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this week I'm in Brussels Belgium where its on average about 34 degs. I work for World Airways Inc. as a Heavey Mx Material Rep. which means I supply parts to our Mechanics when our Aircraft are in check through out the World. As you can quess I get to do alot of traveling and as of late very little time to play Disc Golf, next week I'll be heading to Zurich on 1/12/08 for a quick two day check and then back home to see my wife and son in Lake Elsinore, Ca.

well thats it for now,I'll write more later when I get back to the Hotel so I can add some pictures to the blog.

Hey everyone Well its been one week since I got here and the sun finelly came out so I hopped on a local bus and road into town,Brussels is your tipcal european city where all the tourist flock to the shopping district.For those of you whos never been to europe it can be very expensive but if you look around you can fined some good deals.lucky for me theres a food mart acrossed the street from work so I've been able to eat for about $15 euro a day ( thats lunch and dinner ),can someone say SCORE lol,when my family and I went to Italy last month we were spending about $100 euro a day just to eat

After my stop at the local Mc Donalds for a Royal w/Cheese combo I walked around the streets of Brussel and found this cool little 3pc.street band playing for change which I kicked in a couple euros and enjoyed the cool sounds coming from the Tuba player

On my way back to the bus stop I found a place called the "Drug Opera"wounder what was going on in there "whom" sorry I didn't stop so I couldn't tell.

Oh well thats it for now...next stop will be Zurich see you soonDelete Comment

Hello everyone

greetings from Zurich, Switzerland, well Brussels was ok but now its back to what I do best and thats getting my hands on a big aircraft and clearing write ups and scheduled Maintance and getting the aircraft back in the air.

theres nothing quit like climbing into the cockpit and getting your hands on the controls and going through all the different systems there are onboard a MD11 Cargo aircraft, I can't wait untill we gett our 747's around may of this year

it may look fun but alot of work goes into keeping a aircraft of this size flying in good running order and alot of systems have to be checked out before we can clear it to leave the hanger, working in Switzerland is nice because these guys really know thier stuff and are contant professionals at what they do.At the end of the check you get a good feeling inside when you watch the fruits of your labor left off the ground and go roaring into the skies above.

well thats about it for this post I really didn't have a chanch to see to much while I was here but maybe next time, two more days and I get to go home to see my wife and I'm looking forward to that one as chef would say "gonna get some sweet loven by the fireside" yeah baby!!!

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (June 1, 2005) - World Airways has unveiled a specially painted MD-11 wide-body jet that will fly a group of former Vietnamese orphans back to their homeland to commemorate the company’s dramatic “Operation Babylift” flight 30 years ago. The modern plane has been painted to resemble the livery of the World Airways DC-8 cargo plane that launched Operation Babylift by flying 57 Vietnamese orphans to the United States at the end of the war in Vietnam. The 1975 World Airways flight, which took off against the wishes of government authorities, triggered a national effort during the entire month of April 1975 that ultimately brought more than 3,000 orphans to families in the United States. The commemorative trip has been named “Operation Babylift – Homeward Bound,” in honor of the airline’s heroic efforts of 1975.

Hi Guys

Well as they say all good things must come to a end,I got to spend a whole five days this month with my wife and lets just say I made the most of them ( yeah baby )

This week finds me back in da ATL as in Hot Altanta, Ga. where our Corperate Headquaters are, I'll be working at Delta for the next two weeks where we do alot of our Hanger Maintenance at.This week we're saying goodbye to N803DE which is a aircraft we leased from Delta but now the lease is up and its being sold to the EVIL UPS ( cargo hogs of the skys )

The story above is just one of the things we used this aircraft for, over the years our government his ask World Airways Inc. to do alot of humanitary flights but this wasn't one of them.One week down and one to go and then its back home for a week then back to Brussels for me, next time your out on the course throw a disc or two for me...

thanks guys and talk at you soon.

Jack the Traveler

Hey Everyone
Well I'm back in Brussels, Beligum which sucks because I can't watch WWE or American Idol thank god I can DVR my shows so I can watch them when I get back, something to look foward to I guess.Well the next two weeks should be pretty boring so hopefully I can get out this weekend and do some more exploring and see what Beligum has to offer, maybe I might even hop on the train and go to Amsterdan.Yesterday my co-worker and I went driving the wrong way down every oneway street we could find and when to cops showed up we just looked at them and asked if they spoke english, we told them we didn't understand the street signs which was good for a laugh or two.Afterwards we drove over to the local IKEA and had 2 hotdogs and a soda for less than 2 euros
Is it just me are do all euorpeans like runny srcammable eggs and five second cooked bacon LOL. wheres chief Ramsey when you need him DOAH!!!

Well Brussels week is about over but I did get to see Freedom up close when the Kosovo people took to the streets last week, there were people of all ages hanging out of cars, trucks and just about anything with wheels.They were honking thier horns and yelling at the tops of thier lungs.

What I thought was going to be a short 15 minute bus ride turned into a tour of Brussels as the bus driver tried to find a alternate route to the city's center, once there I took in the various people pan handling.

This guy was about to start spinning this fire stick but before he could set himself on fire the local popo made him stop.ok everybody put the marshmellows down

When we were in Italy for Christmas these guys were all over the place but this was the only guy I saw here in Brussels,this guy was pretty weak and gave robots all over the world a bad name LOL

These two really had the desperate look down and for a minute I thought I was in Russia, They were playing some depressing little didy.What I couldn't figure out was is how big does that thing have to be, I mean really it only had one string.

