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How long have those little bluetooth doodads been around? I cannot remember when I got my first one. My best guess is about five years ago. I have always been a big "hands free" guy. I have been using a headset at work for at least a dozen years. I cannot imagine yaking on the phone without one. I hate taking calls at home on the regular phone as there is no headset. I will be very efficient when I have to take a call. "Hi, how are you?" "Good, me too." "Let me see if I can find her..." or "Nice to hear from you" and that's about all I am willing to give.

My beloved, of course, she can hold that thing to her ear for hours. That is a completely different essay. My point here is that I simply will not hold the phone to my ear for very long. The lactic acid builds up in my arm. I can throw a thousand discs in a day but cannot hold a telephone for more than a couple minutes. I have always been much more willing to talk at work with the headset or on ye olde cell phone with an earpiece.

I used the earpieces with cords way back when you had to use both hands to pick up a cell phone. I have long been using bluetooth headsets. The problem is I keep losing them. I have had at least ten of them over the past five years. I really cannot count them. I had a couple Motorola earpieces. I hated them. They did not go into the ear. They laid on top of the ear and I could never hear anything out of them. I have had a nice tiny one called Scala or something like that. I think I left it in somebody else's office. The office looked like a jungle with books, papers, flotsam and jetsam scattered throughout. I laid it down and forgot about it. I e-mailed the guy a day later but he never found it. I don't know how he finds anything in his office.

I have had at least a half dozen different Plantronics devices. I love those things. They work very well and must have a very slippery surface. They keep falling out of my hands, or bags or atmosphere.

I lost two of them while playing disc golf last Fall. I had them in my bag and must have dropped them after the round when I was fishing around putting minis in and taking wallet, phone, keys etc. out. I almost lost a third one but could see that it was somewhere in the car. I saw the little icon of a headset on my phone. The device was somewhere in range. I found it under a seat.

Fortunately, the last three of them have been pretty cheap. Costco had a lower end Plantronics headset for $25.00. It worked great. Well, I just lost the most recent one. I was coming home from work and had a few items, a book, an iPod, keys, the earpiece in a muset. A muset is the thing bike racers get with their meal. This way they can multitask. They can continue racing while chowing down. Lance Armstrong had a great crash in the Tour de France once when a kid holding one got too close to the action. Armstrong's handlebar got caught and he went down taking another racer down with him. He was able to get up, minimize his loss and still win the race. I got mine at a bike show a few years ago and use it occassionally to carry a small amount of stuff on the train. My daughter just shakes her head and calls it my "man purse". The problem is it does not close. I like being able to throw it over my shoulder and travel light as I walk to and from the train. The device likely fell out when I laid the bag down on the train. Two days have gone by and I still cannot find it. I am now calling it an offical casualty of my bluetooth braincramp syndrome.

I hope Costco still has the $25.00 device but I am feeling like a goof going back to buy yet another one. I spend a lot of time on the phone at work and really have a hard time when I do not have an earpiece. I travel a few days per month and need to be able to communicate when I am on the road. This behavior does not model well for that daughter, or her sister, either. I like to preach responsibility. This is not helping me. How can I get upset if a kid loses a wallet, an I.D. card, a book or whatever when I have lost double digit headsets!

I have had some of the same discs in my bag for five years. I have had the same down coat for fifteen years. I had one job for seventeen years and the current one for seven. I have had four cars that had over 100,000 miles. I have had the same wife for almost twenty five years. I seem to be able to hold on to lots of things for a long time. I just cannot seem to be able to hold on to these infernal bluetooth earpieces for more than about five minutes. I feel like one of those kids who needs clips on their mittens. And, by the way, I am pretty good about holding on to those. GGGRRRRRR.

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Comment by David Barish on January 19, 2009 at 2:16pm
Well, I lasted about two weeks. I finally broke down and bought a new headset. I have had it 24 hours and have not lost it yet. I went to Costco with my daughter and she saw it in the cart. She said, "Dad, did you lose your headset again??" Sheepishly, I told her that it was true. Hopefully for the last time.

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