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Ok I got Wraiths and Destroyers. I will use those backhand. LOL I get some technique down. I was told I had a good looking X Step or Cross Step. I was getting maybe 200ft. I just can't get these damn things to go. I know I'm doing it like everyone else is. I'm imitating all the big arm pro's. GAH %&$*#$ I can throw forehand 400+ but I can't backhand...WHY????

So one day I am out at hole 2 and I see Paul Ulibarriand a group of people he's with throwing HUGE bombs. LOL, at that time I didn't know who he was either. Some people I played with asked me who he was. I knew his name was Paul. I told them I think he's that kid who was the AdvAm Worlds Champ or something. I had no clue lol. I saw him out there in the water sometimes looking for his disc. I would watch him and his friends throw. Every once in awhile he would say hey and I would say hi back. I even think I got to throw with him a few times. I'm sure I looked like an idiot. I'm out here trying to throw huge, and kept thinking these guys are probably laughing at me.

Shortly before the Memorial 08' I remember watching Paul throwing again. I guess he was getting ready for this event. I watched him and a few others throw hole 2 and 3 and kept thinking what am I doing wrong? Then it hit me. Literaly 1 throw it hit me. I went from 250ft short arm throws to full arm 350ft throws. I just put everything I had into it and I didn'nt care where it went. Oh how it flew. That entire game I had the biggest grin on my face. I couldn't help it. I didn't care that I couldn't throw straight. I didn't care that half the time they didn't go anywhere. All I cared about was the fact that I hit 400+ a few times and for once it wasn't hurting my arm.

During the week of the Memorial, I got the chance to throw with some of the pro's during practice rounds. That was a pretty cool experience. I got to watch and throw with Steve Rico,Nate Doss, and Eric McCabe.I even hung out with Liz Lopezwhile watching Eric throw 2 rounds. Getting to watch all the pro's while they played was even better. I got the chance to hang out with Don Smith from Team DGA during the last couple of rounds. He is one cool cat. He told me alot about the pressure of big events and how it effects people. If there was anything that I learned from this experience it was the the pro's are not monsters or monster throwers. They are in fact human. This really brought my perspective back down to earth.

After the Memorial I was really excited. I can throw just as far as some of the Pro's Hell yea!!! For days and days I would get out and only work on drives. I didn't care about the rest of the game. So after a few months of this my drives started to go down hill, then back up then back down. It was an endless cycle and I couldn't figure out why. I went back to Youtube.com. I knew alot more this time so I looked at form and styles. I have watched the Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Long Distance Drives probably close to 80 hours now. EVERY one of them had the same core style. I took out all the fancy flip flopping or movements they put into their drives and kept it smooth and constant. LOL I still watch that video at least 5 times a week.

I started hearing people at the course talking about me. Man he's out here all the time. He throws far. He's getting pretty good etc. It is very humbling to hear that actually. It made me want to practice more and harder. I desided it was time to take the sport seriously. I don't throw for distance anymore. I slowed down my drive. I take my time on upshots and putts. I can throw 400ft with about 80% accuracy now. I don't need that monster throw. I can when the time is needed, but where I throw that's maybe 1 hole. Now when I go out to play I work Putts and upshots. I have a driving game. My upshots and putts are lacking. I watched the Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Putting Confidence Program and now I practice putting every day. 30 mins. a day in 2 15 min. cycles. It really does work. Mark Ellis you are the man!!!

Let me step back a second here. I was watching the Discraft Video's I was on their site every day. I've read everyones Bio;s. I have everything pretty much memorized when it comes to their disc and what they do, down to each pro player. This is when I started getting into their disc. It was the clinics and the comradery that I saw with their team members that got me hooked. If I ever got good, I wanted to do so with Discraft Disc. I now throw Surges, Avengers, Predators, Forces, Mrv's, and Challengers...Oh the new ESP Zone. You wanna talk about a sick disc. You will not find 1 non Discraft disc in my bag...unless I found one in the water or something. Then it's going off to Dan Ginnelly's, Spinners on the Green to get my 2 bucks lol.

So here we are. Where I am now. My game has improved to the point it almost scares me. I'm not out to compare myself to anyone. I just can't belive my game has improved the way it has. I have also lost about 60 lbs playing this wonderfull sport. I'm down to about 260 now. I just recently starting eating very healthy and I am watching the weight fly off. I figure the more weight I lose the faster my body can move, therefore the more efficient my throws will be, therefore the better my game will get.

I went from being a 12-15 over par player at this course to a 3-4 over par player for about 3 months, to now being a 4-6 under par player on a bad day. I challenge myself everyday. I am hard on myself everyday. If I miss a shot, I go back and practice it. I will practice it to the point where it becomes second nature, then I will practice it some more. I still need to putt better. The clinic is working very well so I know I can only improve. Im willing to let it take it's time. A good day out here on any pin placement I can be 8-12 under par. I still miss a putt and it brings me down. I know this is because I am so hard on myself. I am working on a way to not let it effect me the way it does. I know I can't let it bring me down during events or it's going to bring my score down with it.

So what are my future goals one might ask.

Well this year I got my PDGA number. I am 36216 Advance Amature. I plan on doing 2 AdvAm events in October. I will be playing the Shelly Sharpe Memorial the 11-12th, and the Halloween Classic on the 25th. I plan to use these 2 events to get used to the tourny life. Next year I plan on being in the Arizona Cactus Series as an Advance Amature. My goal is to win the Series and get the chance to play in the AdvAm Worlds. I hope by winning events as AdvAM I can get the eyes of the kind folks of Discraft on me. I would love to win the Worlds as AdvAm and show the world that I am ready to go pro. After that the year after I plan on going National Tour if things go well. I am also looking to get down to about 210-220 lbs. At 6'3 that wouldn't be a bad weight to work from.

I will continue to play every day. I will continue to strive foward. I have a deep unconditional passion for this sport. It's on my mind 24/7. I eat, sleep and breath thinking about this game and I what I can do to become better. I even hear the sound of the chains at night in my sleep. I want to be the best player I can be. If that means being the best player in the world, then so be it.

Thanks for reading.

Eric Sears
PDGA 36216

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Comment by mr ed on September 2, 2008 at 5:00pm
hey now,go for the gusto,my friend.Likewise,my game has improved,putting is coming around.Mark Ellis's two fifteen minutes putting practice does pay off.Actually started back in June after watching his video.The short game has improved nicely.Practice,practice,we all should of listened to our music teachers back in the day.So now I just apply it to this great game.Likewise,at the age of 56 I've lost 40 pounds,down to 220,feel healthy.No matter how much the old bones hurt in my knees and wrist or how bad the work day,it's feels great being able to throw,improve,relax.Keep hitting chains.Peace,mr ed,fl

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