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If you are interested in participating please send your information so I can send you any additional information

March 9 Initial Challenge/Placement Round at Tradewinds, Fort Lauderdale

April 6 Challenge at Easterlin, Fort Lauderdale

April 27 Challenge at Okahelee, Lake Worth

May 11 Challenge at Indian Hammocks, Kendall

June 1 CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND at Amelia (1 winner in each group, Int, Advanced, Women, etc)

Initial entry fee is $20; will include entry into challenge, lunch, bag tag, and player package.

Each additional challenge date will be $5 entry and $3 additional if you would like to join us for lunch!

Rules of Bag Tag Challenge


The goal is to get the lowest Bag Tag # before the Bag Tag Award Ceremony

The purpose of the Bag Tag Challenge is to add another fun element to personal, league and tournament rounds of disc golf. Please proudly display your Bag Tag where others can easily see it and have fun. The Bag Tag Challenge consists of many players buying numbered tags to display on their disc golf bags. The object of the challenge is to work your way up to finish with the #1 tag.

Your goal is to have the lowest numbered Bag Tag possible. When players participate in Bag Tag challenges, the player with the lowest round score earns the lowest numbered Bag Tag among the challengers. Bag Tags must be exchanged immediately following the round. In the event of a tie, the player who started with the lowest numbered Bag Tag will be awarded the lowest numbered Bag Tag.

Give someone a call and challenge them to a round at your favorite course and try to get that elusive #1 tag. If you don’t succeed try again and again. Hold a one round mini in your area to decide the starting order or even the reverse order so the best players start with the highest tags.

Then a tournament will be held when the Top 3 players from each division will have a tri-park playoff for prizes and ultimate bragging rights.

The important thing is to have fun, get out and play more and show some club pride. The Goal of the South Florida Disc Golf Ambassadors Challenge is to bring the South Florida Disc Golf Clubs and those in the surrounding areas closer together through a unified competition.

Rules of the SFDGA Bag Tag Challenge

1. Conduct

a. Conduct yourself within the spirit of the competition.

b. Challenges need to be accepted in order for the series to work for everyone.

c. When you arrive at a tournament or for league play, you subject yourself to being challenged by the first person that challenges you, even if you were looking for another challenge.

d. Challenges are to be made by choosing times and courses that are reasonable. There must be three (3) people present to initiate a challenge.

e. Each player must have his or her tag at the beginning of the challenge.

f. Players are to participate in at least eight (8) challenges throughout the season.

g. Players are to have challenges with at least five (5) different players.

h. Players not abiding by the rules are subject to discipline.

2. Discipline

a. Players found not abiding by the rules are subject to the following penalties

i. New tag issued, using the lowest tag number available

ii. Tag revoked and not reissued

b. Not having your tag at an event may constitute refusing a challenge Please bring tags to events.

c. Report incidents of misconduct privately to either

Krison Okuna

3. Ranking

a. All players will be ranked from 1-? (One round tournament Tradewinds Park). Players purchasing after the first tournament will receive the lowest tag available.

b. Initial entry fee of $20 (receive merchandise and bag tag) each additional formal challenge tournament is $5 for entry and $3 additional dollars to enjoy the post challenge BBQ)

4. Challenges
a. Challenges will be made by challenging up in rank

b. The player who gets challenged will give the challenger 2 dates he can make within a 2 week period to get the match completed or lose his ranking (tag). If the original challenger cannot make the 2 dates given the challenge is void and both players can look for new challenges. Not showing up for a match results in a forfeit. (20 minute leeway)

c. A player may only participate in one challenge at a time. Group challenges are as follows. 3 or more in one group, tags are redistributed at the end of round. In the event of a tie the lower # coming in wins. A maximum of 5 players per round for challenge to be valid

d. The higher ranked player may refuse to accept a challenge if and only if

i. - he or she has beaten the challenger within the last two weeks, and;

ii. Neither the challenger nor the higher player has participated in another challenge since their last meeting.

e. Level of Challenges

i. You can challenge someone with 10 or under only 4 spots at a time (#14 can challenge #10, but 15 can’t; 8 can’t challenge 1).

f. Cost

If the challenger looses to a player with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 the loosing
challenger pays $5.00 to the winner. ($2 to be donated to the club and handed in along with score card for verification.)

