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Well I desided that I want to share my info on what I throw and how I feel it handles for me. I am LHBH (Left Hand Back Hand).

Let's start with the drivers:

I have 3 Elite Z Tie-Dye Surges. 172, 174, 174 Grams.

These are great disc. In a no wind to slight headwind 5-10mph thrown with a little hyzer and about 70% power they will fly straight forever. I love that you can put about 95% power on them and they will anhyzer for you. When you need distance from 350-450 about 10-15ft from the ground these are my go to drivers.

I have 3 FLX Surges. 171, 173, 174 Grams.

I use them the same as my Elite Z Surges. The only diffrence with them is they are used for 10-15mph headwinds or when I need a longer hyzer bomb about 400ish feet. I don't know, maybe it's me, but it seems that these disc are not ment to anhyzer. Sure you can make them anny a bit but I think the FLX plastic makes them more over stable. So they are rated a 1.7 on Discraft scale but I would put them closer to 1.9 brand new. Now that they are broken in, (Yes its possible belive it or not) they have loosened up quite a bit, but they are still more overstable then the Elite Z plastic. Great disc.

I have 2 First Run ESP Surges. 172, 174 Grams.
SICK is all I have to say about these disc. No wind to slight tail wind, these will travel forever. They have so much glide. I only pull these badboys out when I am in need of that 500+ ft throw with just the right wind. So with that said they dont get used much. I have tried them in winds up to 15+ mph though and they are flippy. In a headwind you have to put to much hyzer on it with your release to get it to even think about flying straight and then your lucky if it doesnt anhyzer off halfway down the field, BUT in the correct wind conditions they are my OMG how did you do that disc. For me a slight tail wind with a little right to left action is where the most disctance comes from. I will hyzer off the start they will still anny off just a bit until 300ish ft., then they will flatten back out, and finally fade off after another 200 ft. or so.

I have 2 Elite Z Avengers. 171, 174 Grams.

Are you kidding me??!!?? These hurt. I don't mean distance, I mean my fingers. Blisters, and thats after I had well formed calluses. I got these because they were a little more stable then the Surge. I needed something to battle the headwinds. Yea these are overstable to do just that, but OUCH!!!. So here is another problem with these disc. SLOW. You throw these, doesnt matter how hard, and they just slow down. They seem like they have 0 glide. I dont know how Nate Doss does it or why he endorses these things but they just seem like a bad disc all together. Im sorry but once I get 2 Elite Z Crush's, these disc are out of the bag.

I have 1 First Run ESP Force. 174 Gram.

Wow is this disc overstable. I love it. This is one of my best headwind disc ever. Its heavy enough to battle the winds and it doesnt matter if its 25mph or 50mph winds, this disc will deliver 400+ ft. When they say big arm throwers only they mean it. If you can not throw ANY disc 400+ then dont even think about this one. It will just cause you a sore arm and alot of frustration.

I have 1 Elite Z Predator. 168 Gram.

This is my go to disc for headwinds 10-25mph. It only knows one thing to do and thats hyzer. Even though this is rated 2.5 on Discraft's scale, I just dont see it. Yes its overstable. Yes its a monster for long hyzer throws. No way in hell is this more overstable then a First Run Force. For me it's a moderate windy day disc. Long straight to long hyzer throws with a bit of fade at the end. This disc is maybe 10% used so it is still overstable like the day I first bought it. So when I get daring and have alot of open room I like to throw this with a TON of anhyzer and watch it S curve or Helix down the field.

I have 1 FLX Avenger SS. 174 Gram.

Ok so the Elite Z Avenger huts my fingers, but a Avenger SS in FLX plastic feels sooooo good. This disc is crazy good. With no wind it is my 50% power, 400ft. anyhyzer disc. It is flippy and you have to treat it as such. With that said it doesn't take much to get alot from it. I have had to retire 3 of these disc due to a 380ft, 410ft, 460ft aces. I am now on my 4th one and I'm sure it will have to be retired soon as well. I love this disc, and can't say enough good things about it. Discraft really did good by making this disc. Ok so lets talk tail wind. 60%-80% power 5-25mph tail wind, dead nuts straight to HUGE bombing hyzers. Do you wanna know what its like to throw 500+ ft? Take this disc, go find a huge tail wind throw it up. Watch it glide and go.

Let's talk Midrange

I currently only have 1 Midrange type that I use. I have 3 Elite Z Tie-Dye MRV's.

1.0 stability on Discraft's scale. Its a slight 5 mph head wind to tail wind disc. Throws about 350ft + on special conditions. This is a slow disc. At first when I started throwing them, I thought they were nice and stable. Now they have become understable with anything over 50% power. I still use them for your 100-250ft short holes and upshots when there isn't much wind. They will fly hyzer to straight at 25-50% power, and go straight to anhyzer 50-60% power. Anything more then that they go to crap. At least they are fun to watch being a Tie-Dye.


I have 1 FLX Challenger. 174 Gram.

Pure heaven. Drives thrown with a big hyzer will flatten out and go 300+ ft. if you are trying to show off. Its slow with a ton of glide so you need to put it up in the air for distance. Alot of fun to watch. Upshots from 100-150+ ft. can either go straight or hyzer if you need. Jump putts from 50-100 ft go hyzer to straight depending on how you need the throw. Putts from 50 ft. and in go straight, low, and stick. If you hit the basket low you have a excellent chance of sticking in the side of the basket because how this disc bends due to the FLX plastic. It has saved me on many occasions.

I have 3 Cryztal Z Challengers. 174, 174, 174 Grams

Flippy drives. Bounces off the chains all the time. I use them for practicing untill I can get more FLX Challengers. LOL I actually taco'd one the other day in the side of a basket. I couldn't belive it. Well at least they look good.

I have 1 Team Discraft ESP Zone. 174 Gram.

Thank you Dan Ginnelly for bringing some of these home from the 08 Worlds. I purchased one from Spinners on the Green (http://www.spinnersdiscgolf.com/) the other day and I am in love with this disc. 2.0 stabiltiy on a putter??? Well don't let it fool you. This thing handles wind AND anything you can possibly want to do with a putter. I never thought I could ever drive a putter over 350ft IN THE WIND!!! Throw it hyzer it stays hyzer. Throw it flat with 50% power it flies straight to hyzer. 70% power longer straight with a fade at the end. RIP this thing with 80+% power, put it on a high anhyzer and watch it come out right before your eyes. I couldn't belive it. A putter that actually comes back. If I couldnt only play with 1 disc, it would be this. I am still getting used to it, and getting it broken in. I havn't figured out just yet what I want to do with it. I think it will replace my mid range MRV's. When I am in the mood I will use it over my FLX Challenger for drives. It will NOT however replace my FLX Challenger for putting. It just does not have the glide.

Ok so thats my bag. I am all Discraft. I use a Innova Disc bag because it was a present (GRRR). I need a new bag lol. Questions, Comments, Concern's, Feedback, all that stuff welcome. Mind you this all comes from someone who practices Mon-Fri from 2-5pm. I play the Vista Del Camino park in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have been playing now since last June.


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