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I think I gotta work on my attitude when playing disc. Rather, I need to work on myself when I am doing anything competitive. I'm hard on myself. I mess up, and I get down on myself. I know I have always known that I need to work on it, but I never seem to try. I read a book this fall called "Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect." I figured it would relate well to disc, and it did. You'd think I'd start trying to put it into practice. Nope.

Played my first ever ice bowl today, the Fairway Freezer at Acorn Park in Roseville, Minnesota. The rules were simple. You get a group, and you are only competing against those on your card (in your group). You can make up whatever rules you want on each hole as long as everyone agrees that is on the card.

So I was the only female playing the freezer... and I had the guys scared after I took the box on the third hole and then was tied for it for the next 3. After 9 I was only down maybe 2 or 3- still reasonable and gave me a chance. But then, it happened. Multiple bad throws on one hole followed by a melt down. I laugh at myself to try to keep my sanity, but really, I'm losing it. On a 200 ft hole, my first SEVEN shots all hit wood, contacting 8 trees in those seven shots. Then I made a putt. Woo! An 8 on a hole that is usually a 2 or 3 for me!!! Go to 11. Drive- into a tree. Second and third shots... more wood!!! Hell yeah! 11 non-putting shots in a row into wood!!! Do I win an award for that? Guess the only one I got was the worst attitude of the day award. Well- in my opinion.

You see, I do a great job of laughing and making fun of myself in front of everyone else, while I mask the fact that I'm pissed off. I don't know... it drives me insane. I'm sure there are others out there that are just the way I am. Anyone have any ideas or knowledge to impart on how to keep a better attitude on the course? I need all the help I can get!

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Comment by discgnome on January 14, 2008 at 9:26am
Wow, I'm glad to see others out there doing the same things as I do. So many times I will become frustrated with a bad shot and will joke about how bad I play. Then in my frustration I will take the risky shots, even when they look impossible, to try to make up for the first bad shot. I can tell others they should just get in the clear, yet I can't seem to remember my own words during my melt downs. I really believe the mental is the hardest part of the game. Without the clear mind your game will continue to spiral out of control. I have seen even those who I thought had it together get so rad that they threw their whole bag in the water. Way to much anger there for sure. I do like the suggestion Jay made about the Zen of the game. Great mind set if you can get it. This is what I'm trying to use myself. HEY,IT's ONLY A GAME.
Comment by Jay Joseph on January 13, 2008 at 9:22pm
Keep reading the books or reread the one you have. I like Zen Golf by Dr Joseph Parent but I have the one you have on CD and listen to it on the way to tournaments. It took a little while for things to penetrate my thick skull.

Do you have a prethrow routine? It's what you do when you step up on the tee pad. Physically and mentally. A prethrow routine should get you physically ready to throw your disc as well as get you mentally in the present. Work on clearing your mind on what happened previously (good or bad) and focus your thoughts on the shot at hand. This is not an easy skill to learn. I too have a tendancy to cut myself down verbally after a bad throw. I make fun of myself and my playing partners love it. I'm trying to break that habit this winter as this type of thinking and speaking is counter productive.

Most players only work on the physical part of the game. You've already figured out there is another part. The mental part of the game. It takes time to develop both. Good luck and keep trying.
Comment by John McMullen on January 13, 2008 at 8:36pm
Blowups are hard to handle, been there. One thing I try to do when, and if, I see myself starting to explode is S-L-O-W down. I tell myself "you do not have to make it to the basket in one shot", and just think about getting to a better position for the next shot. This helps take the pressure off of making it all the way in one shot, and if I can dowse the heat, I can usually get back into a more positive place.
This might cost me a stroke, or even two strokes ... but it's better than 2+ strokes if I don't get it under control.
It's situations like this that will teach you more about yourself than any other, so enjoy the learning process. It'll make you a better player in the long run.
I was playing in a tournament at the end of the year in '06, the Grand Valley Open. I was playing well most of the tournament, but in one round, I managed to get myself 10 strokes behind where I should have been by not thinking to myself "just get out of the shule, and take a 4!". Instead, I kept telling myself I could get to the basket quicker if I took that risky shot. Bad thinking, and letting the pressure of getting to the basket ASAP, cost me bigtime. Had I just taken a short out onto the fairway, I could have saved all those strokes and been only a couple behind. MUCH better to be making up 2 strokes than 10!

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