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Finally, someone has done it. There is a basket IN THE GROUND at Trophy Lakes. I'm so sick of raised pins, been dreaming of putting one in the ground chains high. They did just that here on #13, the basket is buried in the ground, so you can roll right into it or slide a putt in. NICE.

I am probably going to piss someone off with the recap of Tidal Creek, so I apologize I guess in advance. Take it with a grain of salt, for all I know it's not usually that wet and it is new I don't know what the long term plan is there- just what I saw today. As always is the case.

The one bad course couldn't ruin a good day at the other two and with the sun shining.

Charleston, SC- Trophy Lakes:Scenic setting, flowing around some thin lakes used for water skiing competitions. The water isn't too clear and there's a steep drop off less than 10' out, so no guarantee you can pull your disc out. Water is in play a LOT, but I never came within 5 feet of it so just play well and no worries. A few 600' holes require big over water placement drives to 3, or lay up then throw over and go for the 4-5. Clearly a usually busy course, I was the only one this cold morning. Rubber and dirt tees, signs (but outdated info- get the map at the self-pay box or in shop if open). Half mostly open yet with trees, half pretty tight shots for it being an open setting not deep in the woods. A few long holes have very tight upshot alleys to attempt. An island is guarded by a devil scarecrow holding a disc and staring you down on the tee, that was creepy. Clean, very well maintained. A pro shop. Mix of long and medium, with a couple very short holes, one over water out of the woods. Basically tall pines and shorter magnolias either spread out or packed tightly together. Some fairways coated with pine needles. 2 holes go into the woods on the edge.

Tomorrow and the next day: Columbia SC metro

Charleston, SC- Tidal Creek: As is, it's likely to make the short list of worst courses ever- not the top spot but the list how ever many make it on there. It shouldn't even exist, not good land for disc golf, not well designed and not a good course in any way at all. If I took someone there to play their first round, I'd be ashamed to take someone there to show them what disc golf is. Tees marked by wooden posts- most had signs but most torn down. One hole had nail-heads sticking out of the top of the posts, and they are high enough that a short thrower has to consider them in their way, especially the one that might rip their hand off. Why do people put wooden posts like that to mark the corners? Don't stick them up so high it can ruin a course all in itself. Map is available online which was the only really good thing about it. Hole #2 was the ultimate joke that made it impossible to take the rest of the course serious. Approx. 300 ft, but on a small ridge, to the right is thick rough about 15' wide then downhill to open park area. To left is larger drop off and less-thick woods, but also a murky black pool of water. It curves right off the tee, the possible landing zone out of sight. Then it turns 90 degrees left, and you can throw through a narrow unclean tunnel another 150' down the hill to the basket, left is still black water. Other holes are as bad in design- one 150' hole was basically designed to be a lay up shot. SCOUT THE HOLES or risk throwing into a water trap you cant even tell is there, all over the place like Goldenrod in Flint MI. Several 5' wide tunnels lined on one side by water off in the woods, with offset tees forcing you to twist weirdly just to throw down the all too narrow fairway. It just makes no sense. Maybe it's too new and more trees will be cut? Maybe it rained a record amount and most of those water traps shouldn't be/weren't there when it was designed. I don't know, but it sucks. I was told by those locals yesterday that I didn't need to bother and should skip it. I should have listened.

Orangeburg, SC- Edisto Memorial Gardens:Well marked, colorful signs at each hole showing all lengths and tee positions (multi tees). Near perfect cement tees, flush to ground, perfect grip and size. Front 9 is shorter and tighter, through some mature trees in a flat park space, with a dark water trench alongside one 550' tunnel hole. Gets a bit mushy- with a few spots you may have to walk around as they were flooded out. Some fire ants. Back 9 longer and more open, back and forth across a field to some baskets in the open, by the woods, or up on small mounds. Another 500' straight shot with water on the right this time. New layout at #16 means confusion for the last few holes. Nice for all skills, a good solid course for the most part. DISC GOLF ONLY signs mean you can tell any dog walkers to get the f out of your way.

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Comment by Ben Calhoun on November 21, 2008 at 3:25pm
To the tall guy- I am short. I don't want to have to putt to a raised basket, that is to your advantage. I seen dozens of those, and only one of these. Is it not fair for me to get one low basket while you get dozens of raised baskets? I agree better to have a conformity, but if people are going to get putt-putt on us, let's mix it up a bit!

I actually had a putt TODAY that was supported in the basket by a fallen tree limb (see pic), funny that should come up (supported by the ground)!

It's a game, it's supposed to be fun. Enjoy the one ground basket in the country (that I know of) it's fun.
Comment by Yeddie VanHalen on November 21, 2008 at 1:53pm
'Dunking for discs' if it rains
Comment by Jack Davis on November 21, 2008 at 11:35am
Glad you had a good time in our great city Ben. We love Trophy Lakes around here that's for sure. And yes Tidal Creek is for sure a work in progress, if you think it is bad now you should have played it 6 months ago. I was apart of the Boy Scout troop that put the foot bridges in about 3 months ago and we spent 2 days trimming and pruning. Hopefully the next time you get down here it will be a lot better.
Comment by Lotto on November 21, 2008 at 10:39am
stupidest thing ive ever seen.
Comment by Presto on November 21, 2008 at 10:38am
I don't know if sunken tees are approved by the PDGA. If you putt stops just short of the basket and 1/4 of your disc in hangin in the basket and the rest is on ground (since the ground is flush with top rim of basket). How would you mark your lie for the next shot? Logic would tell me to mark it in the basket, but everyone says it is another stroke. There is some gray area with that basket on hole 13 at Trophy.
Tidal Crk. will teach you CONTROL. It is true the water wasn't there when the course was laid out. The only water that isn't casual is on Holes 8-9. We started playing it a day after the pins were installed by the Boy Scouts last December. The grafitti on the baskets dives me nuts. There is a High School nearby and that is were the kids go goof-off. There was some illegal activity that took place out there and just from our presence we have helped run off the goons. In all Tidal Crk. is a good course for the community as two scouts have completed their Eagle projects out there. Maybe the baskets should be moved to a new location, but I find it hard to say that any DGC sucks.
Comment by Jeff Ribaudo on November 21, 2008 at 10:11am
I am sure lots of people could complain about discs lying on the edge of the basket and barely touching the ground. I assume it doesnt count unless completely supported by the basket.
Comment by Brandon Swanson on November 21, 2008 at 9:47am
I'm not sure I like any of the lowered or raised baskets. Discs weren't meant to be rolled. We shouldn't reward that type of behavior. J/K That was for travis. :-P I'm just jealous because I can't figure the rolling thing out. I think on that basket I would putt upside-down (the disc...not me...although........).
Comment by 1000 Rated Disc Golf on November 21, 2008 at 3:45am
Comment by Bill on November 21, 2008 at 12:39am
Make sure and watch the leaf piles at Earlewood, lots of blind throws over low hills and the dreaded "Earlewood Roll" will have a pile waiting below.
Comment by Mike Inscho on November 20, 2008 at 8:22pm
There is a hole on the Potsdam course in Europe that has a built wooden decking down the entire fairway and a hole cut around the basket. Just type in Potsdam in the video search and It should come up as one of my videos I've uploaded on here.

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