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So, I was looking at my ace count on here and I realized that it didn't look completely accurate. To be specific I hadn't yet added the last couple of aces and it took me a few minutes to remember the specifics concerning each of them. I figured I'd do a quick reminisce here while I blast some Tea Leaf Green (thank you DGTV for that recommendation).

Hole 12 - Parmalee Park - June 2005
At the inaugural Parmalee Park Doubles I threw a high anhyzer with a beat to hell DX Gazelle. It cut through, by witness accounts, more shit than should be possible and slammed itself into the chains for not only my first ace, but the first ace ever at Parmalee Park.

Hole 5 - Ottawa Park - August 2005
Another anhyzer. During a casual round with my friends Evan and Aaron and my brother Matt. I actually didn't see the ace, because I didn't have my new glasses yet (this was just after my blinding, and the blinded eye had been my dominant eye). I used an X Storm with the PDGA logo emblazoned.

Hole 8 - Village Park - September 2005
This one was on a temporary course in Bluffton, Ohio and hit a pole hole. It was a thumber with a Champ Eagle. It crashed down into the side of the tone pole for the ace, the only one ever at that short lived experiment from what I know.

Hole 12 - Vienna Park - October 2005
No witnesses, so kind of weaksauce. I threw in a teebird, wrapped it around the tree in front of the basket for a nice little ace. Man, throwing a teebird on a 270 foot hole. Weakness.

Hole 5 - Parmalee Park - January 2006
Noticing a trend? 12-5-12-5... Odd. I remember thinking so at the time as well. This one was a sweeping hyzer that crashed in with my Champ Monster. Can't remember who I was playing with, but a few 101 guys were on the hole in front of me (Bob Smart, Jon Dobberstein, and a few others from their group). I doubt they remember even witnessing it.

Hole 13 - Ottawa Park - March 2006
One of the first nice days of 2006. I remember joining up with a casual group of players and tearing it up nicely. I blasted it with a DX Roc. Well, didn't really blast it. It settled in there nicely though.

Hole 3 - Woodland Greens - July 2006
Hit it playing with a few guys I worked with at Highbridge Hills over the course of the summer. I hit with a Star Teebird that is somehow still in my bag (I have a habit of losing discs). It is the only disputed ace I can say I have. We heard it hit the Innova Traveler (ugh, I'd forgotten that that course used those) and the basket fell. The disc fell halfway out of the basket. Because it was still resting inside of the structure, if only halfway, we counted it.

Hole 10 - Vienna Park - June 2007
I threw a forehand with my TL that skipped off of the ground, ricocheted off the side of a tree and crashed chains. Another one I didn't get to see because of bushes obstructing. This one got me a $48.00 ace pool at Vienna Park plus $5 from one of the guys on my card. Very cool.

Hole 19 (longs) - Ottawa Park - September 2007
Sky hyzer with a Star Destroyer. I put it as high as I could off of the long pad, trying to just crash it in. It crashed. A few people out warming up for doubles witnessed it.

Hole 10 - Carter Park - September 2007
Threw a sweeping hyzer with my Star Teebird prior to a money doubles round. Unfortunately it wasn't a part of the round and didn't count for anything. We ended up taking a three on the hole during the round, and losing by two strokes. Wasted that one, eh?

Hole 19 - Ottawa Park - January 2008
This one was fun, the short tees on 19 this time. During a money round with Osh. I was having a bad round, the ace put me at 50 (19 holes) for the round. Good way to finish off. It skipped hard just short of the basket after a high hyzer and just went straight up and into the basket. Champ Monster on this one.

Hole 1 - Hobson Grove - March 2008
Warming up for the BG Amateur Championships down in Kentucky I managed to crash home with a forehand on the first hole at Hobson. It was with a Champ Monster, easily my most-aced disc. Always a blue one too, never any of my other ones.

