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Bag update, take 8, 14 discs (10 molds) to do the trick
ESP Predator 172g- Headwinds, Thumbers, Tomahawks, Sidearm, Grenades, Scoobies

Elite Z Predator 173g

ESP Nuke 174g - Max D, fights small headwinds, beautiful S-Curves

Elite Z Nuke 174g - Max D.

ESP Flick 150class - Sidearm Distance

ESP Surge 172g - Distance hyzers, hyzer spikes, skip shots, S-Curves in Tailwinds

Elite Z Surge 172g - backup
ESP Surge SS 172g - long tunnels
Gold Vision 164g - Extreme Tailwinds, Big Anhyzers, hyzer flips

Opto Vision 166g - backup, more stable

Opto River 175 - Control Fairway Driver

FLX Buzzz 172g

SSS Voodoo 175g

Soft Banger GT 172g

Discs I'm interested in trying next: Wizard, Crush, Pulse, Riot, Striker

J.D. out, from Alcatraz

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Comment by J.D.Guy on May 26, 2010 at 5:07pm
Nuke in the bag. Surge has replaced the Wildcat for my purposes, no need to carry both. Predator still remains favorite disc. Vision is the one disc i say everyone must have in their bag, nothing holds a longer Anhyzer glide, although a 150class Sidewinder is a close 2nd. I have been using mostly the same discs since January, working on Accuracy. My average drive comes in around 325 effortlessly. i can consistently hit 350 if I need to, in tough wind conditions as well. I can reach 375 with my Nukes and Surges, and my longest recorded throw came yesterday with a 174 Nuke, at 400ft. my Soft Banger GT's have shaved strokes since I switched to them from the Aviars. I feel comfortable at 20ft and feel 40 footers aren't luck shots, but possible. My weakness to date is Upshots, although I continually see improvement in this area. I am playing Intermediate division right now to challenge myself, although my tournament play has been wretched at times, not sure if its jitters or overthinking it. I am inconsistent in general, that's why accuracy is my focus. On my most played course, i shoot anywhere from Even to +8, on any given day. I tend to do better on either the front 9 or the back 9 of a course, usually fall apart on one side. I'll keep on hucking for now.
Comment by J.D.Guy on January 30, 2010 at 5:06pm
oh, and i figured out how to hyzer flip since my last post in December, probably my favorite flight to watch. Beast executes it perfectly with no wind. Sidewinder does the full anyhyzer flight from a hyzer release, really cool to see that, but only in a headwind or no wind. Tailwinds stabilize the disc and i can't consistenly get the disc to turn over.
Comment by J.D.Guy on December 20, 2009 at 11:10pm
I think my whole game just changed today, so i kinda get what you're saying Mark. Today, i stopped trying so much and just focused on being accurate cuz i was really p.o.'d about scoring a 6 yesterday on a course i've had a -2 on before, and i wanted to see how far out my shots would be if I wasn't trying to kill it every time. Well, now i'm starting to get the Smooth is far thing. it felt effortless to reach 350 today. i overshot 6-7 holes today between 275-330ft because i just wanted to keep a straight line and work on slow relaxed form. So, no, i didn't get a -2, but i parred every hole but 1. now if i can manage the distance, i'd probably birdie most of the holes. There was virtually no wind today either. So, i'm hitting 350 when i'm trying to drive far, and when im just relaxed, yet the smooth controlled form is much more accurate. just crazy, i'm a bit baffled. there's so much more to learn. now i want to figure out how to hyzer an understable disc and have it go flat, not sure i've tried it since before i couldn't reach 275. oh, if i only knew a pro near me that would work with me, i think i'd be a good protege.
Comment by mark ellis on December 20, 2009 at 10:03pm
J.D. Guy,
A Stalker is a straight flying disc in the hands of most players. It has the stability of a Cyclone or a TeeBird type of disc. With a clean enough and flat enough release a big arm player can throw them a ton and have them finish without flipping or rolling.

One of the challenges of strong armed players is learning how to control their power. I have seen the big boys throw putters 400+ feet. Flat, straight, smooth, balanced and practiced will give you control over shots.

As you mentioned, some discs will work better at less than maximum power. So a disc which you flip on an all out drive isn't useless. You will still walk up to the tee pad on short, tight tunnels which need to be navigated.
Comment by J.D.Guy on December 19, 2009 at 9:15pm
ok, so about a few discs: The Surge SS gave me a pretty good feeling today. If i put medium power on it, it will glide pretty darn straight for me with good distance. Also, i think i've found the Stalker's purpose, at least for my game. I cannot put full or 75% power on it, it will flip or hook right. It says its an extra long range driver on it, but there's no way, after throwing it 100+ times. It seems to work pretty good for distances of 150-250ft finesse straight shots. so, it has more to prove still, but its not out of my bag yet. it does go straight and land soft as advertised though, the extra long range may be the biggest overstatement though. i'd like to see someone send it 450ft without rolling. I think it maxes out at 275, before it begins acting flippy. Anyone else use the stalker, have a different experience?
Comment by J.D.Guy on December 19, 2009 at 1:50pm
Comment by J.D.Guy on December 19, 2009 at 1:50pm
yea, great point, if im contemplating 2 different discs, that should be a good indicator that i may need to drop one, unless there's 2 approaches i guess. yea, im still wishy washy on the wraith, not super consistent for me, so hopefully i can find a friend who has one, so i don't have to buy one for trial basis only. this is a poor man's sport for the most part, but it can't get out of hand if you let it.
Comment by Ian Macpherson on December 19, 2009 at 1:37pm
J.D. I agree about the Destroyer being too close to the Wraith to have both in your bag. If you prefer the Wraith then definitely stick with it.

One thing I've done with my bag is think about how often I have a situation where I consider two different discs for the same shot. If I'm constantly considering which to use, then it's probably time to drop one. This got the Wraiths and Wolves out of my bag because I would rather throw Destroyers and KC Aviars for those shots.
Comment by J.D.Guy on December 19, 2009 at 9:32am
Mark, yea, i read up alot on Surge SS and bought one last night, and will throw it today. I have a buzz from becoming a pdga member. is that buzz comparable to perhaps the buzz you've thrown? Ian, i had a destroyer in my hand, nearly bought it, but then thought about it probably not being much different from my uses for my Wraith. i'll think about it. thanks guys.
Comment by Ian Macpherson on December 19, 2009 at 8:43am
Since you already use a Xcal, I suggest a Destroyer since it's basically the same disc only slightly less high speed stable which makes for some extra distance in a tailwind or low winds.

Also the Firebird is a great addition to any bag for when you need something super stable over a shorter distance.

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