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Protection Plate.... A young man had finally decided to move away from his families home. He ha packed his only possession, a little dinner plate, and left without a word. After many days of wandering, he began to starve. Suddenly, his nose caught fire with the smell of food. He ran and ran until he found himself in a bazaar of sorts. People were everywhere. His hunger panged in his gut. "Free food for the guys with the orange hats," the bearded man yelled into the crowd. "Where can i get an Orange hat," asked the young man nervously. "Oh, you cant have one; Sorry sir, no CHANCE at this food, now move along." The younger man sulked at this let down. Why couldn't he sit down and eat the bountiful meal with the older bearded gentlemen. Our friend had nearly given up hope, and was about to leave, when from another side of the crowded fairground he heard a burley voice exclaim. "Free food for the guys with Blue hats," and again, "People with Blue hats, step right up." Our friend made his way through the crowd. He saw the man with the growling burley voice, and behind him, well, food for miles. "Can I help you," bellowed the man. "Oh, well, hello sir, I am very hungry, where can i get a Blue hat?" "All you have to do is ask my friend. No codes or restrictions here. " "WOW, thats great. You mean they have all this food and i can just ask for a Blue hat and be part of it?" "Thats right! We let anyone in to our feast." The young mans face swiveled from side to side as he eyed through the crowd. Everything was wonderful, and then, suddenly he was stumped by what he saw. There were men with orange hats eating at the tables. Well, they had on Blue hats, but also orange ones!!! "Sir," the young shouted, "those men have on orange hats!!!" "Oh thats OK my little friend," boomed the man, " We let all people who wish join us here." The Large man spread his arms wide to demonstrate that he meant the whole crowd. The younger man looked confused. "But sir, There is another area on the other side of the fairground, where..." he paused, " where the orange hats are eating!" Suddenly, a loud grumble came from the large man, it was followed by a deep, exhaustive laugh. It was so loud that many a person turned his head to see what was so funny. When he finished laughing, the large man took a deep breath " why young man, you must be new here," the young man nodded, "Well, it could mean many things. Maybe there are not a lot of orange hats around today, and these gentlemen didn't want to eat alone, or with just a small crowd," said the large man. As the young man listened he curiously eyed all the people eating, and nodded his head. "But thats not all," the large man said, "Maybe the Orange hats came and saw that the Blue hats in here had smaller plates. You see," the large man continued, and bent over to console the confused young man, "The Blue hats always have better food, but somedays, only blue hats with small plates show up. When an Orange hat sees that he has a chance at better food, AND with a bigger plate.... well my boy," he said " do you see where Im going?" The young man looked down at his shoes. After a moment he looked up. "But, how come they can eat here and when they see that it benefits them, or when they are just a few, but...... but, they wont let anyone else into their area?" At this, the large man pursed his lips and began to knuckle his forehead. "Well son, " said the large man, " I guess thats just the way it is. Some people have choices, they are free to move about the the fairground.... kind of like an all access pass." The young man quickly stammered in, "what about blue hats?" The large man shook his head and frowned. "The Blue hats have it rough here. Usually, there a lot of them around. Sometimes there are quite a few with large, gigantic plates. On these days, there just isn't enough food...." "but sir" the young man interrupted, " Where else can the blue hats go to get food?" The Large man took another deep breath, " its very difficult.. you see, once a blue had has eaten in the blue tent, he cant eat anywhere else, well, at least not for a long time. The Orange hats are free to go where the food is better, or the plates are smaller, but the Blue hat cannot. It is just the way it is." The young mans eyes began to tear up and he said, "but i just got here, and i have only this tiny, tiny, plate to eat with. Where can I go? "Well, my boy," said the Large man, "you can go into the Blue tent, bu there is a chance your small plate wont get any food. But, you can also go where all the other very small plates go." The young mans eyes lit up with hope. "where is that, please tell me, Im so hungry... The large man said, "OR, you can go to a vender and he will give you vitamin pills. They are like food, but without the familiar smell, and texture." He could not take anymore. It was all so confusing. How come some people could go where ever they wanted, and some were could not. The young man began to walk away, shoulders slumped. Behind him he heard words echoing from the large mans chest and mouth. "Be careful my boy, for one day, you will want real food and not those vitamin pills any longer. Make sure you are ready for real food. Bring a large plate back with you, because once you've tasted the Blue hats food, and receive your own blue hat.... you're stuck with them. Remember, a big plate...!" -sjur-

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Comment by beatz on June 18, 2008 at 1:20pm
im not hungry anymore
Comment by friZZak on May 13, 2008 at 12:42pm
Comment by friZZak on March 11, 2008 at 7:20pm
Keep eating!!! LOL
Comment by M-Dubbs on March 11, 2008 at 3:46pm
am I hungry or not?
Comment by Matthew DeAngelis on January 23, 2008 at 10:51am
that confused the shit out of me.
Comment by friZZak on January 14, 2008 at 8:44pm
Not a reply in sight.

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