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im a newbie to the site and pretty new to to disc golf in all(started July of 09.) Since then i have play every chance i get...at least 45 holes a week. Im in dire need of some approach tips...my game is coming around-driving, putting, etc, but my approach shots are abismale. I have tried all kinds of stances, speeds and even angles(i now have to to hyzer my approach shots just to get them close to the basket.) I cannot seem to find a constant that works for me. If i throw it with my regular stance i cant get the distance accurately. I either bomb it or come up way short because im trying to finesse it up there. Im a rhbh thrower and i throw a 160 aviar as my approach disc.

Does anyone have a routine they use or any tips at all.

much appreciated!

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Comment by J.D.Guy on January 6, 2010 at 4:49pm
Discraft Stalker

I just started in August, and I'm right there with you. I tell you I didn't start having success till i began using the Discraft Stalker with a Fan Grip, one step drive, shoulder pointed toward target. It flies straight, great for tunnels, and lands soft, no hard hyzers. It says its a long distance driver, but that's a bunch of balogna. Now, i shave strokes and can par nearly any hole except for that inescapable errand throw that always shows up in a round, getting closer to consistent par golf now. Also, i do love my Classic Roc, but because of its lip, it began hurting my fingers, scraping skin off down to the flesh at times. I hate Aviar anything btw. I tried many of them. I think some older pros and experienced players like them because there weren't many other options when they began playing, and saw pros like Climo have success with them and got used to them and probably haven't really tried getting away from them to give other discs a fair shot. Thing i love about the Stalker is that i can get great midrange distance with a finesse throw, effortless.
Comment by ROBEY the one. on January 6, 2010 at 3:25pm
the midrange shot is by far the hardest to master. a putter can make a great midrange in certain conditions but dont be afraid to get some midrange discs too, a few sugestions: a drone or whippet for hyzers (release flat and let the disc do the work), a roc or wasp for the mostly straight shots with a little fade towards the end, a buzz or beat in dx roc for the straight to slight anny shots, and i think the most important is a understable disc for the left to right (anny) approaches (i use a comet). if you can master the anny approach you will almost double your available routes on any given hole (IMHO), and gain a competitive advantage over your competition who normally sticks to the easy shots.
Comment by Tino "SilverBack" Medina on January 6, 2010 at 9:19am
get a roc and practice throwing on a football field (marked distance). Do mayn throws and keep track of how much strength is required for how much distance. This will soon develope into a pretty accurate approach game. Then start working on throwing from different angles with the same measurements. It will really help. Good luck
Comment by wesley gunter on January 6, 2010 at 9:17am
Thanks guys! Great stuff. I havent practiced(played catch with a bud) like that and its sounds good way to become more accurate and comfortable with my approach. I will also look at getting a heavier disc---maybe a challenger

By the way, Mark your videos have had a great impact on my game thus far. Very helpful to us starters looking for ways to improve! I have watched them countless times. Keepem coming!

Agian..very much appreciated
Comment by mark ellis on January 5, 2010 at 9:15pm
Approach shots require a lot of practice to perfect. The easiest and best practice to learn approaches is to play catch with putters and mid-range discs. Eventually you need to master every LINE (hyzer, straight, anhyzer, low, high, roller and skip), both SPINS (clockwise and counter-clockwise, which means either backhand and forehand or righty and lefty) at the correct SPEEDS (to counteract the topography) and fight the various WINDS, because your approach opportunity may have exacting challenges.

Fortunately you have the rest of your life to work on these various and complex skills. :)

It sounds like you currently have one of them down (probably a wide open righty backhand hyzer in dead air on flat ground ). So you need to figure out the rest. Start by playing catch (catch = more throwing, less retrieving) with a buddy with a putter and trying to throw straight-perfectly straight-and flat on a line at your buddy's belt buckle. Once you can throw straight on a line all the other skills will come around.

If you watch Pros play rounds they show a seemingly magical ability to throw approach shots close to the basket. They can do this because they have practiced those shots endlessly and can hit tiny little gaps as though their discs are remote controlled.
Comment by Joe Graham on January 5, 2010 at 7:07pm
Use a much heavier Aviar (170-175) or a mid range disc like a Roc, Buzz, Wasp, Cro etc. Hyzer is a good idea usually because the disc won't cruise too far. For straight shots, I use a heavy stiff stable Aviar and throw it like I am playing catch. I throw it with my lead foot usually staying put and looking at the basket and throw with lower arm motion but more wrist action to get some spin on it. I throw it a little nose up to get it to stall and not go too far. like I am playing catch. You can hyzer or anhyzer this shot with a lot of control. Practice. Keep as still as possible to keep control of your body ans shot. It's like a chip shot in ball golf, very little body action and all arms and wrists for touch. Touch takes practice. Make sure that you are landing the disc where you want to. That is the key, no roll aways, or skips too far. Land it flat so it doesn't do these. Oh, yea, and practice. Did I mention practice? I have this shot down so I don't usually practice it any more but it took a long time to get to this point.

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