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I am planning a mini tour of central NC disc golf courses. There are a lot of 9 hole courses north of Charlotte. I know that the best courses are in Charlotte, but I want to get the maximum out of this trip. I want to play as many new courses as I can. I will be able to fit in more if I play 9 hole courses. I am going to play a few 18 hole courses as well. I plan on trying to fit in something like 10 courses in 3 days. I will post the courses that I play and my thoughts.

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Comment by Mystery on August 13, 2008 at 4:07pm
Northeast Creek Park, Jacksonville, NC
I played this course on the way back to Lumberton from the beach on the 11th. The baskets were Innova Discatchers that were in great shape. The tees are made of concrete and about 3ft X 4ft or more. There are signs at the tee that include a map, distance, and par. I found that the inclusion of numbers on the back of the signs did help me find my way. The front nine begins as you tee from behind the parking lot towards a small creek that is between the basket and the tee. The 2nd hole was situated at the corner of the park entrance and the main road. The foliage required an anhyzer shot to the basket. The 3rd hole was a straight shot with the basket off to the left. The 4th hole was straight and tight with a possible anhyzer shot at the goal. The 5th hole was a short 211ft throw that had the basket protected by three dogwoods. The 6th hole was intended as a hard anhyzer to the basket, but you could come off of the corner of the box and attack it straight on with a tight accurate throw. I saw no sign of a mandatory, but one may be in play for local play. The 8th hole had two baskets in the fairway that creates confusion. The 9th hole was a straight shot over the creek with the basket shielded by a grove of trees. The 10th hole requires you to throw over the parking lot and tee box on your flight to the basket. The 11th hole is a good stretch at 567 ft and gets your arm warmed up for the 1001ft 13th hole. The 13th is a downhill shot under power lines towards the boat dock. It doesn’t require much in flight control but is just about raw distance. I liked the 14th hole. After finishing the marathon 13th, you are required to throw uphill into the open to a basket that is mounted on a hill that is surrounded by trees. The entrance road can come into play on the next few holes as they play up through the thin stretch of trees. The 16th hole is a short shot along that road. The throw is only 196ft, but the basket is directly behind a row of bushes tall enough to cover all but the yellow band of the basket. The 18th hole is a nice throw back from the corner of the parking lot to a basket that is tucked to the right in trees by the road.

While I enjoyed playing my round here, I would be wary of playing this course if it was crowded. The layout is interesting, but it is jam packed. There are many tees that have the basket of another hole dangerously close. There are many holes that have multiple baskets in view. As a result, I found navigating the course to be problematic. It would help to have directional signs. I had trouble finding the first tee, but after 5 minutes of searching I discovered it behind the parking lot. When playing, I was unsure which of the three baskets that were visible from the 12th tee was the correct one. This was repeated on a number of holes. The sequence of holes from #11 through #16 utilized a thin, but long stretch of trees that were dotted by baskets. While the signature 1001ft 13th hole was interesting, it was wide open without much change. I noticed a stretch of land between the ball field and the dock that would have housed a couple of holes that could break the monotony of this stretch. However, this land may not be in the possession of the park to be utilized. I did not do a good job of recording both the par and pro par, so that could be updated on the site.
Comment by Mystery on August 13, 2008 at 3:06pm
Glenburnie Park, New Bern, NC
I played this course on the 9th with Bear. This is a very nice course. The course starts out with a large rules sign and course map. Each tee has nice tee signs with map of the hole along with par and distance. The baskets are Innova Discatchers that are in great shape. There are two sets of tees that are natural/grass with short angled posts marking the teeing area. Tees are relatively easy to see and the course is very easy to navigate. The first hole has you teeing from the top of a hill to a basket protected by a grove of trees at the bottom. The second plays along the side of a hill with the basket protected by the slope of the hill and a road. The third hole plays along the side of a large wooded drop off to the river on the right hand side. Hole #4 plays from the top of one hill to the top of another with trees inhibiting the flight of your disc. Hole #5 plays those hilltops back to the wooded river line. The tee is protected by a tight line of trees that break into the valley and thicken back around the basket. Hole #7 is a great blind anhyzer shot to a basket that is about 50ft from the river’s edge. The #8 is a monster 473ft tight shot with the basket perched atop the side of a hill. Hole #9 is another long par 4 that is 454ft that is very tight. Hole # 10 is 241ft tight shot that is relatively straight. The 11th hole is an open shot to a basket tucked in behind trees. Hole #13 is an interesting dogleg to the left. If you turn the shot too soon, you will find yourself in the thick of the woods. There is also a tree that plays as a mandatory that you must navigate to the right. Hole #15 is another dogleg shot to the left that requires a well placed shot to navigate the trees. #17 is a monster 535ft shot that requires the drive to make it through a grove of trees. There is a fenced in playground to the right of those trees that could come into play if trying to navigate around the trees. The basket is placed in the open but is surrounded by roads on the left and behind it. There is a ditch that runs along the right side of the basket. There is plenty of room to place your approach, but the possibility of trouble is there. The #18 hole requires you to drive across a road to a basket that is protected by two large trees. If you can navigate through or around them, you will find an easy approach to the basket.
