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Or, at least I like to think he would have had an affinity for it!

Douglas Adams, that's who!

For those of you in the Not-Know category, Adams (who died in 2001) was a British writer who penned the cult classic The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, a 5-book trilogy, believe it or not. This hilarious and wildly inventive storyline follows the exploits of an Englishman named Arthur Dent, who awakens one morning only to learn that his house is about to be razed to make way for a automobile bypass... at the same time the Earth is learning that it was being razed to make way for a hyperspace bypass. His odd friend Ford Prefect is actually an alien field agent that helps him get off the Earth before it is destroyed, and Arthur learns that Ford has been working to update the novels' namesake, a computerized guide book for those who hitchhike 'round the galaxy. Adams' satire runs relentlessly through the whole series, taking jabs at everything from religion to a good cup of hot tea, and never lets up on the funny.

One of the tips the Guide provides is the importance of a towel to a galactic hitchhiker, and goes on to describe the many things that a towel can be used for, like storing soaked-up food for emergencies, or as a blanket, amongst others. Now, us disc golfers can agree that besides a lightweight bag that can hold 300 discs or a all-terrain Segway, a towel is just about the most useful item an avid disc golfer can have in his arsenal. Where Adams can conjure up a plethora of tidy uses for a towel, in disc golf it seems that pretty much the only thing a towel can be used for is wiping off discs. An errant disc can end up in a variety of less-than-ideal lies. Ask my brother Kenny. He waded in up to his 'nads in his underwear in a scummy pond at Lakeview Park just to find one of those 'errant discs'.... which he never did, sadly.

If we try a little harder, we might find some new uses for the quintessential towel.

If you're trying to twist off a beer bottle cap like the man - or woman - that you are right there on tee 13, but that throwing arm is throwing you for a loop (which is why you're popping open that cool one!), that towel can come in handy for some traction. Now you're ready to throw that ace!

In disc golf, the snap is the all-important ingredient to a great throw. After wiping off your discs, you might be inclined to snap the towel in order to get the dirt and detritus off it. Take that towel and snap it like you're throwing a disc, and kill two birds with one stone. Practice on your golf buddies!

Restroom facilities can be found at some disc golf courses, but they aren't always stocked up with paper towels. Need I go any further?

I don't know what goes on on some of these park benches after hours, but that towel might be the perfect solution to covering anything up that might have dropped, spilled, been wiped off on, or you-name-it so that you can sit down and enjoy that beer without worrying about your Old Navy cut-offs getting ruined by bird doo.

So, would Douglas have appreciated the towel's usefulness to disc golf? Would he have even liked the sport we call our own? It's got everything... towels, flying saucers, characters, and a fair amount of improbability. There's no answer to that question, but maybe someday we'll meet up with Douglas at some disc golf course at the end of the universe and get a chance to play a round with him.

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