But this next act took the bagging thing to the whole next level, these two really had thier game faces on... I almost started crying and was about to put some coin in the can when I saw it.If you look very closely you can see the bling this dog was wearing( Bluetooth ear adapter, Razor cell phone, D&G sunglasses &and a gold tooth), this dog is a pimp. D O DOUBLE G.
Well anyways that it for now it's time to head back to the bus stop and make my way back to the Hotel, two more days and I'll be heading home to see the wife and kids and I can hardly wait to see them.Next weekend I'am going to try and hook up with rhett while I'm home and play some Disc Golf, hope I can remember how to throw one.
untill next time I'll be seeing you.

Hi Everyone
This trip home was extra nice because I got to spend two weeks at home this time, Mainely because when I was getting off the airplain in Beligum I noticed that my badge for LAX was about to expire.After spending my regular six day off I went in to our Los Angeles, Ca.office to fill out the paperwork necessary to renew my badge which would have really sucked if it would have expire because I would have had to start the process all over again.So after standing in line for about four hours just to get inside the bldg. I thought I would be able to just go over and take my picture and be on my way BUTT NOOOOOOO. I had to go outside and stand in another line for about three more hours just to get back to where I was three hours ago.Long story short I got my badge and now I'm good for another two years ( thank God )
This weekend my wife and I went to this seminar for people who want to be Foster Parents, it was a all day seminar but it was total worth it.I can't wait to get certified.This morning I flew out to San Antonio, Tx. where I'll be for the next two weeks to work on one of the Aircraft we're leasing from out sister Airline ATA and the I'll go back to Beligum for another two weeks, after spending the next four week on the road I'll be heading home just in time to spend my anniversary with my wife, I LOVE YOU HONEY YOUR THE BEST.

According to my wife we just adopted / sponsered this little cuittie, shes from India


Hello Everyone

Hey everyone Well two weeks down and two weeks to go, I'm sitting in my Hotel room getting ready to go to the Airport to make my way back to Europe.No more freebee's LOL I/m just happy they havn't figured out a way to charge us for breathing in Europe LOL becuase they charge for everythin else, when I get home it will be two days before my anniversary and two days after that my wife will be going in to have her knee replacement surgery so for those of you who pray please put her in your prayers.I'll be so happy when its over because she'll be able to walk around with out pain anymore and maybe I'll get her out on the course, I know all the local ladies would love to teach her the game.Lastely as you can see we added a new 747 to our fleet, the upper deck is awsome they put in bunks for the crew and first class seats for people like me hoping a ride... and a place to cook as well. well thats it for now...talk to you all soon.

President Bush's National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC), sitting at Brussels International Airport.There are only four E-4B aircraft in the US Air Force, and only one of these is constantly on alert. If ground command control centers are destroyed during an attack, or a state of national emergancy occurs, the NAOC will take over operational control.
The aircraft here in Brussels is packed with CIA and NSA agents monitoring situations around the world.
They also reckon that its EMP proof!!

Well it looks like my European travels are over for awhile and I'll be switching to a west coast deployment, my Supervisor tells me everybody on the west coast was complaining that I wasn't around enough and that I was needed back home.After this last trip to San Antonio, Tx. I'll be bouncing all over the west coast, while on my last days off I had on anniversary on wedsenday then jury duty on thursday fingerprinting on friday and to top it off took my wife to the hospital for her knee operation.The operation was suppost to be on friday and she was suppost to get out of the hospital around tuesday so I took some extra days off so I could be there to take her home, but while we were driving to the hospital her doctor called and wanted us to stop by his office. When we got there he said after going over her xrays he wanted to do just a parcel knee replacement because he thought a total knee replacement would have been overkill,since just the top part of her knee was bad as of her last surgery a little over a year ago. Well everything he said made sence so we said ok but the operation wasn't going to be untill the day before I left for San Antonio, so wedsenday comes along and I'm waiting to hear how the operation went and the doctor calls me to tell me the operation went well but they had to do the total knee replacement after all... go figure.Long story but my wife is resting at home now and I'am in San Antonio were I stoped by the Air Force base to take some picturs


Hey everyone
Jack the traveler here
Since my last post I've been around the world at least four times and right now I'm setting at JFK waiting to go to Frankfurt Germany for the next two weeks, I'll try and post pic's later, I just cought the red eye from Los Angeles, Ca. and I'm waiting to board our Company Aircraft in a couple of Hours.

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Comment by Keith Dwyer on May 18, 2010 at 9:37am
It sounds like you have a very interesting job and life! Was the last update in Oct. 2008 or am I missing more recent ones?
Comment by Rizbee on April 21, 2008 at 2:29pm
Hi jack - I'm not sure what is newest info, the top or the bottom? Anyway, cool pics and interesting insight into what you are doing and life in Europe as an American!
Comment by Greg Simmons on February 17, 2008 at 8:54am
I can see why you play disc golf !
I imagine your job can be stressful at times...My discing partner is a pilot but he never seems stressed or worn out.

Cool Blog too...Interesting reading...
Comment by Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun on January 13, 2008 at 5:59pm
I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks.

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