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I have had a few people tell me that they enjoyed my blog with Bob Rotella's wisdom!! This was originally posted on my myspace.

Chapters 11-20

...I will be revealing no secrets by stating that good golf requires confidence. Without confidence, you can't trust your physical ability. You can't perform at your best.

...Negative thinking is almost 100 percent effective.

...By its nature, golf will try to sap your confidence. On every round, even the best golfer will mishit some shots. Over the course of a year, even the best golfer will lose more tournaments than he wins. So, maintaining confidence in golf is like swimming against a current. You have to work hard to stay where you are.

...The inability to forget, Twain said, in infinitely more devastating than the inability to remember. Golfers, after they've played for a while, have a vast store of memories that can affect the way they play. The question is, as you stand over a ball and prepare to hit it, which shots do you choose to remember?

...Its important to differentiate between fear and nervousness. Nervousness is a physical state. It's sweat on the palms, adrenaline in the bloodstream. There's nothing wrong with it--it can even help a golfer. Fear is a mental state. It's being afraid of making a mistake when you swing the club. Fear causes golfers to try to guide or steer the ball, rather than swing freely. That doesn't work. To play his best, a golfer has to feel that once he's aligned himself and picked his target, it's as if he doesn't care where the ball goes. He is going to trust his swing and let it go.

...hit the shot you know you can hit, not the shot Arnold Palmer would hit, nor even the shot you think you ought to be able to hit. I teach a conservative strategy and a cocky swing. You want to play each hole in such a way that you're confident you can execute each shot you attempt. That gives you a cocky swing, which is another way of saying that you swing aggressively, that you swing with trust. The opposite approach would be a bold strategy and a tentative swing. A bold strategy would have you attempting shots you are not confident you can hit. That leads very quickly to tentative swings, and tentative swings produce bad shots. Bad execution of bold shots produces very high scores.

...You must play every significant round with a game plan. Amateur golfers frequently don't understand this. They play spontaneously, making up strategy on the fly. As a result, they make more bad decisions. A good professional never plays a tournament round without first examining the course and preparing a plan to play it.

...One of the most common mental errors committed by golfers under pressure is letting the score distract them from what they ought to be thinking about.

... The first opponent is the game itself. The course, the club and the ball are all idiosyncratic and unpredictable foes, and they will humble the best golfer more than occasionally. The second opponent is the golfer himself. Can he discipline his mind to produce the best score his body is capable of? Only after those two foes have been confronted do the other people on the course come into the picture.

...Never decide that you can't stand another golfer, because you might find yourself paired with that golfer for the most important round of your life.

More to come...

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Comment by Kelly Welch on February 7, 2008 at 7:44am
thanks, bob's books really helpped me last year as I struggled with the mental game of golf. Its easily adaptable to disc golf Coming from team sports I struggled with the mental aspects and what I should and shouldnt be telling myself as i played a round. On the softball basketball or vball court getting pissed off usually got me fired up and i could overcome mistakes to play better, when dging it just makes it all worse! I think all golfers, disc or ball should read his books!
Comment by Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun on February 6, 2008 at 10:35pm
love it :) Kelly

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