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Yes that's in reference to an obscure british comedy show.

So today I went to the Red Hawk in shorts and a T-shirt, everyone else was in winter coats it was mid-40's. I thought the looks were because it was 'cold'. But no, it's because there is a DRESS CODE because it's on a golf course. Lucky I had other clothes, but I dunno..I think it might be prudent to say that there is a DRESS CODE in the COURSE DIRECTORY!! Makes sense right? Have no fear I will update it, as usual. Kind of important for people to know that so they can be prepared. Also it's now 15$ not 10$.

There's a reason I (and most of us) don't play golf, and it's not just the cost. Having to wear 'nice' clothes to appeal to other people is one of many things wrong with society. I respect that it's their property, have no problem doing it to play there, just wish I had known ahead of time.

It makes me feel superior to them because they have to shell out so much, wait in line, plan ahead and dress up all stuffy, just to do what is essentially the same thing. How silly.

My right middle finger, the release point, split open today at Red Hawk from the relative cold and all the bombing shots. It hurts, and it may put a stop to this for a day or two if it won't heal or be covered well by athletic tape. Just great.

Thanks again Matt Monckza and tonight to my distant relatives who I just met for the first time for putting me up.

Crystal River, FL- The Red Hawk: If you come to Florida to play, and don't play this one, you should have gone to Wisconsin or Iowa or something instead because you missed out. It took nearly 3 hours, at a purposefully leisurely pace and taking 86 pictures and many extra drives, and that's with a golf cart. Here, you can drive up the fairway, don't have to stick to a path, so potentially you could play in under an hour if you knew where you are going. Triple tees, some cement, some asphalt paths, some rubber. From longest it approaches 10,000' long and will kill your arm. You basically need to be able to throw a control drive farther than even I can to score here, it's really for the bombers, but they can't just throw anywhere with many tight shots and insane OB and mandos, water traps, etc. Cart paths and across often OB, lagoons, ponds, creeks OB and you will likely lose a disc or 5 in water, I lost one. Greens OB. There is a long sheet of individual rules for each hole that made me dizzy trying to understand, way too complicated for just a casual round, but for the Player's Cup it'd be good practice to play by them so I did valiantly try. Well manicured, obviously, on a golf course- half on the golf course and half on the fringe, with one basket actually tucked into woods and another down a tunnel in the woods. Some tight shots, often forcing you to pick a route and wail as hard as you can through a gap or down a line, playing the skip and having to negotiate water or paths. Many super long par 4's and 5's. Chance of seeing manatees or gators it says, I still have not! But lots of other wildlife, scenic views. Somewhat tricky to navigate even with map (bad photocopy doesn't show hole #'s, limited signs on the course itself) and tough to figure out all the rules. I advise getting the cart, it'd be painfully long to walk, and roll ahead to scout out every fairway to the basket, noting all the water that you may not spot from the tee. The best golf course I've played yet, the place to play to get a feel for life in Florida. Listed par is obtainable. Itook 3 -3's on par 4's and a 4 on a par-5. Wind critical factor and reason for my lost ESP Force.

Brooksville, FL- The Quarry:Another golf course, but this one you don't really want the cart, save your 5$. You must stay on the path, and to get to your shot and the tees and baskets, it may be quicker just to walk. Tough to navigate- tees not very well marked, faded. I played #4 from #5's tee and threw at #7's basket and didn't know until after I made the putt, then had to swing back and figure out where #4 really was. Has a steep and deep tree filled quarry in the middle, with a shot right over it and one alongside it. Not really in play if you throw from the appropriate tee for your skill level. Basically 7 holes really tough to park, make you throw a great and long shot for the 2. The other 2 are long and par-4, with the finishing hole a MASSIVE near 800' downhill hole where you can throw a RHBH hyzer or go big and over a tree line on an 'S' but if you fail it's miserable. Then the basket is on a steep small uphill slope with a large rock on each side. 10$ w/cart for just 9 holes, another reason to walk it.

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Comment by denny ritner on October 29, 2008 at 9:24am
You guyz are right that the Quarry needs much better signage. If you know where you're going, though, it's a lot of fun, and I do think the cart's worth the extra $5 just for the unique experience and fun. That course is kinda like a roller-coaster that you want to ride over and over. I could play it a half a dozen times in a day without getting bored.
Comment by Steve on October 28, 2008 at 10:34pm
As in a 5 foot gator!? Holy shit if that was me I would have become jesus and ran across the water.
Comment by Jamie 'gr8rocshot' Ruane on October 28, 2008 at 8:17pm
Fun huh? I should have told you there was a dress code. Now, I haven't played the Quarry yet...I did play the original Brooksville course...way back, It was The Canyon....It's a shame it's gone. Anyways if the directory says on Ball Golf course assume there will be a dress code. ( I haven't looked at Red Hawk in the directory, so I don't know what it says) Usually no Denim and you must be wearing a collered shirt.

A bit to cool for Swamp Chicken (Gator) today. If you want to see Manatees, on your way from O-town to Daytona in Orange City...there's a state park called Blue Springs State Park...no Disc Golf there but it's usually chocked full of those Sea Cows this time of year. It's not real far from the new DeBary course Hos put in last year. Basiclly Blue Springs and The DeBary Course are both on 17-92. after Debary stay on 17-92 heading northeast into Orange City, look for Brown Sign to Blue Springs on left side of highway. Next city is Deland, 92 splits from 17 in Deland and is the main Drag into Daytona...Tuscawilla is on 92.

Now if you go towards Sarasota then east towards Miami/ Ft Lauderdale, on your way back up 95 after Wickham in Melbourne and F Burton Smith in Cocoa...jump over 46 west back to 17-92 to catch DeBary. Follow 17-92 around Lake Monroe....on the north side of the lake look for a large power plant...the Debary course is just about in the shadow of that plant maybe a quarter mile away...give or take.

Last year me and T Hild played Red Hawk...he hit a Branch, I think it was 2 ...went across the little section of the pond into the shule...as he was stomping through looking for his Disc, he about stepped right on a 5 footer....that will get the blood pumping. That was in between Xmas and New Years on a nice 80 degree day.
Comment by Kyle Jacob Smalling on October 28, 2008 at 6:29pm
Thats why my brother thought the quarry sucked...

Just 9 baskets thrown on a golf course, but that last hole sounded amazing

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