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I played 5-18 hole courses today, beginning around 8:30 and finishing well before 5:00. Ran into the typical problems- bad or incomplete directions, poorly marked courses and a bit of ivy. Lost 1 disc (Z-Crush), found 2 junky discs. I took a short break after the first 3 rounds.
All the courses around here and pretty tough to play when wet! Clay and mud covered tees, fairways, swollen creeks.

Norman, OK- Griffin:Medium to long holes, beginning and ending in a more open area but mostly in a praire of new growth woods, with clear fairways that twist and turn through tunnels, like back home style. The rough can get rough but is pretty easy to avoid, only saw ivy in one spot! Currently, 1-2 are ridiculously muddy as the ground has been up-turned for construction and it just rained, talkin' boot deep mud and more. Those holes should be skipped. #17's basket was not to be found, except for there was a basket in the wrong spot and I bet it was an alt. placement during construction. 18 was unplayable due to active heavy equipment, and 14 was unplayable because the middle of the fairway was water too deep to cross without getting soaked up to the knees. Signs are there, but don't show the hole so walking up on basically every hole is required. It claims to be fairly balanced, but I found it highly RHBH favoring, with the first 6-7 holes all favoring RHBH shots, so a lefty wouldn't find that very fair in a playoff. Good tees, but mud around them means no grip when it's wet like today.

Norman, OK- NE Lions:Example of what happens to a tight woods course when 31 years takes it's toll and it doesn't get a major overhaul or lots of upkeep. Begins tight and short, but gets pretty crazy fast in my opinion. #3 is a super tight line with rough on the sides, a mando not allowing shots to go over the top, and almost no real way to get through the only alley, except by luck and maybe a good kick. Then #8? shoots through a tiny alley in the woods, blindly over a bush, with almost no fairway to land on unless you can clear the shot out into the open at the end. The next hole is blocked by a bush up to top chain height, so you have to drill at the chains or be behind a bush. The signs don't have length or give you an idea where the basket is. #11 is one of the worst holes of all time, again my opinion. It's the type of hole I don't think belongs on a disc golf course, ever. It forces you to throw blindly over a 20' tall stand of thick forest, to a basket maybe 350' away, with water, tall grass and rough on the backside of the obstacle. You can also throw 3 soft putter shots down the walking trail to the right instead, but that's just silly. On the next shot, big across water, I ace-ran and landed in poison ivy in the open inside the putting circle! The next hole Badhas water the length of the left side, the fairway about 15' wide, and a fence on the right. The only way to cross the fence to retrieve a disc is to suck your gut in and squeeze along an opening in the fence, your face inches or less from poison ivy as you do so. I lost the disc there, of course! Also, to get a great drive, you pretty much have to tickle the ivy vine (like playing at Creve Couer in St. Louis MO). Then there's still 3 more crazy holes! #17's tee pad was down in the woods, cut-back bushes right in front making it impossible to see the fairway or even a clue where it goes or turns. You throw out of it and into a 15' wide fairway or around the right side of another line of trees then hyzer back into the woods. #18 is overgrown and mostly blocked. Oh and on #5 it looks like someone took a world-class hole, but moved the tee pad over just to spite it. Opinionsdon't get mad people!

Norman, OK- Colonial Estates:Poorly marked, due to vandalism (there is a higher-than average amount around here, most courses have had signs, but most are gone are ruined in the area due to vandalism). Mostly medium holes playing around and across a small creek that currently isn't quite deep enough in most spots to take your disc, but shows signs of having breached it's up to 10' high banks recently (course would be unplayable during that). Several tricky technical shots but mostly open with just a few trees per hole. A fence, road come into play. A few bad-layout moves, hole #7 and #8 run side by side, #9 shoots to a basket tucked out of sight from the tee, not the basket in sight that looks like a hole. It's like someone stood there on the tee while another person stood by the basket and said "Can you see me now?(No) Good.". Obviously as a traveler, I do not approve of using the solo tree to hide the basket. Muddy and wet, a quick round once you know it.

Oklahoma City, OK- Will Rogers:The busiest course in the area by far, jam packed yet no one else was at the other courses. Very old, with most signs just gone on ruined, and the tee pads washed away and often too high up off the ground to run up from behind, and dangerous to slip off. Yet, easy to navigate because of well-worn trails and a wide open park setting. Very short, with only a few holes needing a driver. A small creek comes into play as well as a cement canal. Disc shop across street behind hole #12. Typical city park setting and course.

Oklahoma City, OK- Woodson:Long yet easy, mostly open course through trees in a flat grassy field next to the highway. Signs all ruined, they have marked the pads and baskets but it's often tough to find the next hole and figure which basket to throw at, took 80 minutes to play should take 40. The front 9 is MUCH easier and shorter than the back, giving up 7 2's on the front but only 1 on the back! Two holes distinctly only allowing rollers or crazy good airshots are killed by a ditch that is tough to get a roller across in a controllable fashion. Probably very windy, but it was calm all day. Guide almost necessary, apparently my internet-map was out of date because it didn't help. Bad neighborhood around the park.

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Comment by Eric Sears on September 10, 2008 at 1:08pm
Thats a lonnng day of playin. BTW how many courses played so far?
Comment by Becky on September 9, 2008 at 9:53pm
Are you going to play any in Arkansas?
Comment by Becky on September 9, 2008 at 9:52pm
Are you going to play any in Arkansas?
Comment by Kyle Jacob Smalling on September 9, 2008 at 8:26pm
Wow...been was busy today!

are you a lefty...?

I always thought you were a righty?

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