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Recently I posted on the GRABM message board. Jon and Brett don't like it when I post because I tell too much truth. So I sent an e-mail to Jon and Brett warning them that I had lost control of myself and posted there. I told them I was just out riding my trike, remembering childhood crushes, and one thing led to another, and then I was posting on the GRABM site. Later I decided the "one-thing-led-to-another" could make for an amusing explanation so I wrote it up and sent it to Jon. What follows is what I sent Jon, slightly edited for a more general audience.

Do you ever wonder whatever happened to childhood acquaintances you didn't keep in touch with? For me, that's every one of them.

The a couple of days ago I was out riding my trike and I went by a law office and I wondered if that used to be Larry Ternan's office. And then I wondered whatever might have happened to Lucia Tiernan. Ternan/Tiernan. Every time Larry Ternan appears in our Court I miss what the first guy has to say because I start thinking about Lucia Tiernan! I had a crush on Lucia in 7th and 8th grade. She lived on the street that's one over from 7th which surprisingly was neither 8th nor 6th! It was Kenwood, if i recall correctly. So, anyway, sometimes I'd ride by when I was doing my paper route, and occasionally she'd be out. Back then I thought she liked me but I was never sure. At the end of eighth grade she told me she was going to Lake Forest Academy for high school. I went home and cried, and then delivered the papers.

As I rode the other day I remembered that I had looked her up once or twice on google and had gotten no hits. She probably changed her name when she got married. I decided I'd look her up again, and then forgot all about it. Until yesterday. Lyle Ross posted on discgolfersr.us and I got an automatic e-mail that I mistook for saying Lyall Mercer posted on discgolfersr.us which was quite surprising. Lyall isn't a disc golfer. He's an Australian evangelist pastoring a little church in Waterford, Michigan, for the time being. If he's posting on discgolfersr.us, he must have googled me! And all that reminded me that I wanted to google Lucia.

Lucia is all over the internet in her married name. She blogs about blogging on a blog where she helps bloggers with things like add-ons and plug-ins and increasing traffic count and linking stuff. In a recent comment to a blog post she flippantly remarked on the name of the previous person to comment,

"When I was an undergrad, I admired the faculty members who all seemed to be able to read names like
volodymyrzablotskyy.com without hesitation. They also managed to read all the polish, eastern european, arab, iranian names with no problems. Polysyllabic Indian names? Finnish or Hungarian names? No problem. Turkish? Fine.

Then, they would near the end of the alphabet and stop short at: "Lucia Tiernan". I'm not making this up. (I had one faculty member actually ask how I got such a strange name, because clearly "Lucia" does not go with "Tiernan". )

So I looked around and found her About Me page. She looks the right age in a 50X50 postage stamp picture. She's in the Chicago area. She's very smart and witty. She's an expert knitter and writes programs for knitting machines. She went to grad school and taught at ISU some. She's married to a scientist who is stranded in the Arctic but not in any danger so long as they get back on the boat when they see polar bears. Except for the scientist husband in the arctic, it all fits what I remember about her. And anybody could have a scientist spouse stranded up north. It happens.

So I said hello on her About Me page:

Hey Lucia,

I was out riding my trike the other day when the thought came to me, “I wonder what became of Lucia Tiernan?” I think this might have been the dying gasp of one the last neuron sets devoted to “Lucia Tiernan” because all else I can remember about you is your smile and flashing eyebrows.

Highland Junior High? Broke all the public school boys’ hearts when you decided to go to Lake Forest Academy? I’ve always hoped you left a trail of broken hearts through college and grad school! Assuming you are her.

I wouldn’t expect you to remember me. Feel free to remove this kind of personal stuff from your page.

Fondest regards.

So that caused me to wonder what Lucia would find if she Googled me. I googled myself and found a lot of disc golf stuff and my office phone number. I found a message board post mentioning my name over at GRABM's forum so I read that and responded.

That's how remembering long lost crushes led me to posting on GRABM's website.

Hey, I figured out how to do the cool blogging thing with the word that is a link. Over at PDGA.com there's a utility that does it for you.

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Comment by Bruce Brakel on July 27, 2008 at 11:06pm
I told her about it. I think Diana doesn't worry too much about me that way. She knows I know that if I strayed she'd shortly thereafter be a widow paying you to get her the best plea possible.
Comment by mark ellis on July 27, 2008 at 7:18pm

I'm not sure what your latest blog posting means. But of one thing I am fairly sure: Nothing good will happen if your wife reads it.

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