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On hole #7 at Pirates Cove, after I threw my drive, into the rough, a ranger comes 'round the bend and says you may have to skip the next hole, there's a rabid fox on the loose, as he stalks forward to catch it. 2 minutes later he comes back, with a fox swinging from a loop on a pole. He said it looks like it wasn't rabid, but maybe got into some chemical like antifreeze that was causing it to act weird and might mean it's demise. :(

Apparently Joe McCain loves the F-Bomb as much as I do. Won't change my vote though. When Cheney used it it was the only time I respected him.**This statement may have been to subtle, what it means is that though I now respect John's brother for using this word, though not in the situation he did, I won't vote for him because of it. I already voted, for Obama, weeks ago.

I was able to play 1 of the 2 courses at Blue Angle park, it turns out you can go there if you are a civilian, just have to pay to get in, pay to join the club (they waved me on when I told them I'm just passing through) and pay to play a round. I was never even asked for I.D. I will try to update the guide to clarify a lot better because as written it did not sound possible to just go there and play! The 2nd course was CLOSED temporarily though.

Another course, Gator Links, that was in my book but not listed online so I figured maybe it got pulled, was there. I will have to add it back online. This all caused a tough to plan sort of day where nothing went right but it all worked out in the end.

I am looking out at the ocean in Destin as the sun sets.


Pensacola, FL- University of W. Florida:It was only 15 holes, listed last year as 18 but the last 3 have not been put in yet, but are on the map. Knowing that, or having a sign about that on the msg. board, would have saved me 20 minutes, thanks. Being installed around campus by volunteers, it doesn't get in the way of pedestrians or cars as much as usual. Dirt tees, limited signage, but a map. Begins semi-open with most holes around 200', finishing tighter and tighter through carved thin fairways in a tropical jungle. Some short holes require putter lay up off tee, no other real shot available. Not well cut out yet, tough to play right now. One long open hole.

Pensacola, FL- Blue Angel Palmetto: Home of the largest wooden basket I've ever seen, the one in Hos' pic from his blog. It's the 19th hole, about 15' tall and 8' wide maybe. 9$ total to get in park, join club, and play a round. From the longs it's relentlessly tight and with low ceilings, like Nor-Cal or parts of Texas. You have to throw 300'+ twisty drives less than chest high off the ground, turn and skip to park many holes. Plays better if you don't go for anything, shoot slow up the gut. Has multiple other tees for every player. Well marked. Don't use white plastic, due to white sandy fairways when the sun shines on it you can step right over it. Very scenic, tropical landscape. Extremely well manicured, with benches, signs, tees, water to drink twice on the course, a SHOWER for some reason by #7, a shaded rest area and porta johns. Another 18 hole course across the street, was closed today.

Milton, FL- NAS Whiting Field:At the very edge of a military base, as it seems everything is in the Florida panhandle. 2 longer openish holes, both favoring righty, with 7 short tight woods holes. One hole is like 100' and you basically have to throw left-handed. A few too many super tight pointless shots. Tortoises on hole #3, never seen one in the wild it was pretty cool. Well marked, tees, free.

Milton, FL- Pirates Cove at NLA:Just across the parking lot from Gator, it's the 9 hole course, and 5 years older. Begins with an open shot to a corner in the field, over a small water hazard, then the rest is tight and short, very tough tunnels with many trees in them. The rough is heavy but sure beats the thorns and ivy of back home rough. Well marked, cement tees. A couple realistic holes.

Milton, FL- Gator Links at NLA:The antithesis of what I like to see on a course, insanely tight basically fairwayless holes for the most part, where being lucky plays a huge role and the straight shots or sharp turns with no room to go wide are relentless. At the least, the land is very cool, basically a marsh and then some pine forest with nice plants I've never seen. Just waiting to see an alligator this time around. Dual tees, but the longs are so grown in they wouldn't really even be playable right now. Slight elevation, major by FL standards, on a few holes. Well marked, new. Hopefully in the process of being worn in as more and more play it.

Clearly I've had about all the 200' super tight straight holes I can take, and I'm hoping there will be something different coming up soon!! I have hardly used a driver for anything but to crash through trees with more speed in the past 2 weeks!

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Comment by mr ed on October 26, 2008 at 4:38pm
hey now,good to hear jedi knight,Peace
Comment by Ben Calhoun on October 25, 2008 at 11:17pm
yes what it means is that even though john mccains brother used a word that i can even respect cheney for using, its not enough to make me go over to the dark side
Comment by Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun on October 25, 2008 at 10:59pm
That's funny, kindofabuzz, I mean the thought that Ben is a McCain supporter. I can't wait until he replies! :)
Comment by Steve on October 25, 2008 at 10:53pm
He said he voted for Obama.
Comment by kindofabuzz on October 25, 2008 at 10:42pm
You're voting for George W. McCain? Lost all respect for you now man! :(

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