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10 Attitude Degrees of Disc Golf by Janey Current mood: amused
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I taught my friend, Janey, to play disc golf this summer. She is a great student and is getting better with every trip. She wrote this blog about some of her observations and after I stopped laughing about #5 Panic, I decided to share and repost. Enjoy!

The 10 Attitude Degrees of Disc Golf Current mood: chipper

Over the course of my education in disc golf, I have seen several degrees of attitude surface from friends that I have yet to see these types of attitudes out of. LOL.... I can't say for sure it is the golf that brings out these attitudes but I can't help but be able to make the connection....

So..... The 10 degrees of Disk Golf is as follows..... 1. Excitement.....
~This usually develops as you are making plans for a nice relaxing game of golf......

2. Optimism.......
~No one heads to the course with the anticipation of a bad game... So we are ALWAYS optimistic until generally about the 5th or 6th hole......

3. Competition...
~There are a couple of us, (I won't mention names.... ) that are rather competitive.... I know I won't be winning the round, seeing as how I have roughly 13 years less experience than my 3 or 4some, so I take it all in stride... Some days I feel a bit of it... Some days I don't.... But for the nameless... It is an every game stage of disk golf....

4. Annoyance.....
~Yesterday was the 1st time I have actually seen this stage... Though I am quite sure that is the look I saw upon the face of a couple of our players.... I don't believe I have ever exhibited the look and I do not recall seeing that look on Stuart's face... But I definitely recall the look of annoyance on Robbie's face on hole 9 as he was making his approach to the pin... I believe it was maybe 20% of my fault and equally the fault of Stuart... You see, Stuart and I apparently talk A LOT (each of us, put us together and we will not be winning any quiet games... LMAO....) So, there will never be a quite game nor tee off (apparently) if he and I are on the same course! lol.... I clearly recall seeing this look (which on Charlotte's face resembled disgust) on hole 9 as well.... It was during her putt though...

5. Panic...... ~Panic is best exhibited by Charlotte....Never in my life have I heard a screech of utter panic that stopped 2 baseball games, made me think I was about to be shot, and for sure, scare the living hell out of the kids she was directing the screech towards.... You see, Charlotte had a beautiful drive from the tee on hole 10.... Out of nowhere, a couple of kids appear from the woods and pick up her disk... Well, you can image from the description above exactly how the kids reacted to her... She screeched... (In a total panic tone...) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! DON'T TOUCH THAT.... PUT IT DOWNNNNNNNN!!!!! Hell, it even made me put my disks down and I was only teeing off.... lol

6. Bargaining.... ~Yes, I am sure you have already figured out this stage... It is when you are bargaining with the disk, the pin and of course, your future game, to just make par and in the rare case, sometimes birdie... Deals made with oneself on the golf course, best stay there... Some deals are rather unrealistic and usually the course or the disk fail to keep their end of the bargain! Which leads to......

7. Denial...... ~Denial usually occurs immediately after or soon after bargaining.... You just refuse to believe that your karma is refusing to work with you and you soon believe the pin, the course, the bugs, the rest of nature, and sometime the other players are collaborating on your demise and adding throws to your score that you didn't actually have... Unfortunately, majority usually wins and the player is left with their feeling of denial... The refusal to believe that everyone but them was correct on their number of throws.....

8. Confusion....... ~Confusion occurs immediately following your putt on the hole after denial.... You spend the next stroll from pin to tee, racking your brain and attempting to recall your throws on the previous hole so you can adequately rebuke the claims of your fellow players on your score of the last hole... You think they are right but you just can't convince totally yourself of it... This leads way to the next hole, you lose count of your throws and may even be able to get away with conveniently forgetting to count a drive or throw..... However, once again your teammates come to the rescue and dash your hopes of par! LMAO! (This usually happens to me!)

9. Pessimism...... ~Pessimism occurs when you throw your first out of bounds drive, end up behind a tree, land in the creek or lose your disk all together.... All of these scenarios are bound to occur at some point and well, it just eats away at your confidence until your whole game is screwed... This can begin as early as the 2nd tee for me.... The creek shots ALWAYS SUCK!!!!!! Ya see... Nothing sanitary has ever come from these creeks... They all have the distinct smell of poo.... Week old poo that has been baking in the sun... NASTY! And if the stinch doesn't kill you, the mosquitos will carry you off... Yes, these creeks supply drive by food joints for the mosquitos.... lol.... This usually calls for an attempt at claiming a mulligan or "devine intervention" theory... However, by the time you are done canyoneering or mountaineering to recover your disk, you have given your coplayers the opportunity to discuss and deny your claim! lol

10. Acceptance..... ~Acceptance usually occurs after your reach 5 over par... For some this may be a whole game, for others it may occur as early as the 1st tee.... For me, it is usually in the car or during stretching before I ever even make my first tee.... For some, it only occurs after the round is complete and score is already called. The rest fall somehwere in between and no one can say exactly when that is.... This phase MUST be reached prior to your next game or you may just need to see someone about your degree of comptetion! LOL!

All in all, it is a game that really leads to confrontation and always results in many a laugh...... Regardless, always remember.... What is dicussed on the course, or occurs on the course, remains on the course!!!

Due to this doctrine.... I look forward to every stage I get to experience during every game in which I get to play! Hail to Disk golf.... A game anyone can love to play!!!! And to my usual 3 some.... You guys are the best!!! I ALWAYS have a great time and I find it is not my legs or arms that hurt, but my face.... And that pain is good because it is the result of perma-grin or excessive laughing!

Til next time...... Be good or good at it!

OH YAH...... ALMOST FORGOT...........
MVP GOES TO................ STUART!

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