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Right now we're looking at 29 degree high, 60% precipitation, intermittent flurries and snow showers. Primarily in the AM. We're looking at a tee-time temperature of 23 with a wind-chill bringing it down to 14 degrees. Figured I'd elaborate a little on how my bag looks right now since it seems like that's a popular blog topic of late, and my bag has been very interesting in how it has been used of late, at least to me. I'm definitely changing my tendencies off the teepad.

High Speed Drivers
Innova Star Destroyer - The Star Destroyer has not been in use much of late. That is primarily because of the fact that I've played a lot at Ottawa Park, which has no holes over 390 feet. I use the Destroyer for the big anhyzer on hole 7 from the long pads and for the long downward sloping hole 16 from the longs. However it has been reliable when called upon: at Hoover in Columbus I was able to reach the pin, accurately, with it on hole 18 from the shorts, 394 feet on an incline. With the incline it plays closer to 420 and in the cold winter air that feels fantastic.

Innova Star Teerex - Just a Teerex, not a Tee-Rex, unfortunately. I love the 2nd runs with the Tee-Rex stamp, easily more stable than the more common Teerexes. I really don't use it a lot either, it gets pulled out for hole 1 at Ottawa, it can hold a nice line for 330 feet before giving me a good skip, my Teebird doesn't get the skip I need and my Monster requires too much power to be accurate as often.

Innova Champ Monster - Actually one of the old "Pro-Line" Monsters, back when the Champ plastic wasn't called Champ. This disc has turned into my go-to winter flyer. Forehand s-curves and sweeping hyzers, backhand s-curves and sweeping hyzers, any line I need it shrugs off the wind and holds. I really don't worry when I pull it out, I'm 100% confident that it won't deviate from the line I put it on until it fades.

Fairway Drivers
Innova Star Teebird - Another disc that has really taken over my bag in the winter. It seems to hold whatever line I put it on forever. At Hoover I was actually coming within 10 feet of pin-high on that 394 foot incline. It grabbed a slight anhyzer line and held almost to the end before sweeping back and sliding to a rest. Just a fantastic disc. Due to the wintry cold I've been playing it on a high-snap release with less arm speed than I do during warmer months, it rarely deviates from its flight.

Innova Star Eagle - The SEX, I bought it for its underside marking, haha. Star Eagle-X. It takes over when the headwind is strong enough to turn my Teebird, or a left-to-right crosswind threatens to take my Teebird and send it off course if I flip it slightly. It is also my most reliable thumber disc, holding the most consistent line. It doesn't get a lot of use, but on windy days it is integral.

Innova Star Valkyrie - To be honest, this disc has been far less useful in the winter. I almost never pull it out, and when I do I seem to screw up the line. The only time it has shown any level of reliability was at Hoover on Hole 10, going uphill. It manages to flip to flat and hold a smooth line on uphill shots. It is in my bag for Ottawa tomorrow as a just-in-case, because I can count on it to hold a smooth forehand anhyzer line if I get into trouble.

Innova Star Roadrunner - This is my beloved roller. I have actually taken to pulling it out on one of the holes at Ottawa, Hole 11 from the long tees. I tend to put it inside of 40 feet, and can park it. The key is that by throwing a roller I turn a gap that looks narrow off the pad into a massive one (the tree on the right is only 10-15 feet from its companion on the X-axis, but it is also 40 feet back, a roller going through anhyzer sees a much larger openign). It eliminates trouble off of the teepad.

Discraft Z Buzzz - The Z Buzzz holds a reliable straight line, and is definitely my headwind midrange. I go from a three-finger power grip with my drivers to a full fan grip with my midranges, pinching with my inmost knuckle on my middle finger. This gives me a lot of glide, little worry of turning a disc over, and my arm speed allows me to get over 330 consistently with my mids if need be.

Discraft ESP Meteor - The ESP Meteor is my go-to mid. It holds the straightest line with the smallest amount of fade of any midrange I've ever thrown, at least for my throwing style. With my fan grip I can keep it from doing more than a small amount of turn for a dead-straight 300 foot shot, no variation of line. If I raise the nose I can extend out to 330 with some small s-curve and a gentle finish. I've actually thrown the ESP Meteor 360+ on a long anhyzer with a slight hyzer finish. Beautiful disc.

Innova DX Aviar - I carry two DX Aviars with me on the course, and I practice with 3-4. However, they're not just any Aviars. They used to be. Now I need to be specific: small bead putt-and-approaches. The problem isn't that Innova took away the small-bead. The problem is that they coincided that with the changing of their DX plastic blend. The new blend doesn't take hits and get dinged up, instead it slams into trees and warps. Sure, the plastic still looks pretty, but the shape is royally messed. Screw that crap. I can throw my beat to hell DX Aviar P&As out to 300 feet, and on a low straight line to 230 (if not more, but I don't rely on it for that, I'd rather throw softer with a Meteor).

I'm actually thinking of making the switch to Pro-D Challengers. I feel that inside of 50 feet the putter makes very little difference for me, and at 35 on in it is completely negligible. Can anybody tell me if Discraft changes blends with their Pro-D plastic very often? I like the ones I've putted with lately, and I might make the switch before spring season comes around.

Anyway, thats my rambling post for the night. I was just kind of wasting time since there's nothing to do before I lay down and get some reading for class. If you want something interesting to read I recommend The Hedge Knight by George R.R. Martin, the prelude to the A Song of Ice and Fire series it is the inspiration for the movie a A Knight's Tale starring the now deceased Heath Ledger.

G'night world.


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Comment by Bill on January 26, 2008 at 1:57am
Throw far, fly straight.

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