova Star Vulcan 166g (Beat)


I have an assortment of Rocs, Makos, Magnets, XL's, Leopards, QOLF's, Buzzz's, and I know I'm missing some stuff I'll bring up later.




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