Hole 2 - Vienna Park - April 2008
Playing a round of golf with Jimmy Bates and Evan Hughes I stepped up with a Quest-AT Double D. One of the most retarded discs ever. I decided to throw it on a fan grip hyzer for some skip. It skipped right into the chains. The disc and shot were both retarded enough that Jimmy decided to write "RETARDED" under my name on the pole. Yep. Or maybe he just thinks I'm retarded. Either way something was retarded.

Hole 7 (whites) - Bandemer Park - May 2008
After shooting the hottest round of my year on the Monster Course at Hudson Mills and winning Advanced at Thrills at the Mills, Evan and myself decided to go to Bandemer to throw some golf. We decided on a whim to do $5 for an ace. It made sense, from the red tees the course is sick short. We alternated tees to try to get them all in. On this hole I had my second fan grip skip ace. Threw an XCaliber and had it bounce square into the chains.

Hole 14 (longs) - Ottawa Park - July 2008
At Ottawa park to cap off a massive bird run I stepped up with my Champ Monster (the blue one again) and pointed to the left side of the main gap, to a gap that is maybe three feet wide at most and said I was going to take the "fun route." I whipped a perfect forehand through the gap on a rising hyzer. It came in hard and splashed the hell out of the chains for a solid ace.

Hole 3 - Vienna Park - August 2008
During the second round of Sunday afternoon doubles I stepped up onto the teepad following Dave O'Shea. We were having a decent round, playing good golf. He'd just put his roc underneath the basket so I looked back at the guys on the card and said "I may as well put it in, nothing else for me to do." Proceeded to put my Pro-D Challenger on a perfect dead line. It hit hard, dead center. I thought it was going to spit back out but it just hung in the chains spinning before dropping straight down. I followed up the ace by hitting left side chains on hole 6 a few holes later, and then hitting the front of the basket on a skip on hole 8. Also hit the side of the basket on hole 4 (longs) and hole 10 (longs) at Ottawa Park the next day. Biggest spurt of metal hits I've ever had in a short period.

Hole 8 - Parmalee Park - October 2008
Ace number seven on the year felt long overdue. I'm completely serious. Sounds greedy, right? The thing is... Parmalee Park was put in around October 9th. In the time between then and the ace on the 22nd I hit basket five times. It really is an ace run course now. Lots of short ace-able holes. And in a span of 3 days leading up to the ace I hit (oct 19) hole 11's (~210 ft) basket, (oct 20) hole 4's (~150 ft) basket, (oct 21) hole 17's (275 ft) and 18's (331 ft) baskets. So hitting hole 8 on the 22nd with a Pro-D Challenger felt really damn good. With around 7 or 8 holes under 200 ft I have a feeling I'll wind up racking up the aces there.

Hole 4 - Parmalee Park - November 2008
Playing prior to the first round of the Parmalee Park Revival C-Tier I managed to hit hole 4, which as noted I had hit the basket of previously. It felt fantastic to hit, thankfully there was a witness so it doesn't feel too cheap. Threw a slightly turning Pro-D Challenger which grabbed a line and held it all the way in the chains, nice and loud. Nothing cheap about it.

Hole 13 - Parmalee Park - November 2008
Says something about Parmalee Park that three in a row are there now. I smashed chains on this 200 foot hyzer in between rounds of the Parmalee Park Revival. There were various players around the area playing other holes getting ready for the second round that witnessed it. I threw a hyzer with a Pro-D Challenger that flipped slightly and leveled off fading left super-fast and smoked the chains. Two aces in one day, neither during the round. Oh well, at least I hit the basket toss for a nice brand new skill-shot during the day too!

So that puts me at 19 aces, through 44 months. Not bad, hopefully I can keep acing regularly and get it down to one every other month. 4 of the aces with Blue Champ Monsters, 1/5 of them. Pro-D Challengers caught up now with all of my last 4.


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Comment by Pat Burke on November 9, 2008 at 6:47am
fibber!!!! (l.o.l.)

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