If the challenger looses to a player with 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 the loosing
challenger pays $3.00 to the winner. ($1 to be donated to the club and handed in along with score card for verification.)

If the challenger looses to a player with 11,12,13,14, or 15 the loosing challenger pays $2.00 to the winner.

If the challenger looses to a player with 16 or higher the loosing
challenger pays $1.00 to the winner.

You must have tag and money/barter at a challenge. No IOU’s

The player who is challenged never pays. If you challenge and tie you pay.

g. Tournament Play

i. A contestant does not have to accept a challenge in the final round of a tournament event.

ii. The duration of a challenge can be for the entire event, one day of a multiple day event, or a single round.

iii. Tournaments and leagues supersede phone and forum challenges. Challenges at leagues and tournaments are to be made in person.

h. Phone Challenge

i. You may challenge a player at any time. The person being challenged gets to pick the course (Easterlin, Tradewinds, Indian Hammocks, or Amelia) and tees. Other courses are acceptable if both parties agree.

1. Format choices include: stroke play, PDGA rules apply.

2. The challenge may be void if the challenger looses a contest in the meantime.

ii. Unless it is the day of a league or tournament event, it is considered a phone challenge

5. Lost Tag

a. When a tag is declared lost, it becomes ineligible for prizes.

b. A new tag number can be issued for a fee of $5.00

6. Conclusion

a. Contest will end ?

b. Trophies to top (5 or 10) players.

These rules can be amended if needed. List and phone numbers of every one entered will be available.

These rules were plagiarized from the Nebraska Disc Golf Club and Gateway Golf Disc...

Rule 2. Match Play


All defined terms are in italics and are listed alphabetically in the Definitions section.

2-1. General

A match consists of one side playing against another over a stipulated round unless otherwise decreed by the Committee.

In match play the game is played by holes.

Except as otherwise provided in the Rules, a hole is won by the side that holes its ball in the fewer strokes. In a handicap match the lower net score wins the hole.

The state of the match is expressed by the terms: so many “holes up’’ or “all square,’’ and so many “to play.’’

A side is “dormie’’ when it is as many holes up as there are holes remaining to be played.

2-2. Halved Hole

A hole is halved if each side holes out in the same number of strokes.

When a player has holed out and his opponent has been left with a stroke for the half, if the player subsequently incurs a penalty, the hole is halved.

2-3. Winner of Match

A match is won when one side leads by a number of holes greater than the number remaining to be played.

If there is a tie, the Committee may extend the stipulated round by as many holes as are required for a match to be won.

2-4. Concession of Next Stroke, Hole or Match

A player may concede his opponent’s next stroke at any time provided the opponent’s ball is at rest. The opponent is considered to have holed out with his next stroke and the ball may be removed by either side.

A player may concede a hole at any time prior to the start or conclusion of that hole.

A player may concede a match at any time prior to the start or conclusion of that match.

A concession may not be declined or withdrawn.

(Ball overhanging hole — see Rule 16-2.)

2-5. Doubt as to Procedure; Disputes and Claims

In match play, if a doubt or dispute arises between the players, a player may make a claim. If no duly authorized representative of the Committee is available within a reasonable time, the players must continue the match without delay. The Committee may consider a claim only if the player making the claim notifies his opponent (i) that he is making a claim, (ii) of the facts of the situation and (iii) that he wants a ruling. The claim must be made before any player in the match plays from the next teeing ground or, in the case of the last hole of the match, before all players in the match leave the putting green.

A later claim may not be considered by the Committee unless it is based on facts previously unknown to the player making the claim and he had been given wrong information (Rules 6-2a and 9) by an opponent.

Once the result of the match has been officially announced, a later claim may not be considered by the Committee unless it is satisfied that the opponent knew he was giving wrong information.

2-6. General Penalty

The penalty for a breach of a Rule in match play is loss of hole except when otherwise provided.

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