This was a great course, but there are a few things that I think could have been addressed better. The play around #7 and #8 could be dangerous. The fairways cross very close to #7’s basket and #8’s tee. This would not be a problem except that the throw to #7 is blind. The shot on #13 is dangerously close to a shelter. The designers made the tree a mandatory to force players to throw well away, but and errant throw could easily deflect off of a tree near the box into the shelter. I doubt that it occurs often, but it is a possibility. The design for the 18th hole from the blue tees was a bit perplexing to me. I felt that there was plenty of room on the left side of the road to place the basket. I don’t like teeing over the road. Placing the basket to the left would have made it an easier open shot, but I think that it would have been safer. The hole was fun to play and I can see how it would challenge players to be accurate in their throw.
Comment by Mystery on August 7, 2008 at 11:56pm
North Asheboro Park DGC, Asheboro, NC
I played this course on the 6th and I loved this course. It reminds me a lot of Sloan, except that it has elevation and more wide open holes. The baskets were DGA New II Baskets. They had poles extending from the top with number plates attached. This made the baskets easier to spot. The course included a practice basket near the first tee. There was a large information board with rules, a course map, and distance /par for each hole. The tees were 3ft X 6ft raised concrete surrounded by gravel. There were signs at the tee with par and distance on them, but not a map. The course equipment had a very professional appearance. The course was beautifully maintained with restrooms, shelters, and other amenities (swimming pool, tennis courts, ball field). The first 9 holes were wooded and most of the remaining holes were out in the open with trees protecting baskets and providing obstacles to navigate.
Hole# 2 was a nice anhyzer shot to a basket tucked slightly off to the right, but the next hole required a much harder anhyzer turn than the previous hole. The 4th hole was an uphill shot to a strategically placed basket. The 5th hole was bordered by the tennis courts on the left and thick wood line to the right. The basket was tucked to the right at the end of the wood line. This was the most open hole on the front 9. The 7th hole was a straight shot towards the basket 188ft away. The alley way towards the pin was very tight but gave alleys to attack the basket with your putter. The 9th hole was a wonderful hole. The tee is on one end of a hill with a two trees forming a field goal at the other end. Once your drive bursts through the field goal, it finds a meadow at the bottom of the hill. The basket is surrounded by a cresent shaped grove of trees that shield it from the drive. The back 9 is weaved through a meadow with trees and a creek that winds through it. The 13th hole was an uphill shot with many trees between the tee and basket. There are both hyzer and anhyzer paths to the basket, but you need to be accurate to weave through obstacles. The 14th hole has a hard anhyzer path that appears to be the intended route, but there is the possibility of going right to left over a road that moves through the park. The 15th hole gives a nice s-shaped flight to the basket that is tucked slightly to the left. The 17th hole is an easy 172ft shot that really has no obstacle to the basket. There is a small tree that can easily be avoided. The 18th hole is over the creek with trees strategically blocking a straight flight attack.
There are only five holes over 300ft, but what this course lacks in length is compensated by character. The tee signs could have added maps, but the baskets are visible enough that they really aren’t necessary. Most of the transitions from green to tee are easy to follow as they are relatively close to each other, but the transition from #4 and #5 is a little tricky. The 5th tee is on the corner of the tennis courts near the wood line. I have only one real complaint. I prefer larger tees, but they were large enough for most holes. The real problem comes from the gravel surrounding these tees. It ends up on top of the tee and filling in the rough finish. This can cause a slippery situation if you aren’t careful. I found myself pulling up short on my drives because of the uncertainty of my footing.
