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The defination of NOVICE is: Being Inconsistant, Arrrrrrugh!!

LOL, ya know it's amazing to me how different a game of DG can be from week to week! My avg. at Widefield Park is 77.1 over many games, but the week before I shot an "80", then last Sunday I shot at "74". The days were identical, weather wise but Sunday last week, I couldn't BUY a basket! ;)

It's not like I don't play, I usually play "every other day" at least 1 round, sometimes 2, I think hard about throwing level and keeping the nose of the disc down just a little, Due to having Reiter's Syndrome (chornic arthritis, sponalities family), I just can't throw a forehand/sidearm without PAIN in my shoulder and elbow joints. This has caused me to "find" a disc that goes the direction I need to throw. LOL, well I can tell you, those disc mfg'ers. LIE a lot! ;)

I have a Innova Road Runner, which is suppose to be a very understable driver and want to "go to the right" but the problem is that, yes it starts out right but it ends up with a heavy left fade, get's up on it's edge and rolls "many feet" into the creek on the left side of the tee/hole I was trying to "avoid" by throwing the Road Runner, Arrrrrrrugh!! :( I know that you "BIG ARM" thrower's could just "toss it over the creek" and the sidearm throwers can just toss it over the creek and the disc naturally fades right, you don't know how lucky you are!!!!!

LOL, for those those of you who play at Widefield Park DG course, if your on the #6 Tee and I'm on the #5 Tee, LOOK OUT cause there's going to be a wayward Road Runner come'in at ya so I can stay out of the danged creek! ;)

Take care, Be Safe, Throw Plastic!

Bogeyman! :)

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Comment by Ken Long on October 19, 2008 at 10:32am
After reading your stuff...we need to get together and play. You seem like an equal match to my game (and age probems) with similiar ailements. But you live in Colorado and I live in Michigan. Any way keep disc'in.
Comment by John on May 12, 2008 at 11:30am
try this i recently started doing this when i seen in in the flying disc magazine start on the right side of the tee if you throw right backhand it helps the anhyzer flip more to where your aiming
i had the same trouble with the roadrunner for a while and i started doing this and havent had a problem and bangrr bob is right for shorter anhyzer shot try a discraft stratus
Comment by Bangrrr Bob on February 6, 2008 at 10:00am
If you are looking for a disc that will go right, try the Discraft Pro D Stratus. They go right straight off the shelf and the more you beat them up, the easier you can throw them and expect them to finish right. They make GR8 rollers as well.
Comment by Bogeyman on February 5, 2008 at 5:25pm
Thanks all for the advise, it's well taken!! Yep I'm a newbie a whole 6 months throwing plastic ;) I'm buying new disc's all in the 160 range and will use my old disc's as back up's and "more wind days"! I'm working hard on the mechanics of the throw, I quit "trying to walk up", that was really messing up my throws!! I'm getting better distance and throwing more level by staying "planted" on the tee! :) Once I get my actual throw better then I'll start working on a walk up (can't use the X-step, it's to much pressure when you have to leave your feet on my arthritic joints!), that will help with a bit more follow thru and hopefully a bit more distance.

LOL, at 52 and riddle with arthritis, I'm never going to be a "distance chucker", have to get my PAR in pieces with good, acurate throws!

Bogeyman! :)
Comment by Kelly Welch on February 5, 2008 at 5:07pm
p.s. something else i thought of.... how long have you been playing? how is your throw...

when people are beginners and dont understand the mechanics of a throw, no matter what disc you give them its going to be a hyzer.... keep workin on that anny!
Comment by Kelly Welch on February 5, 2008 at 5:04pm
A lot of discs dont reveal their true flight until they have beat in... Everything starts out stable until you have thrown it in to the trees and roads a few times. Also focus on your angle of release... if its flipping over and rolling on its side you are probably throwing too much of an anhyzer (probably more like a roller!) Depends on wind conditions too. Keep beating your plastic in, and really pull thru your line, youll start getting it to go right... and what they other guys said, maybe your plastic is too heavy for you... try something in the mid 160s or low 70s instead of 175s
Comment by Russell Gore on February 5, 2008 at 1:09pm
Its true that a roadrunner will go right, however what you are experiencing is the natural fade back left. The roadrunner and Sidewinder both have tendencies to s-curve rather than staying right. What you need is something like a DX Stingray. The more you beat a Stingray in the more it will travel right. There are other discs that do this however im not quite sure what they are. Look on the flight charts for Innova and Discraft. You want the flight and the fade to both be in the 0 or negative 0 category. Hope this helps you out some. Also if you are truly Novice try avoiding Star, Champion, Pro, X or Z plastic. Stick with the cheap plastics. They are much easier to learn with than the high dollar plastics. This should help you become much more consistent with your game. Believe me, no matter what anyone says there is no shame in throwing with an entire bag of DX plastic. Also if you are having pain in your arm try lighter plastics. Like 150g-165g. I threw heavy stuff for years, now that age is becoming a factor im finding that lighter plastic flies just as far with half the effort. I know throw the majority of approach shots with either a 150g DX Shark or a 150g DX Leopard. All I have to do is slow down my arm speed so that they dont try and turn right. Thats the best way to know if your throwing one too hard. If it turns right real fast you threw it too hard.
Good Luck, and feel free to message me with any other questions.
Russell Gore # 26401

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