This course has every type of shot represented. It is the type of course that I would travel the 3hrs back to play again and again. It doesn’t have 700ft holes or shots over large bodies of water, but it is fun. If you haven’t played it, then do. If you have played it, then do it again.
Comment by Mystery on August 7, 2008 at 12:37am
Kelsey Scott Park, Salisbury, NC
I had a little trouble determining how to start on this course. There is a mailbox with scorecards showing three sets of tees. The white tees are easy to find because the signs are located beside them. The tees are grassy and marked by round stones sunken in the ground and painted the appropriate color. It took a long time to find the blue tees for hole#1 and I never found a single yellow tee. Many of the blue tees can be seen due to the exposed ground contrasting against the grass. The signs were printed paper behind thin plastic mounted on metal poles. Many of the them showed signs of water damage and fading. The park seemed to be clean, but judging from the surroundings it may not be in the best neighborhood. Most holes were out in the open and only two were longer than 250ft from the blue tees. There was room to move some of the holes into the small amount of trees lining the side and rear of the park. The basket for hole#7 was broken. The cage that forms the basket was on the ground underneath the chains. The last hole is a 315ft downhill shot that was fun, but most of the course was too open. Baskets were placed beside trees with no impediment to the flight of the disc. Only one hole (#6) required you to throw down a fairway, but the basket was out in the open . I played it and left without much of an impression. Definitely a course that you could miss.
Comment by Mystery on August 6, 2008 at 9:24pm
Stumpy Creek, Mooresville,NC
Could not find the course yesterday. I wasted over an hour of driving traveling to , looking for, and travelling back. I wanted a course to take away the bad experience from Bailey Road, but I had to wait until today.
Comment by Mystery on August 6, 2008 at 9:22pm
Bailey Road Park, Cornelius, NC
This was the fourth park of the day and I was too tired to write it up last night. It had small concrete tees and Innova Discatcher baskets. There was signage, but it was just the number, length, and par. For the most part, that was all that was needed. The first hole was 110 ft and straight in front of the tee. Hole #2 was a little longer at 155 ft. If you overthrew the basket, the area behind it was overgrown. Hole #3 was the longest hole on the course at 427ft. At a distance where your drive should land there was a large waste area to the left with very tall grass could easily swallow your disc. If you managed to make it clear of the area, then you needed to navigate the green which was located in the middle of another horseshoe shaped area of tall grass. Hole # 4 was a downhill throw underneath a power line tower. There was a large creek that feed into a pond behind the basket, but should not come into play. The basket directly in front of the tee for Hole #6 is for #8. The basket for #6 is tucked into the tree line and needs a small anhyzer shot to approach. The 7th basket is 127ft and slightly to the left, but you must have an accurate shot. There is thick, prickly brush to the right and a large drop off behind the basket. Lots of trouble for inaccurate shots.Hole #8 is an uphill tunnel to an open green 254ft away. The last hole is a 370ft open shot.
This course is not challenging enough for an advanced player. Only three holes were over 250ft and the rest were under 200ft. Amateurs or novice players can find a lot of trouble if they are not careful. The penalty for errant shots is painful and may not be worth retrieval of plastic. This was a course that I really could have passed.
Comment by Mystery on August 6, 2008 at 12:15am
North Carrabus Park, Concord, NC
This is a great course. The park is clean and very beautiful. The signs are very detailed with sturdy metal posts. The tees are large concrete pads with plenty of grip. The baskets are Innova Discatchers that are in excellent condition with crushed gravel paths leading from the green to either the next tee or the walking path. Those that tees that are off of the path have a gravel path leading to them, which makes navigation flawless. There are a variety of shots that are represented by the layout. 3 of the holes are in the open with no obstacles. Holes #1, #5, and #8 are excellent and could be on any quality course. Hole # 1 is a reachable basket 215ft from the tee. The hole is protected by thick brush to the right. Hole # 5 has a fence bordering a creek on the right side of the fairway . The basket is to the left, giving an excellent risk vs. reward. The shortest hole on the course is the 175 ft #6. It gives an excellent opportunity for an ace if you can get your disc to turn left enough .Hole # 8 is straight through the woods for about 230ft with a right turn to the basket. It is an excellent hole.
The signs are right off of the front corner of the tee. This could present a problem for some players, especially right handed forehand throwers. Hole #4, and even #2, have thick brush that can be a tough penalty to errant shots from tee to green. The drive for #4 is straight under a power-line tower and can be brutal if inaccurate into the brush. #6 seems too short, but it is still fun. I can’t wait to see the rest of the holes. Where are the other 9 holes and when are they coming? This is too good of a course to be just 9 holes.
The speed limit in the park is 19mph. Why 19? Why not 13? The number seems arbitrary and really made me laugh. I was in love with the park as I drove in.
Comment by Mystery on August 5, 2008 at 11:21pm
Dorton Park, Concord,NC

This course was fun to play. The baskets were Innova Discatchers that are in excellent shape. The tees are made of concrete and are large enough to accommodate follow through. Each sign gave a good representation of the hole. There were a few interesting holes that provide players with some choices. Hole #4 was a 401ft anhyzer shot from the tee. Approach shots could also be anhyzer if the drive falls far enough to the right. Hole #5 give the golfer a long hyzer shot from the tee that can be ob if landing on or right of the path. The basket is protected by a creek behind it ready to collect overzealous approaches. The 9th hole is a real interesting hole. The tee is aimed straight towards a maintainance road with lots of brush and trees to the right. The best shot is over the road and working back to the right behind where the baskets front side is completely protected by those trees and brush.
The course was hard to find from the parking lot. It is behind the tennis courts. Find the courts, find the course. The course is intertwined with walking trails that are OB. You have to look out for park patrons, but they are easily seen from all holes. There were some extremely short holes that while fun for everyone to make an ace run, could have been longer and more challenging. The 6th hole was fun but confusing. The sign shows a mandatory that I could not determine on the course. After finishing the hole, I had to search for the tee for #7. I found it, but I can see how others might have a problem. Hole #9’s tee was too close to the basket for #8, but I don’t know that it gets busy enough to be a problem.
I wanted to play the course again, but had to get to the next course.
Comment by Mystery on August 5, 2008 at 10:37pm
Mint Hill Park, Mint Hill, NC
This was a very nice 9 hole course. The transition from one hole to the next was very smooth. Tee boxes were concrete and of sufficient size. The signage for the course was up accurate. Some holes had multiple tees. The baskets were Innova Discatchers and in good shape. The powder-coating was flaking and rusting on most baskets, but this was just cosmetic. Fairways were very well defined. If you had an errant shot, you were penalized but not persecuted.
Hole # 4 had lots of trees between the tee and the basket for a very interesting experience. Hole #5 was a slightly blind, downhill shot. The catch is that the basket is situated feet from a nice slope, so that overshooting could be bad. Hole #6 is a great anhyzer shot.
Hole # 7 was bordered by a barbwire fence on the left. The fairway was tightly lined to the right by brush and trees. The best play would be straight and flat or a left to right shot over the fence to the basket. Right to left shots could go out of bounds. #9 has the same fence in play on the left.
This was a great course with lots of elevation and fair basket placement.
Comment by Mystery on August 4, 2008 at 9:55pm
Fox Chase, Albemarle, NC
It took me a very long time to find this course, but when I did, I was thouroughly impressed. This course has multiple tees and lots of elevation. Many of the tees are on top of one hill with the basket on the next hill. This course reminds me of Wellspring in Burlington. The holes were excellently marked with arrows pointing to the next tee. The signs were very accurate in the description of the fairways. The course was extremely challenging. I played the white course and struggled to par many of the holes. The white tees have a par of 56 and the blue tees par is 58. There were a variety of shots represented in this layout. There were long holes, short holes, left handed holes, right handed holes, open holes and tight holes.
The one complaint that I have about the course was that the tee signs for the holes was at the white tees. This means that if you played the blue tees, you had no idea how long the hole was or where the baskets were located. This was the last course that I played on the day and I was wiped out by the time I was done. The elevations added a lot to the play of the course. This course was definitely worth the drive to get it.

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